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What props have you made?

Discussion in 'Variety and Street Performance' started by stretchetheclown, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. CinnamonSilver

    CinnamonSilver New Member

    I am currently working on a collapsible contact staff made out of pvc pipe. I'll let you guys know how it goes.
  2. Snoetje

    Snoetje Well-Known Member

    These are all selfmade props. Well, most of them are just designed by me and made by someone else because I'm not very handy with prop making.

    The book has a lot of jokes for my fan act. One of it is a moustache and then I look up from behind the book and then I have a moustache! Also, when upside down it's a nice bow for my hair.
    And the big hand also comes from that book.

    I made a very tiny character for the voice in my big show (that blue blob with eyes on the tiny chair), at first I made him invisible, but I found out when trying, he fits in my ear! So the whole show when that thing is not talking, he's in my ear. Heehee.
    The crown is a very important prop in my big show, who wears that has the power! And my bird puppet happens to love power a lot!

    I don't use the cartoon balloons and arrow anymore, cardboard is not solid enough, so I should find plastic or something.

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  3. jokersall

    jokersall New Member

    Making my own car or truck as it is to haul around my props and use in parades. Using an old powerwheels truck, a lawnmower frame, and the drive motors from a couple electric scooters.

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  4. maverick

    maverick Member

    I turned a set of tongs into a set of tweezers to remove an invisible splinter [12" skewer] from my thumb
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  5. maverick

    maverick Member

    If you need a slap stick I have 2 to offer- easy to make. First one made of light wood gives you a noisy effect I'm presently trying to add a bang cap holder for a louder effect- no major equipment needed to construct. If you don't have the material needed all ready in your gameroom, I found what I needed at a thrift store. The second one is made out of soft material. More for a pillow fight effect. Light weigh attachable to your costume with a good reel could be made to fly back in place. Under a coat you could make it disappear. The covering is made with ... soft fleece fabric and sewn into tube. If you want make different colored covers for different costumes as easy to change as removing a sock. If your alley wants make each member one---design alike you could use them in different settings as a group. Ideas....form a bopper patrol march in a parade... drill ....chase ....playfully tap people for different reasons--- maybe for standing to close together add whistles for attention getting noise. Have fun.
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