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The amazing clown resources thread.

Discussion in 'The Clown Forum' started by Pobo the Hobo, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Pobo the Hobo

    Pobo the Hobo New Member

    I just think we need one. One thread where all the resources, books websites, organizations, museums, magazines, and whatever else is out there public that we have used to learn to clown, and other skills, can be seen by all. So post them... if they are not posted already.

    Websites: there are definitely many many more good sites out there. Post them, and I will add them too the list here in the first post. I am breaking them up in the broadest of categories to facilitate the wonders of browsing, and me not having to continually make new categories.

    Website Directories:
    Clown Resource Directory A giant directory on all things clowning.
    Balloon Twisting Directory on Whispy A two page list on all things Balloon Twisting.
    ClownEvents.com A list of Clown and related events from all over the place.
    Hickory's Clown Alley A highly informative and linked up website on clowning.
    The Annual Clowns Directory A ambitious, high scope web directory for vendors and clowns around the world. Would improve with more participation which is free.

    Circus Historical Society A society dedicated to preserving material and facilitating research on the American Circus.
    Clown - Wikipedia The Wikipedia article on the clown.
    The Clown Conservatory A part of the San Francisco Circus Arts Center. It has year long programs in stage and circus clowning and numerous workshops around the world.
    Dell'Arte SchoolA Theater school in Northern California with a year certificate program in Physical theater and a three year MFA in Physical Theater Ensemble.
    Ecole International de Theatre Jacques Lecoq A physical theater school in Pairs, France founded by Jacques Lecoq who was one of the first people to really study the art of clown in theater. It has a two year program, and yes you do need to know some French.
    The Wright School The school of Bill Wright, the author of "Why is that so Funny? An Exploration of Physical Comedy" and a student of the Lecoq School. It is in England and has workshops on clown and physical theater all year long.
    performers.net - The Performers' Network - Busking Community A site and forum on the great art of Busking or preforming on the street.
    Hickory's Clown Alley A highly informative and linked up website on clowning.
    MooseBurger Camp Homepage of Mooseburger Camp that is often referred to here at the forum.
    Circus Camp A day-camp for kids centered around circus, performing, and visual arts in Atlanta Georgia.
    Nose to Nose Workshops A clown as personal and social growth group based in the UK that has workshops around the World.
    The Simple Fool School A spiritual growth through clowning serise of workshops.
    TnT Clown Retreat A week long Christian clown retreat in Georgia.
    Phillidelphia School of Circus Arts A school for all ages in the Circus arts, not specifically clowning, but definitly teaches skills that can used in clowning.
    Bump a Nose Another clown community website containing a forum, blogs and other such resources!

    Skills lots of skills:

    Balloon HQ presents: Twisting Balloons 101
    Fedemelis's alphabetical list of model instructions with links - in English
    Balloon HQ
    Free balloon twisting,model,sculpture instructions
    Entertaining with balloon models and sculptures
    The Balloon Animals Blog

    Card Trick Central
    Magic Tricks
    Cold Reading Resources
    All Born Ventriloquists
    Professor Wonder's Wonder Factory

    Internet Juggling Database
    Juggling Tricks unlimited
    Juggle Now
    Wildcat Jugglers - Tutorial
    Ball Juggling
    Juggling with balls
    Juggling Instructions : Tricks, tips, videos, how to juggle tutorial

    Various kinds of object manipulation:
    How to yoyo
    WWW Collection of Favorite String Figures
    International String Figure Association
    Bubble Town, soap bubble fun and magic - Home page
    The Bubblesphere
    Big Bubble Magic
    Home of Poi
    Diabolo Tricks
    The Fire Chains Site
    Coin Manipulation
    Knife Throwing.info
    Fire Breathing

    Puppetry and Ventriloquism:
    AXTELL EXPRESSIONS Puppets & Magic |Puppets
    Ventriloquism 101-Learn How To Be A Ventriloquist.
    The Puppetry Home Page
    Ventriloquism - Instructions on How To Talk Without Moving Your Lips

