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Wanted 31.5' Ring Curb and Back Drop

Discussion in 'Clown Classifieds' started by NormaL T. Joey, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. NormaL T. Joey

    NormaL T. Joey New Member

    Looking for a small 31.5' Ring Curb to buy? 928-276-1351 ask for Rodney aka Zani NormaL T. Joey‏

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  2. JimBo

    JimBo New Member

    YOU REALLY CONFUSE ME......I already told you I had plans for a ring curb and SENT you the plans. Total cost of materials will be around $150. If you buy one it will probably cost you more than that for shipping and you will have a second hand one instead of brand new.

    Last night you PM me stating you were interested in a job offer we made about a month ago. 17 hours later you PM me telling me you were already comitted to another show that MIGHT open in May. Didn't you know of that comittment last night?

    The real question is, IF you are joining another show ,WHY are you building a ring curb?
  3. StuartPid

    StuartPid Administrator/Pickles' Lady in Waiting

    Comming out of retirement?
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  4. NormaL T. Joey

    NormaL T. Joey New Member

    To both questions...I was interested in touring with your show, but I am hoping that "FooL's Wisdom CLOWN Circus" will be finally up and running by the Middle of May...
    I am still interrested in the plans for building a Ring Curb...
    I mistakenly thought you couldn't find it...thank you for sending it.
    I was in the process of retiring, but got the word that "FooL's Wisdom CLOWN Circus" would be touring this year...
    I don't mean to be so confusing, I have alot on my plate at this time, and there are lots of people wanting me to clown...and all this after I thought I was going to retire...
    Where were the offers before I made the announcement.
    To many people that know my work have asked me not to retire...
    I am looking to buy a Lou Jacob's Jacket to go with my pants for the new season...any idea's? Everyone...please forgive me, I am a clown Zani, I can make mistakes. P.S. Not alot of people wanting to hire a 55 year old Clown, untill you tell everyone you are retiring, then everyone wants you, or everyone wants you to not retire. Luvin' you All NormaL T. Joey PP.SS. " FOOL's Wisdom CLOWN Circus" is a New American Show and perform's in small venues...this will be the first time they use there own Ring Curb, alot like what the Pickles Family Circus use to do when they first got there start. I am officially retiring from retiring...!
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  5. Scruffy

    Scruffy Boss Clown/Administrator

    Itt's all good
  6. StuartPid

    StuartPid Administrator/Pickles' Lady in Waiting

    Well in that case I am officially retiring from clowning. I think it is time for me.... oh hang on a sec the phone is ringing...
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  7. NormaL T. Joey

    NormaL T. Joey New Member

    If you are retiring can I buy your clown stuff?
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  8. Duckie

    Duckie New Member

    Oh rats!!!!! I wasn't planning to retire at all!!!!! Gonna be creamated (pun intended) with my full garb on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Plywood

    Plywood New Member

    I suppose you'll be including all your rubber chickens in that cremation too, Duckie?
  10. JimBo

    JimBo New Member

    After the first of the year I'm planning to re-tire my van. It needs new ones pretty bad.
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  11. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    Cream of Chicken?

    And Duck Soup?
  12. Fitzwilly

    Fitzwilly COAI Secretary

    A little rubbery Tim, might be the vulcanization process. The duck was known for treading and re-treading water, but always got tired before it got too soupy. Thinking of the results must have made him... chicken.
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  13. NormaL T. Joey

    NormaL T. Joey New Member

    What was the Subject of this thread, does anyone remember?
  14. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    What is the object of this thread? Can anyone imagine?
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  15. JimBo

    JimBo New Member

    something about wanting to walk in circles
  16. NormaL T. Joey

    NormaL T. Joey New Member


    Ring Gags any one?

    Luke 14:33 Laying it all down for the Salvation of somebody Else...
    Living in Community...sharing everything needed...
    A Egalitarian Gospel Circus...
    Loving People to Christ through Classical American Circus Clowning...

