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Discussion in 'The Business of Clowning' started by StuartPid, May 25, 2011.

  1. StuartPid

    StuartPid Administrator/Pickles' Lady in Waiting

    I feel like sharing a small triumph in my life. At first it was simply developing a sheet that would capture and house the information I needed for each event and for follow up to each of those. It has now become and editable PDF form that I can fill out and print from my new IPAD!!!!!!!! I have booked two shows with it so far today and am loving it. no matter where I am I can fillet out and send it to my home computer and it will be printed out waiting for me when I get there!!!!
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  2. saphireSue

    saphireSue True Blue

    that sounds great.
  3. JOZO

    JOZO New Member

    nice! now you can book a gig before they look at your website
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  4. Pinky the Clown

    Pinky the Clown New Member

    So glad you are making good use of the business form and finding more ways to use it. So cool.
  5. StuartPid

    StuartPid Administrator/Pickles' Lady in Waiting

    let me know if you want yours as a form pink
  6. Fitzwilly

    Fitzwilly COAI Secretary

    I'm jealous! You have an iPad. How do you like it as a business tool?

  7. StuartPid

    StuartPid Administrator/Pickles' Lady in Waiting

    It is kinda hard to work with honestly. There really isnt any way to share the files between apps easily. And printing is very difficult.
  8. Dancin' Dot

    Dancin' Dot Active Member

    Ok, where do I get a hold of this form?? I am getting on the pay this clown band wagon and I need help from my experienced friends on CF. :applause:
  9. StuartPid

    StuartPid Administrator/Pickles' Lady in Waiting

    it is a form that i created with the kinds of information that i felt I needed to collect from each client. sit down and type one up and if you send it to me as a PDF i can make it a form with fileds and check boxes and such.
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  10. Pinky the Clown

    Pinky the Clown New Member

    Been thinking I may need something like that soon.
  11. Bonkers #361

    Bonkers #361 New Member

    I use managersal.com and love it! I have it linked to my website and all I have to do is book the event they send all their info to it.
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  12. David Farr's Amazing system works great with smart phones and ipads...it does everything for you...please mention that you heard it from the Jeffers. We have worked with him for years and it has transformed our business...

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