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Woman's clown costumes

Discussion in 'Clown Classifieds' started by Lolly Plop, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. Lolly Plop

    Lolly Plop New Member

    I am just gonna post pics here instead of ebay. I will wash all items but will not reiron them. I am also just using pic I already have but they do not show entire costume. I will describe unseen part of costume. will take paypal only. My laziness is your bargain. Pm me if you want to buy.

    PS i'm not really lazy, It just hurts to stand for any period of time so I don't want to stand to iron or take new pics.

    PSS I am really lazy.

    1. Clown skirt $15. Hand made. Size 14-16 woman's. This exactly as shown. Very full skirt Yellow print fabric has vintage Pez dispenser's. Shipping $5

    Total - $20 paypal


    2. Clown dress $25. Size 14-16 Women's. Skirt of dress is the red and white polka dots, full skirt. Comes with yellow bloomers. The blue material at top is slightly faded. Shipping $7.

    Total - $32


    3. Clown outfit $40 Very well made Size 14-16 Women's. Hardly worn. Lolly pops on top. Comes with red and white bloomers with a double ruffle at bottom. Shipping $8

    Total $48 paypal

    Last edited: Jun 8, 2014
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  2. Klumsy

    Klumsy New Member

    Lollypop I love your costumes keep them coming I can wear them. They are my size yayyyyyy. Thank you my hair is lime green. Thanks again
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