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The Slackrope of Faith: Remembering Roly

Discussion in 'Church and Ministry Clowning' started by tim, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    The noted Anglican vicar and clown, Roly Bain, has died. I only encountered him once, at Moosecamp, but his ideas, historical understanding, and sense of play have been a significant influence on my own clowning style.

    Here, I have found, his signature act: The Slackrope of Faith:

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  2. The NORMAL One

    The NORMAL One Active Member

    I t sad that another great one is gone. I am thankful to see this video it is totally great.
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  3. Curly Frye

    Curly Frye Member

    Roly had two books published on religious clowning. There are some BBC interviews which could be found online as well. I just don't have the skill to add it here.

    Rest in peace Roly Bain.
  4. disco moon

    disco moon New Member

    rip beautiful soul
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