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The amazing clown resources thread.

Discussion in 'The Clown Forum' started by Pobo the Hobo, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Salvo The Clown

    Salvo The Clown Active Member

    The Annual Clowns Directory The Annual Clowns Directory for not only is it a good place to find other Clowns but Clown Supplies too and to have entry of your very own on it is FREE, whether you're a Clown or someone who sells various items to Clowns:) Why not visit us at The Annual Clowns Directory as I would be real pleased especially if you should decide to have an entry :)
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  2. Pobo the Hobo

    Pobo the Hobo New Member

    Salvo, I like it! It is a bit scant at the moment but it has a lot of potential for being massive. Be active about getting people and businesses on it!
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  3. Salvo The Clown

    Salvo The Clown Active Member

    Thank You for your words of encouragement, this is really appreciated even though it has taken 22 years to get this far thanks to problems encountered along its long journey.

    However, thanks to the assistance I'm starting to receive from all over the place I feel sure the Logo, i.e. Clowns around the world holding hands, can and will be achieved one day :) Once again many thanks for your words of encouragement.
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  4. clownNYC

    clownNYC New Member

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  5. misspriss

    misspriss New Member

    Unusual and Different Costumes, Props and Magic


    Unusual and Different Costumes, Props and Magic

    Quarter Pounder with Cheeze

    resonably priced
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  6. Doolittle Klown

    Doolittle Klown New Member

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  7. Freckles McFinigin

    Freckles McFinigin New Member

  8. Freckles McFinigin

    Freckles McFinigin New Member

  9. MattyBFunnie

    MattyBFunnie New Member

  10. kevin

    kevin New Member

  11. Ronny Ronito

    Ronny Ronito New Member

  12. mikeyTclown

    mikeyTclown New Member

    since i am just starting with limited abilities i am using clownschool.net so far it is very good
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  13. Fitzwilly

    Fitzwilly COAI Secretary

  14. Hello!
    I have noticed that some of these sites have been discontinued
  15. Hall Pass

    Hall Pass New Member

    Does anyone have a good site for making DIY tap shoes? I've seen a few things about glueing pennies, and the first 8 things that pop up in google, just wondering if anyone had a really good lead?
  16. kevin

    kevin New Member

    I make mine out if beer caps. I'll dance on the sidewalk and usually earn enough cash for a six pack.

    Good Luck! :birthday:
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  17. I will be looking for ideas as well for you. I hope you are successful and find what you need.
  18. SteveCopeland

    SteveCopeland New Member

    Hey everyone,

    This may have been posted before (my apologies if it has), but I wanted to share this site with everyone:


    My friend Keith Karas from the Freestate Clown Alley #30 gave me one of Sunshine's striped shirts, and I love it.
    Now I always get them from this company; I highly recommend them! The striped shirts are reminiscent of one I got from Betty Cash about 15 years ago.

    Steve Copeland
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  19. Why are they so expensive?
  20. Hall Pass

    Hall Pass New Member

    They're nice; the guy shows better design principles than I feel like I see in many other clown costumes. And the quality seems there; I bet with care, one of these could last a caring clown all 9 lives.

    Personally, they're a bit out of my ballpark as'well. *shrugs*
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