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Stilts or Unicycle

Discussion in 'Props and Gags' started by Flicker, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Boobu

    Boobu New Member

    So I got a unicycle yesterday. I'm so excited. I can really make it go. I get on and it goes one way and I go the other way.
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  2. Flicker

    Flicker New Member

    Good luck with it. Be safe!
  3. LuvLee

    LuvLee Well-Known Member

    Hey Boubo; that is exactly how I rode the one I tried out!
    WHEEEEEEEE,,,,,, THUMP!!!! UGH,,,,DAMN IT! :mad::cry:

    ( SISSY)!!!
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  4. Flicker

    Flicker New Member

    Sounds like we have all been apart of the black and blue club.
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  5. SmartiiTheClown

    SmartiiTheClown Well-Known Member

    I've tried both stilts and unicycle, Stilts were not for me I work in Scotland a lot of my jobs are in Glasgow so to work stilts it is advisable to have a handler with you or some of the kids will try to push you over or trip you up they did come in handy for taking down my satellite dish once though.

    Unicycle on the other hand I learn every year, I ride unicycle at fair and gala days throughout Scotland - pack it away in winter and learn again in the car park of my first Summer gig before riding in the parade.

    The secrets to riding Unicycle are as follows.

    Everyone I see on a unicycle the first time puts their arms out to balance. I do not understand why they do this as the direction that is not the same as a bike is front to back that is the only difference between a a bike and a unicycle (apart from the lack of a wheel, oh and the no brakes thing, the no handle bars, and the fixed hub you can't freewheel on, but other than that they are identical)

    To control forward and back motion If you are falling forward on the unicycle, the wheel is traveling slower than you, so speed up pedaling and it will catch up. If the wheel is running away from you slow down. Don't try to move your body too much for balance you will overbalance yourself.

    Ever see one of those toys monkey/bears that rides a unicycle down a string? there are balls on the end of the balancing poles pulling the force below the string creating a low centre of gravity. Well I'm a fat guy that slouches in my unicycle saddle while riding - same thing nearly.

    I spent 3 years attempting to ride a Unicycle, My father is a clown and had one so from I was 11 till I was 13 I got on every day and tried to reach the pedals. Eventually one day I could reach them and guess what? no of course I still couldn't ride it - took me another year after that, and I was 13 so I fell off a lot and healed fast.

    One day I had been to a juggling club at Glasgow University where more people had tried to teach me to ride, it didn't work and I was still messing about in the parking lot leaning on the side of the building trying to make the darn thing go, when my father who had walked over to the car already shouted on me and told me we had to go or we would be late. I rode the unicycle back to the car and it was only when I got there and saw his face that I remembered I couldn't ride unicycle and I promptly fell off. It sounds trite but remember whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right.

    The largest obstacle most people face when learning the unicycle is their own mind try to forget for a moment that it's really hard (it isn't) and that you can't do it (you only can't yet). It really is a very instinctual was to ride when you let go and forget you will automatically ride faster if you are falling forward as you don't want to land on your face. Clamp your thighs together and twist to turn what could be simpler?

    Oh and the most important thing to learn on a unicycle to prevent hurting yourself is how to dismount quickly, simply fall forward and jump off the pedals. Once you get good at this catch the unicycle as you dismount to prevent yourself and others around you harm. If thinking of attempting to unicycle I recommend practicing dismounts over and over again before riding anywhere.

    Oh if it makes it any easier for you to learn dismounts think of all that falling of you're doing anyway - congratulations you're already learned the most important step so the rest should be easy.

    Last edited: Mar 3, 2011
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  6. LuvLee

    LuvLee Well-Known Member

    I won't try to ride again after reading what SmartiiTheClown had to say,,,,,I think I will just stay in the black and blue club and laugh at those learning to ride. Yeah, that's what I will do,,,it already sounds like fun.
    Thanks smartii:p
  7. OkiDoki

    OkiDoki New Member

    I don't do stilts but do ride a unicycle. I do know the pros and coins of both though: stilts are easier and quicker to learn. Most people can walk the basics on (dura)stilts after a week of good practising. You must be really talented to get that done in that time only the basics of unicycling. Falling with stilts can be much more damaging to yourself. You can step or jump of a unicycle but you can't jump of stilts. If you fall from stilts those stilts are wrapt on your legs.