    Snazaroo USA for face painters
    Snazaroo World face paint and body paint

    Circus and Variety Arts:
    Variety Arts Directory

    Online publications of various sorts:
    Reporting on Clowns in the news all over the world
    CircusWeb! Circus Present and Past
    CircusNews.com / News.SimplyCircus.com
    The Theatrical Clowning Blog
    The Clown Summit interviews

    Texas Clown Association
    Clowns of America International
    Clown Ministry
    Mid West Clowns
    Red Nose Ranch
    clowns without borders-usa
    Wise Fool Community Arts
    Clowns International
    World Clown Association
    World Juggling Federation
    International Jugglers Association
    Cascade Jugglers: The Seattle Juggling club.
    Inky Clowns: Clowns of Indiana and Kentucky
    Mid-Atlantic Clown Association

    Costumes and props:
    Clown Costumes
    Clown Antics Shop
    Simplicity Patterns
    Pavelka Design
    LaRocks Magic
    Costumes by Betty
    Clown Supplies
    Silly Farm Supplies
    Dube Juggling Equipment
    Serious Juggling store
    Renegade Juggling
    The Balloon Page
    Klamm magic
    Idaho Fun House
    Special Effect Supply
    Visual Comedy Shop on Ebay
    Original Bird Whistles
    Proknows Pro Nose
    Squeeze Horns

    Joke sites:

    Troupes and Personal sites:
    Sweet Fanny Adams Theater
    Improv Everywhere
    Home Page
    Charlie the Juggling Clown
    Magical Balloon-dude Dale
    Lollypop's Site
    Chance Marmalade's LinkedIn site
    Chance Marmalades fund raising site
    Jusby's Wordpress site
    Sloopy Da Clown's Insider Page
    Pricilla Mooseburger Originals The great Pricillia Moosburger's site. She is a graduate of the Ringling Clown College, and runs a popular weeklong Clown Camp and makes costumes as well as clowns.
    Mr Fudge's web site (Balloon Twisting)
    Mismatch's website

    Business sort of thing sites
    Fundable: A place to raise some money for projects and causes.
    Art for clowns: supplies art, like fliers, stickers coloring books, other custom promotional material for the working clown

    Books on Clowning:

    Creative Clowning by Bruce Fife
    Why is that so Funny? by John Wright

    The Physical Comedy Handbook by Davis Rider Robinson
    Clown Alley by Bill Ballantine
    Clown Magic by David Ginn
    Be A Clown by Mark Stolzenberg
    How to be a Compleat Clown by Toby Sanders
    The Mime Book by Claude Kipnis
    The Moving Body by Jacques Leqoc
    Clown Alley by Bill Ballantine

    Books on comedy in General:

    Books on Juggling and manipulation:
    How to be a Goofy Juggler by Bruce Fife

    Books on Magic:

    Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic

    Books on mime:
    The Mime Book by Claude Kipnis
    The Art of Pantomime by Charles Aubert
    Be a Mime by Mark Stolzenburg
    Combat Mime: A Non-Violent Approach to Stage Violence by Caren Caraway

    Movie (more or less) Clowns: Clicking will take you to youtube.

    Marx Brothers
    Charlie Chaplin
    Buster Keaton
    Laurel and Hardy
    W.C Feilds
    Tim Conway (on the Carol Burnett Show)
    Three Stooges
    Rowan Atkinson
    Harold Lloyd
    Peter Sellers
    Steve Martin
    Zero Mostel
    Mel Brooks
    Gene Wilder
    The Muppets, especially, Fozzy Bear and Gonzo the great.
    the Old Warner Brothers cartoons
    Sid Ceaser
    Foster Brooks

    Add more!
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2011
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  2. Fitzwilly

    Fitzwilly COAI Secretary

    I'm not at home so I don't have my resources at my fingers, but...


