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Walk around ideas

Discussion in 'Skit and Improv' started by Scruffy, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Harvey

    Harvey New Member

    I read a gag in an old Calliope magazine that I want to try for parades.

    I purchased a plastic grabber from Toys R Us. I also have a satchel with the bottom cut out. I plan on walking the parade route and picking up trash with the grabber. The blow off will be the trash falling back down to the street as I walk away.
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  2. amifunny

    amifunny Member

    Thanks for sharing! I am getting ready to do a quick office birthday gig and these ideas are great and giving me some ideas to build upon.
  3. amifunny

    amifunny Member

    I think this sounds a pretty good marketing idea too, a picture of you and the leash. with your contact information at the bottom.
  4. Salvo The Clown

    Salvo The Clown Active Member

    I first saw this prop at a workshop which was being lead by Dusty The Happy Hobo who came all the way from Lincoln, Nebraska. He also used it in the Parade the same year to Great effect so its been good to see this prop being talked about on here as it brought back many happy memories of his visits to England. May I therefore take this opportunity thank you for taking the time to post it. It is much appreciated.
  5. miss-daisy

    miss-daisy New Member

    Improv- thinking on my feet litterally

    When I do parades, I like to imitate people. I would have a little flag in my bag, and I would use it to follow behind the girls dancing with the flags and I would imitate their movements. Or I would dance along with the brass bands. Sometimes I will gallop behind the horses pretending I was on one of them. :D
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  6. Shell Belle

    Shell Belle New Member

    This one is stolen - erh, borrowed - from my husbands fraternal origination: His group walks in parades with a sign in front announcing "Drill Team" and they follow behind the sign carrying old fashioned hand drills. When they see someone with a camera ready to snap a pic, they all fallout and pose with the drills in front of the picture taker with the camera....
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  7. walleye

    walleye New Member

    I carry a bucket with a string dangling out of it. Then I walk up to people and ask if they would like to see my fish that I caught. I have attached to the string a picture of a sun ans say sunfish, then pull out a fish in a pan and say panfish, then I pull out a picture of a cat and ask the audience what they think this one is- most say catfish and I compliment them on being very sharp, then I pull out a picture orf a skunk and say that one smelt, grab my nose, and walk away. Most people young and old get a chuckle out of it. - Walleye
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  8. Toby KID

    Toby KID Well-Known Member

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  9. Bustyn

    Bustyn New Member

    Even Better they could have a sign that says..."Clown Drill Team" and all of them could be carrying big huge foam drills!!
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  10. Special K'z

    Special K'z Well-Known Member

    One tip for making props with expandable foam. If you get it on your finger tips a pumice stone and soaking it in hot water does a good job of removing it. I tried using the foam in a cardboard box frame and wasn't very impressed with the results. I got the shape I was after but controlling the smooth surface wasn't possible. It got so bubbly. Maybe if I left the cardboard box on it I could have painted over it. But the top got way distorted and bubbly. I would stick to sponge foam or styrofoam if doing a large shape.
    Sara K.
  11. Special K'z

    Special K'z Well-Known Member

    Sorry I went back to this thread late. Yes it was a flat surface I was wanting but unfortunately this stuff has air pockets in it so every time you sand or try and get it smooth you open up another air pocket. It is darn near impossible. So making a larger prop with it by trying to fill out a cardboard box frame doesn't work very well if you are planning on trying to peel back the frame or trying to get the exposed surface even and smooth.
  12. Pinkie Bee

    Pinkie Bee New Member

    Groovy did this last Parade
    had paper cars that you buy to put on displays
    drew a graph on the front
    was a rock star and passed out his

    another was a guitar case that he labeled Airguitars for rent
    and opened it up its empty and he handed out air guitars would play a bit and move on

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  13. Special K'z

    Special K'z Well-Known Member

    I really think that is the way to go. You got to have two gags running when you do a parade. Pull one walk aways and pull your second one. They may have seen the first one but not the second one. By rotating the gags or expanding on them it keeps you fresh.
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  14. Cardboard

    Cardboard New Member

    For those of us with bald heads either by nature, razor, or bald cap; I keep a giant comb and a blow dryer to make sure I look my best always gets em laughing. A stuffed animal skunk can easily be fitted to hold a small aerosol can for use as deodorant after washing your armpits with a toilet scrubber.
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  15. EricaGreenblatt

    EricaGreenblatt New Member

    quite interesting thoughts are here to go through .. i am enjoying each and every .. appreciating the thread
  16. miss-daisy

    miss-daisy New Member

    Working on a new idea based on current technology. Like cutting a tooth shape out of blue card stock or foam and attaching a wire of some sort so I can hook it on my ear for a Bluetooth. Or an empty carton of eggs with a visible price sticker of $3.60 for an x-box 360.
  17. LarryTheClown

    LarryTheClown Well-Known Member

    Well, I just recently did a parade and created a walk around that got a few smiles. It was a foam fish that I attached to one of my hands. I'd ask a kid for a fist bump. After that, I'd be, "OK, now give me a FISH bump" and I'd do the same thing with my fish hand.
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  18. Fitzwilly

    Fitzwilly COAI Secretary

    It is great to think about new ideas and how we can incorporate new technology into our acts. All the old, tired over-used routines were new and fresh and relevant at one time. That means that someone, somewhere sat down and did exactly what you are doing now, and in the process influenced hundreds and perhaps thousands of people over a number of years.
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  19. Donuts

    Donuts Active Member

    street line painting

    :cool: you could also carry a white or yellow paint bucket and paint the street lines just filling in any gaps in the road
  20. Donuts

    Donuts Active Member

    Cant carry Suit cases?

    Use the same suit case gags but do them in minila folders :

    1 The Tail of Peter Rabbit- inside Folder draw picture of rabbit out line from behind with a powder puff fot the tail

    2 My New Toyota- Inside print off a picture of a toy yoda from star wars

    3 Exotic Birds- Inside picture of two Metal cans and the words two cans

    4 Blue Tooth Repair Kit - inside a pic of pliers and a blue tooth

    ECT.- ECT. well you get the idea there are tons of the old suit case gags just adapt them so they are lighter weight

    also found this on the net 3 ping pong balls with eyes drawn on them in green felt My new Eye PoD ?:O)

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