    I use the unicycle occasionaly as well in like parades. Asking everybody if they have seen my steeringwheel, it is lost or stolen. Acting like you're out of control not able to properly steer.

    As well in performances. Like telling its imposible to ride on it without a second wheel and steeringwheel. Balancing the unicycle on the chin is always impresive and not that hard. Ore taking the wheel in your hand and turn around the rest very hard works also great for the audience. Especially the part you act like your fingers are getting in between. Mounting a unicycle with great difficulty with the help of volunteers over whom you are hanging etc. is a very well known but good interactive act to do. If you're handy with unicycling you could also get a child volunteer to sit on your shoulders while unicycling. This is audience participation with a big :applause: Other :applause: are juggling while unicycling or ropejumping while unicycling.
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  8. "TINKER"

    "TINKER" New Member

    Hey OKIDOKI That was an awsome post,I'm riding but still fall especially when stoping or changing direction. I know practice practice practice,One day I'll be okidoki. I started walking on stilts
    at work on durastilts but for great traction, I recommend SkyWalkers By marshal town they're great on all surfaces wet/dry
  9. Juju the Clown

    Juju the Clown New Member

    Wow.. I guess I'm one of the last of the true blue classic old school peg stilters! I don't like dry wall stilts because they have joints that pivot in the ankle and it kinda freaks me out like I'm gonna topple over against my will.. I like a good knot free piece of hard wood 2 x 2's strapped on tight to feel like a solid extension of my legs with a bit of bicycle tire rubber attached to the end for traction.. it is an exhausting form though because you have to constantly march and can't stand still without support but they're not nearly as exhausting as the power riser bouncy stilts!! Happy to offer up any advice or answer questions or what not :cool: hit me up ~

    *testing 1,2.. (not sure if I got this pic code right)
    cirque with a Q inspired look

    mime face with my ringleader costume by request
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  10. LarryTheClown

    LarryTheClown Well-Known Member

    You look fabulous!

    EDIT: Whoa, I just read your intro and realized that this has to be the Lucky Strikes in Bellevue.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2015
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  11. TorontoBoy

    TorontoBoy Active Member

    Wow, OP started this on 2010.

    I ride a unicycle and do parades and large walk-around events. In parades I do large loops, forward on the right side of the street and then backward on the left side of the street. This way both sides of the street see me. Uni'ing is quite hard to learn, but once learned is easy to retain. You do need to be in shape to ride an hour parade. Hills of any sort, and cobblestones are obstacles. I have a water bottle bag under my seat.

    Learn to idle, or stay stationary by rocking the uni back and forth in one spot. This way if the parade stops so can you. I also know how to ride backwards, so this helps. Being able to go fast in a parade allows me to more easily keep in touch with the walking clowns in a parade.

    Using a 20" in a parade is much easier than a 24" or 26". The larger sizes are great for covering distance but not good when you want to go slow.
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  12. Sir Toony Van Dukes

    Sir Toony Van Dukes Well-Known Member

    I have seen one local entertainer who is known as the Unicycle Lady at an annual Thanksgiving parade. The parade route is more or less a loop from the parking lot, through the main street of an outdoor shopping center and back around to the parking lot. I know there have been times when she did the parade route 2 or 3 times. When you are a single person in the parade, it is hard to have the space as the group behind will often close the gap and walk right up to the group in front. (It has happened many times with our clown group when we had 2 or 3 people working the sides. Unless we have a car in the parade, we don't always have anywhere to go)

    I think the Unicycle Lady ignored the rest of the parade and went as fast or slow as she wanted. Once reaching the end, she started around a second time, this time on the other side of the street. I have also seen her coming back moving against the flow of the parade.
  13. Barry Daft (Mr. B. Daft)

    Barry Daft (Mr. B. Daft) Old Bucket Spitter

    She sounds like a clown.
  14. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    Indeed. That's exactly what I was thinking. Ride through. Ride through again. Ride through opposite direction. Ride through right direction, but backward.

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