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Street performing skits?

Discussion in 'Skit and Improv' started by Klu, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Klu

    Klu New Member

    Any ideas of fun, quick and easy skit to do on the go? What are some good props? Im thinking of bringing a basketball maybe a broom and some balloons. Any lines that are good or good videos i should watch? Any idea, help, recommendations, are welcomed. :)
  2. Fuzzle Bumpkins

    Fuzzle Bumpkins New Member

    You could drag a carpet on a rope and carry a small broom. Walk around sweeping things under the carpet then walk to the next thing to sweep. great parade gag.
  3. maverick

    maverick Member

    It's ????

    Your walking down the parade route keep an eye out for a good natured individual one you think has a sense of humor.
    You stop make eye contact with (s)subject
    You give them a quizzically look "no it can't be".
    You start forward once more, you go back for another look. "I must be mistaken"
    Take a couple more steps forward go back one final time. It is it's my long lost ????
    warning: by now your (S) knows they are about to be involved in something, and you will tell by their body language and expression whether they will tolerate you coming into their space. from this point it will be your responsibility how far to take this prank. Possible scenario with arms open wide you holler "MOM" whether you able to give her a hug, or at the last minute stop lower your arm, give her a wink and a wave let her off the hook depends on what you see. Always always always, stop at the boundary of their space if you detect the least amount of resistance to your actions.
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  4. Clownboy1138

    Clownboy1138 New Member

    That one's pretty funny. I am so using that tomorrow night at Harbor Park (I entertain out at the ball games). Of course, with my twisted sense of humor, I'll have to do that to a guy.

    At the last game my boss clown brought a foam camera. I decided to walk around and play with it. I saw this couple sitting in their seats all cozy. So I went up to them like I was gonna take their picture. I then posed them to make it look like they were about to kiss. Then I shook my head, pulled the guy up, gave HIM the camera and sat next to his girlfriend and acted as I was about to kiss her. Got a good laugh.
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  5. Pickles

    Pickles Czarina / Administrator

    I carried a pair of those giant plastic scissors. In my pocket I had several hairpieces in various colors that I purchased at a dollar store. I approached people and asked if they wanted a free haircut. I would pretend to trim their hair and then pull out a hairpiece from my pocket to show them what I cut. These "haircuts" were especially funny when done on good-natured bald men.
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  6. Zippy Zoo

    Zippy Zoo New Member

  7. See if you can dig up a video of David Shiner street performing. If you find one please let me know! Pat Cashin had an awesome one up for a while.

    Some of the better street performers I've seen simply have great, well thought out characters and improvise with people on the street.
  8. Tickles and Trouble

    Tickles and Trouble New Member

    I have a big foam microphone that I use to interview people. I ask them a question without it at first and then pretend not to hear them. I ask the question again and put the microphone to their mouth...Thay almost always shout. It is funny and the questions can be geared towards getting silly answers.

    i.e. What part of your body do you sit on?
    or what do you sit on, they say chair and you say that's strange I usually sit on my bottom (BUTT).

    Please feel free to let me have the silliest question you can think of.

  9. Arlek the Vagabond

    Arlek the Vagabond New Member

    Im in agrement with Chance on this one, some of the best street performers just develop a really good character and walk the street interacting with people. Don't plan something to intricate, simply be there and an opportunity will present itself to you
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  10. The NORMAL One

    The NORMAL One Active Member

    When I shake hands with a kid then I act like I am trying to leave and can not. I do all kinds of motions and nothing happens until I rub their head and then I am freed. I act all suprise . THis gets a laugh every time. Keep it simple and do it well!
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