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Science Magic

Discussion in 'Magic' started by Pinky the Clown, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. V

    V Well-Known Member


    - Insect husbandry benefit; a nice hands-on display. Once adults finish their life cycle, they become a good hands on educational tool for those who may be afraid of live specimens.


    - On live specimens! That yellow-brown semi-circular object is a mantis egg sack. Remarkable really as it grows to be much larger in diameter than the mantis itself. Ironically (to this forum) it has sort of a 'great stuff' effect in that it in addition to an effect similar to expanding foam, it also has a relatively similar external texture. This one has been in my display for some time - layed by the pinned female before she expired. I'd thought it infertile since it had been laying around for a few months. My 6 y.o. summoned me into his room today stating we had baby praying mantis' - a lot of them. In the dead of winter. Making unexpected living space for them now...
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  2. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    This must be Harpoetta's lucky day....look BUGS!!!
  3. V

    V Well-Known Member

    Science show is retired. Looking back I would say...

    Writing a show specific for a theme is a mistake. It can certainly work but it takes a lot of effort. In retrospect, I would have just performed my normal stage set and give some lip service to the theme of the year. First, because it's easier and the show is more comfortable. Secondly, buying new props and such that are specific to a show takes up a lot of room and creates clutter. Finally, props can get expensive. Even with more bookings, you tend to make less because of the amount of items needed for something like this. Chemicals and supplies are pricey and/or take time to produce. If I ever get the urge to do a science show again, I'll work a summer with Mad Science...
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  4. V

    V Well-Known Member

    So... I lied! I've spent the past several months working on a fresh set of shows and have revisited (I know that sounds stupid after just saying "fresh set of shows" but near with me!) the science theme. They're still an investment - chemicals, glass, etc but they can make a solid show.

    If you aim towards a big effect show, it has to be school/library/festival/etc as I can't see this working profitably as say, a birthday party service. I think you need to shoot for around $1k per outting. Whether that's a multiple library booked weekend or 2 day appearances @ a festival, I think that needs to be your # when weighed against your expenses.

    I've also talked my wife into a Jurrasic(ish) show. Dinosaurs are always popular... This is also a good school/library show for obvious reasons. The vast amount of public domain dinosaur related resources makes for an easy BOR sales menu. The cost of this show varies but I imagine you could get a working show out together under a chem-reaction based show. I'm sure there are dinosaur ventriloquist options if that's your thing (it's not mine...). My dino experience show is all theory-craft at present but plan on running it for the summer of 17. My wife give me the okay on an animatronic costume (under the stipulation that it goes to work anot 100% towards just goofing off at sci & comic cons - which was my initial intent). Anyone ever mess around with these?
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