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Tried to make this funny, but...

Discussion in 'Political Jokes' started by Pookie, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Pookie

    Pookie Well-Known Member

    There are quite a few stories and postings in the Non-Fox media outlets about a vote by the FCC's three d-bagger party commissioners to begin regulating the internet and internet access, some time during 26Feb2014. These Non-Fox media outlets are reporting this may give the government more power to regulate communications online.

    So, will this affect our ability and opportunities to continue posting here about clowning in general, and presenting political points of view that are contrary to and opposing the party in power at that time?

    Oddly, enough, I am concerned about people from one end of the political and thought spectrum to the other; y'know, conservatives, libertarians, liberals, progressives, Christians, Muslims, Pagans, Atheists, anarchists, and other beliefs and points of view I may have missed. I believe in free thought and free flow of thoughts and ideas, and want everyone to have the opportunity to speak there minds. Y'know, tell a friend, an enemy, a stranger what you think, and if you can, why.

    "Try to be funny. If you can't be funny, be entertaining. And if you can't be entertaining, at least be informative."-- Taylor Mason

    "Republicans are the party of bad ideas. Democrats are the party of no ideas. A Republican stands up and says I have a bad idea; a Democrat then stands up and says I know how to make that idea worse."-- Louis Black
  2. V

    V Well-Known Member

    I think it's someone who complains about "net neutrality" without understanding it...
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  3. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    Don't worry, Pookie. You'll still be able to say all kinds of stupid things. And, due to today's decision in favor of net neutrality, neither the government nor independent business endeavors will be able to slow you down.
  4. V

    V Well-Known Member

    Says someone who recently quoted the Washington Free Beacon...

    Switching one group of lunatics for another doesn't really really transform fabrications and fiction into bonafide news or reliable information.
  5. Pookie

    Pookie Well-Known Member

    That is my not so affectionate nickname for the Demokkkrat Party. I took a play from their book, and have decided to treat them the same way they do their opposition. Next I'm going to start using Alinski's Rules For Radicals.

    After all, all's fair...
  6. Pookie

    Pookie Well-Known Member

    Actually, Tim, I'm more concerned about everyone being able to say all kinds of stupid things. With impunity.
  7. Pookie

    Pookie Well-Known Member

    Or, maybe he does...

    After all, it's not like the Demokkkrat Party would try to take over large swathes of American commerce, you know, like a car company, or health care, or communications...

    You are right, V. It's not like NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, AP, UPI, Reuters, Gannett, the assorted progressive rags and their various writers, or their related web sites are valid, or even legitimate news sources any more.
  8. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    You insult Alinsky, a brilliant man, by your own arrogant ignorance.
  9. V

    V Well-Known Member

    Maybe. There are similarities to them all I guess. Political parties as well; after all, the right is just like the left - only dumber.
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  10. Pookie

    Pookie Well-Known Member

    Oh, Tim...!!!

    You're, right, Saul Alinsky was arrogant and ignorant, but that is hardly insulting.

    And calling him brilliant!!! Tim, you are a true clown!! I'm still giggling over that one! Brilliant... :D

    Yeah, there's a thought...

    The right got tired of outsmarting the left, and figured that they too can be as dumb as the left. And the right got better at being dumb. So now, the Demokkkrat Party (or would Demimonde Party be more appropriate,) is in a race to once again be even dumber than before!
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2015
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  11. The Princess of Bozonia

    The Princess of Bozonia Administrator Staff Member

    Pookie, I like a good conspiracy theory as much as the next girl... in the movies, or a trashy novel, where they belong. I'm going to take at face value your statement that this was posted out of genuine concern for the future of this forum, and the civil liberties of groups across the political spectrum (which you quickly go on to insult, but let's overlook that for the moment...).

    It sounds like you are having a great deal of anxiety about the future. It must be hard to live like that, always wondering when the jack-booted thugs are going to come take away your guns and euthanize your grandma. Please consider the possibility that some media outlets may be sensationalizing certain stories in order to gain pageviews and advertising revenue. They know what gets people worked up into a lather and they exploit it mercilessly. They tie an issue like net neutrality (which in reality is fundamentally rather boring to non-geeks, i.e., who's going to pay for our telecommunications infrastructure?), to things that will evoke a visceral response, like regulations on the sale of ammunition and free speech and political prisoners.

    Pookie, I can tell you're an intelligent, involved person. I submit that you are particularly susceptible to this kind of manipulation. Please seriously consider that possibility before you post another angry screed.

    A favor, please? I would prefer you didn't resort to epithets to make your points. Invoking the spectre of the KKK is making me particularly uncomfortable. Could we not do that here, please?
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  12. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    Alinsky was an effective leader in social activism. You can't hold a candle to him.

    Pookie, you want to do something worthwhile? Quit
    trying to offer bad satire, which doesn't work. Instead, use your fingers to search out a book of collected letters which were exchanged between Saul Alinsky and Jacque Maritain. It's an interesting read which would serve you much better than throwing stones here.
  13. Pookie

    Pookie Well-Known Member

    I think that holding a candle to Saul Alinsky would be a bad idea. His corpse would be immolated, and that would be bad.

    And you are right, Tim. I'm not very good at political satire. But, damn, I tried.

    And reading Alinsky... I've seen how one of his proponents has done, and well, that kind of speaks for itself...
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  14. Loopy

    Loopy Well-Known Member

    Can't we all just Clown along.
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  15. V

    V Well-Known Member

    No doubt - it was a shock to me when I heard the tea party was using his literature; and we all know how effed up they are...
  16. Pookie

    Pookie Well-Known Member

    Wait,... what?!?

    President Barack Hussein Obama is a member of the Tea Party??? I must say, he hides it well.
  17. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    When the British actor who played MLK in Selma gets the part playing the president in an eventual film, you'll understand.

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