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Torky the Whatsit-Drabbit

Discussion in 'Skit and Improv' started by Lady Nora Boogermeister, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. I'm a newbie here, but I see lots of folks who are worried about not having much to do, as in lack-of-act and such, and I can help you with my own little solution...

    Before i got into clowning, I have done a variety of very geeky things, among which was the Rennaissance Faire. At the George RenFaire, where I try to frequent, there's a puppet shop that has really high quality puppets - like, these are the guys that did puppets for The Dark Crystal, The Labyrinth, Gollum from Lord of the Rings, the House Elves from Harry Potter, etc. - and I got a small one that is covered with bright green fur, although he has a torso/feet and face that is hand carved to look very reptillian, with pearl eyes. At first glance, it's a combination between dragon and fuzzy thing, and I was told it's a 'drabbit', but in all honest it's a fuzzy dragon familiar type thing. As it is, he's a simple puppet, but he can nod his head (not unlike a cockatoo) and shake it from side to side. It's a simple control (hydraulics of some kind, which adds to it being so expensive, as well as it being completely hand-made and unique), but after a while I got a good feel for it. When I first got it working, though, it has a slight slant to one side, and he doesn't turn very well, so I don't shake his head much, but he will nod exuberantly quite a bit.

    With this simple puppet, I nod along to music, have him curiously watch people, and he'll even answer yes and no questions. He'll also 'agree' with topics of conversation, and an attachment of bells (picked up during the holidays, it's a small bundle of them that jingle pleasantly) around his neck, so he jingles when he nods exuberantly. It's odd, and attracts attention, but I have been using a few good gags with him. He's 'a very agreeable person', but since I often get 'he's so cute!' he's also rather 'conceited', as he nods emphatically in agreeance with any comments of his cuteness; I've said this often enough, that he agrees with the comment of conceit as well, to which I add, 'and a little thick. He still doesn't realise that's a BAD thing.' to which he nods again. When the shy approach him, he'll cock his head to the side curiously, which tends to freak them out. When I'm sitting somewhere, he might get a little bouncy (nodding just to get attention), and if someone spots him and does a double take, he'll watch them go by - he's a simple gag, but he gets a lot of interest. He 'only eats french fries', apparently, and although he doesn't bite (having no mouth), he will often lean into the hand petting him, making him a little realistic, but the shy get a little freaked out. It's a basic trick, with the control going down my sleeve, so he works well with my present outfit, which is a flowery sundress and a yellow blazer to match that I wear on top to hide the puppet's controls. I'm not sure how well he would do for a walk-around gag, as his head is rather small and not hard to see, but I've had a lot of success with him in the past.

    The particular puppet I have you can only find at certain RenFaires, but a similar trinket can be quite a gag, especially if you have running jokes and such for him -- adds more personality.

    These pics are of me in my RenFaire costume, not my clown suit, but it's a good view of Torky, the puppet...


    ^-^ What do you guys think? Even my boss was kind of pleased with it, and the attention it attracted. I can even make tiny costumes for him, if I want to, and I already have a small jolly rogers cape for my pirate costume, as well as a a black one for my goth costume lol. I'm currently contemplating getting a nice Christmasy one for him...
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  2. saphireSue

    saphireSue True Blue

    I have one as well that I got from a ren fest. He's a purple dragon, we call "Firefly". He's one of my strange animals that I keep on my farm, I've had adults ask if he was real. I've enjoyed mine. My youngest likes to have him give her kisses. With mine, If you work the controls slowly he's more realistic and you can turn the head as you lift it or lower it so he turns into your check and rotates the head toward you.
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  3. Exactly! Mine does that, but his turning is a little sticky, so I don't do the kisses bit as often. And I've had a dozen and half people ask me if it bites, lol!
  4. saphireSue

    saphireSue True Blue

    I've forgotten their web site, but I'd like to get another one a little bigger and cuter if possible one of theses days but oh the do cost $$
  5. Donuts

    Donuts Active Member

    I have one of these drabbits I bought it on Etsy its a FlutterKitty its part cat with butterfly wings I've used him at parades and walk around the kiddies love him I've even held him in my hand so little ones can see him still adults think its real. they also have a web site called Midsummersknights or something like that but these babys are also on ebay I even got a little bird like one one a stick that I love he was 25$ look up shoulder puppets or ren puppets or Drabbits you'll find them
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