    Pastor Rodney Burnap 928-276-1351 " FooL's Wisdom CLOWN Circus " Zani NormaL T. Joey

    This show is patterned after the “ Pickle Family Circus.” “ Fools Wisdom Clown Circus” is looking for the following Gospel Circus Performers: “Two Clowns”, “a Juggling Act”, “a Low Wire Act”, “a Dog Act, a "Hoop and Fancy Dancer

    This Circus is first and foremost, an evangelical outreach that creates a plateform to draw people together, for one purpose and that is to Share, Preach,and Show the Gospel through Classical American Circus Clowning...God used a Donkey once, and He also Saved some of Us. Don't take me wrong...the Clowns of FooL's Wisdom Clown Circus are some of the best this side of heaven...!
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  17. JimBo

    JimBo New Member

    The following copyrighted material is from the booklet "CIRCUS 101" and is used with permission of the copyright holder (J.B.Kirby). It is published here as a service to members of CLOWN-FORUM and is intended for your personal use...All rights are reserved...Re-publishing in any format or on other sites is strictly prohibited.....


    Building a ring curb as use in an animal circus can be very costly and will involve a welded steel frame and several sheets of heavy plywood. Transporting A standard size ring will take the entire cargo area of a normal size pick-up truck.

    Many small circuses will use a standar rign curb as the center rign and use one folding rign curb on either side. The folding ones take up very little room in a truck and only cost about $150. to build.

    To construct a folding curb of 31 ft, in diameter you will need the following material.....(A) 16 pieces of 1x8 #1 pine boards, 6 feet long (B) 16 3-4 inch strap hinges plus bolts and nuts ( washers are a good idea but not required)...(C) 1 qt. red enamel paint, oil based (D) 1 quart of bright yellow oil based enamel..(E) 1 qt. oil based royal blue paint...(F) brushes and paint thinner...

    Once you have your materials ready you shoul paint 3 thin coats and one heavier,even coat on the boards. paint one side yellow and the other side blue. After the painted boards have dried, paint red 1 ft. wide vertical stripes on yellow sides...R-Y-R-Y-R-Y...You should have a total of 6 stripes on each board ( 3 r and 3 Y ) ...LET DRY a few days.

    Ok...when paint is dry...LETS PUT IT TOGETHER... Place 2 boards end to end on a work table ,Red and yellow face DOWN. You should be looking a the blue side...Where the two boards touch ( end to end) secure 2 strap hinges . One hinge should be about an inch from top and the other should be about an inch from bottom...REPEAT with other boards until they are all done...

    You have created 8 sets of wooden BOOKS or panels. When set on their edge and arranged in a circle with the yellow-red side facing out and blue sides facing inwards it will make a very nice looking ring curb and be VERY CIRCUS LOOKING...
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2011
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  18. JimBo

    JimBo New Member

    If you want to make your ring curb look EXTRA FANCY make a stencil for a 6 inch high five point star...Using a brush or a can of spray paint .....Paint blue stars in the CENTER of each stripe , both red and yellow. Using the same stencil ,paint white stars evenly spaced on the inside of ring curb ( blue side).....

    It's a little bit of extra work BUT it will LOOK A 100% BETTER.
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  19. JimBo

    JimBo New Member

    To make a smaller ring curb to use at picnics or private parties , decide how wide a circle you want, x pi. and devide by 16 and proceed as above.

    A ring curb is GREAT for crowd control at any event...it defines YOUR AREA and keeps people from getting too close.....

    If you only need it for one or two dates, you can also make it out insulation foam sheets cut to size...IF USING FOAM PRIME WITH A GOOD QUALITY LATEX PAINT...You can also use DUCT TAPE to make "Hinges"...

    I made a foam one and used it at school assemblies..it only weight 15 lbs. It DIDN"T LIKE being used outside and kept blowing away. Chashing the flying ring curb ...got a lot of laughts...
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  20. NormaL T. Joey

    NormaL T. Joey New Member

    Thank you Jimbo...your a real bless kind friend NormaL T. Joey
    I would love to buy your back drop, I just don't have allot of Money at this time...
    I know what a real back drop can go for...
    I just don't have that kind of Money...by the way what is the CHEEPEST you kind folks would let it go for? 928-276-1351 cell phone...ask for Rodney

    Nojos's Clown Circus - Home



    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3An1yHNLWY [Pickle Family Circus video]

    http://www.thecircusclown.com/ Ron Yarborough some of you will know him. He makes great clown props and also has a New American Circus Style

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