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Walk around ideas

Discussion in 'Skit and Improv' started by Scruffy, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Gimpie

    Gimpie New Member

    I went to the store and bought some fake flowers. I also bought some clear drinking straws. Cut the stems of the flowers shorter than the drinking straws. Place the stem down into the straw and place in shirt / coveralls / overalls pocket. While walking around if I see a lady I'll walk up and make like she's beautiful and all that, then I'll remove a loaded flower-straw and holding the flower at the base of the bloom, extend it out to her - which they always smile and are so greatful to take. They grap the straw only though and I walk away with the flower. Everyone that sees laughs!
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  2. Ne-Awn

    Ne-Awn New Member

    I don't know if this has been done or anything but with some inspiration from the earlier "shave the whales" post (for the word confusion part) and from the TV show iCarly (there's a guy who loves to put everything on a stick and try to sell it) I thought of getting rubber fish and dowel rods and making "Fish-kabobs".

    Do you think anybody would want to buy one?
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  3. Beezer

    Beezer Banned

    Fish-kabobs!! Love it!

    You know what else you could do? (I've done something similar and gotten
    big laughs) When someone asks to take a picture, keep the rubber fish behind your back. When it's time to pose, put your arm around the person's shoulder and bring the fish slowly up over their shoulder so they feel it creeping up... when they look over, they get a big, smiley fish face to look at, and they usually burst out laughing. I've done the same with puppets and other weird things.
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  4. clownNYC

    clownNYC New Member

    I'm working on a gag right now.
    It is a mime game that I'm turning into a gag. I take a baseball glove and pretend to play catch with people. The funny stuff comes from how we play. If the person is a kid I act like she threw it real hard! Or if it is big man I act like the ball falls short and I have to pick it up.
    It's funny and getting better.
    Any ideas?
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  5. clownNYC

    clownNYC New Member

    I love anything with rubber animals!
  6. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    Then you'll enjoy the rabbit!
  7. Flip

    Flip New Member

    I have seen this done with a flower (using a fake stem) as well. Another great idea I have seen is having a small figurine of a cow with a cup in front of it. You put a coin in the cup and shout "cow tipping".
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  8. Harpoetta

    Harpoetta New Member

    Or perhaps just a sign, that has large print on it, and says COW TIPPING. If it's a long parade you'll save your voice.
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  9. OkiDoki

    OkiDoki New Member

    I do something similar. I only don't use a baseball glove. Its part of a bigger act with suitcases and so on. Balls are great to play with the audience. What I also do is at the moment that the ball gets thrown back looking to someone on the side with a look like "see what we are doing" By that I miss the been thrown ball. And look back at the thrower with a look like come throw me the ball. When the point at the ball laying at the back of me look really supriced. You can even ask the thrower if he/she is a magician because he/she made the ball unseen getting behind me. Play with it I sometimes even do it 3 times after eachother. Get the ball on your head. Let the ball go precily between body and your stretched arms who want to catch. People love it to see you beeing clumpsy with a ball that goes all over the place.
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  10. OkiDoki

    OkiDoki New Member

    Yes, you can also buy them especially for this purpose. mouthsqueaker they are called. They are great. Children love it when I talk with them with this squeaking sound. It makes them laugh and makes them curious. It gives the performance an extra dimension. I almost don't dare to say it because of a discusion in another thread but mimes form South America like to use them a lot.
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  11. Snoetje

    Snoetje Well-Known Member

    Something simple:

    Carry a carrot, or banana or whatever around and when someone is looking for your attention ask "have you seen my carrot? (or banana or whatever)"
    Childs will probably point to the hand where you're holding it. You look at that direction but hold your arm above your head at the same time and ask "where?"
    Then play around with the possibilities. Like you can't get your arm down and need help from the child and in the end you're very happy and the child may have it.
    Or something. I haven't fully thought this out.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2011
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  12. Sunbeam the clown

    Sunbeam the clown New Member

    One of my favorite routines is to remove half the fabric from an umbrella. Attached to the umbrella is a sign that says "50% chance of rain". I then walk along periodically putting out my hand palm side up to test the weather.

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  13. Shruggs

    Shruggs New Member

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  14. PetalsTheClown

    PetalsTheClown New Member

    I just bought an adult tricycle with a big basket on the back. I want to put something in the basket to go with my gardening theme. Any ideas? The bike is purple and I bought it for parades.
  15. SmartiiTheClown

    SmartiiTheClown Well-Known Member

    Hi Petals, how about a spring snake in green material with a large foam flower on the end in a tube with a cotter pin to make it resettable and a sign on the front of the basket that reads "self raising flower"

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  16. BubblesB

    BubblesB Active Member

    I am jealous....I want one too. What I would do is make a BIG sign that says GRANNY"S BLOOMERS,attach it to the basket, and "plant" artificial flowers in the basket. This is not an original idea- but it has been filed away in my memory bank. Have fun...:cool:
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  17. Pinky the Clown

    Pinky the Clown New Member

    I am a total believer in keeping it simple. Just walk around in circles.
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  18. PetalsTheClown

    PetalsTheClown New Member

    how about "Petals' Bloomers" ?
  19. Special K'z

    Special K'z Well-Known Member

    Along those same idea you could change it up for seasons but use slinky's attach artificial flowers and have a sign that says "Spring Flowers". (again not original and an old favorite). But you could change up your signs and add a few slinky flowers and you got two gags out of one item.
    Sara K.
  20. Razilee

    Razilee New Member

    With aparade coming up this Memorial day, I may try that. Thanks.

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