    Movie Clowns:
    Harold Lloyd
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  3. Wowza

    Wowza New Member

    I'll throw a quick one in to be added to the magic category:


    I like it because many of the tricks have videos (both Windows Media and Quicktime) that you can watch before you decide to buy.
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  4. saphireSue

    saphireSue True Blue

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  5. OkiDoki

    OkiDoki New Member

  6. Dylan

    Dylan Active Member

    Snugglesnort: You should keep updating your post to add what others have said so you don't have to scroll down to get to the links.
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  7. Pobo the Hobo

    Pobo the Hobo New Member

    good idea dylan!
  8. Finito

    Finito New Member

    Dube is a fantastic juggling supplier, their weighted hats are great! I 2nd...or 3rd.... PenguinMagic! That site is terrific! Patrick from ProClownWigs has the best wigs I've probably ever seen. Sillyfarm.com seems like a great place to do business and they have 250 ct of 260Q's for $13 or $14, depending on color variety. Anybody have any good links for facepainting? You clowns are the best! I love this forum! Bravo!
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  9. Fitzwilly

    Fitzwilly COAI Secretary

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  10. saphireSue

    saphireSue True Blue

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  11. Pobo the Hobo

    Pobo the Hobo New Member

  12. Fitzwilly

    Fitzwilly COAI Secretary

    I followed the clownlink link and found the Midnight Circus in Chicago. It looks like it is right up Tim's , er Deborah's, oh sorry Chip's (or is it Dale's) alley.
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  13. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    I just missed Midnight Circus's show at one of the local parks. They are about to start their annual run at Daley Plaza. I know a couple of people who work with them, actually. They do a really nice job of incorporating a bit of some storyline into circus. Honestly, Ringling would do well to take on Jeff and Julie to direct and write show material.
  14. Dylan

    Dylan Active Member


    Great place to start to learn to Yoyo as well as having a lot of amazing Yoyo videos. Moderated by two midwest Yoyo guys. One a World Champion and one a rockstar of a Yoyo guy
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  15. Shadpoke

    Shadpoke New Member

    Those are some great sites. I am going to bookmark them, now if only I knew where I left my bookmark........... Ah there it is, I bookmarked my book mark.

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  16. Pobo the Hobo

    Pobo the Hobo New Member

    I have added Sid Caeser to the list of old clowns and made it so that if you click on them you see their youtube search results.
  17. V

    V Well-Known Member


    www.larocksmagic.com - my primary supplier for clown things. Good service, quick delivery, never had a problem with them in any fashion.

    http://www.zeitgeist.net/wfca/wisefool.htm - a community art/theater site. For around $10 you can get a handbook from them with instructions on making: Giant Puppets, Peg Stilts, Shados Puppet Theater, Stilt Pants, and more...
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  18. The Princess of Bozonia

    The Princess of Bozonia Administrator Staff Member

    I think we should add Circus Camp from Mr. Greggy's page to the list; looks like a great camp for kids in Georgia :)
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  19. SuitcaseSam

    SuitcaseSam & his Ukulele

    movie clowns (more or less) check out the YouTube listings for.....
    the Bowery Boys
    the Honeymooners

    and for Costumes and Props....
    Costumes By Betty (Cash)
    Costumes by Betty ~ Official Costumes by Betty Website and Online Catalog
    and Indiana Clown Supplies
    Clown Supplies - Your complete clown supplier

    and I would like to add one of the BEST li'l Old Tyme Vaudeville shows for anyone visiting Gatlinburg, TN.
    the Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre
    Contact us about our hilarious musical comedy in Gatlinburg, Tennessee at Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre
    (I guarantee you'll love this one)

    and the Silver Spur Theater in Salado, TX
    Home Page

    ~Sam :cool:
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  20. Pobo the Hobo

    Pobo the Hobo New Member

    I got em!

    I made a new category of "Troupes and Personal Sites" for all those great sites that are mainly about the preformer rather then a skill, general clown group or service.

    Also the forum has decided that if a link is just posted as a bare link to take the title of the page and slap it on top of the address. So I had to edit a whole bunch of them. I apologize right now for any confusion or obscurity on the links. I tried to make them short and to the point and sans any "this is the greatest site ever!!!!" stuff.
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