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Pickles' Tips on Using Expandable Foam Insulation

Discussion in 'Props and Gags' started by Pickles, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. JOZO

    JOZO New Member

    i always spray my molds with oil before i spray the foam.
  2. Barry Daft (Mr. B. Daft)

    Barry Daft (Mr. B. Daft) Old Bucket Spitter

    It’s a nice performance as far as it goes. Cool costume and a great look. You can just imagine what it would be like as one of his victims. But it was totally undeveloped, he didn’t do anything else with it, there was no more to show. As a prop used like that, it’s a one shot stunt, once it has been seen you will never fool them again. I would want a stack of other culinary tricks and stunts, gags and magic before justifying the effort to create a chef clown character. At the very least, I would be armed with a head full of jokes, poems and one liners.

    My friend Simon met a pieman going to the fair.
    Said Bratty Simon to the Pieman,
    “What’s in your pie there“?
    Said the Pieman to Bratty Simon,

    When the moon hits your eye, Like a big pizza pie,
    That's amoré.

    Noah's diary: Day 39.
    Unicorn pie is delicious!

    I once pied a policeman and got 3.142 days in prison.

    This guy walks into a bar with a steak pie on his head and orders a drink
    The barman says', 'Excuse me mate do you know you have a steak pie on your head'?'
    The guy laughs and replies '' Yeah I always wear a steak pie on my head on a Tuesday!''
    The barman answers '' But you do know that its Monday today don't you“?
    The man looks horrified….'' Oh my God! You must have thought I looked a right idiot"!
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  3. SmartiiTheClown

    SmartiiTheClown Well-Known Member

    I get what you're saying Barry, looks good for the first time but tires easily. As a blow off to a pie chase possibly after a proper pie fight with another clown a wild pie heads towards the audience it would make a memorable finish.

    Or if it followed a baking routine dove pan or exploding oven maybe then the pie and even a trip to make it look accidental then the pie flies out.

    I don't think I could stand on a pier all day running over the same gag without going mad, but as an interlude to mix things up it works quite well.

  4. Special K'z

    Special K'z Well-Known Member

    In all fairness this was just a video and we really don't know what else he did or can do with the character. I ran the gag maybe 30 min. max up and down the lake front. It runs well as a walk around gag but isn't that was walk arounds are? Short gags to play on someone and then move on. It appeared to me that he was doing the human statue thing. Usually those guys have several bits that go with their character. Maybe he does have other stuff but failed to show it in the promo. I guess it would have made for a better promo if he could have showed more versatility you are right there but he does say at the end call him for this and other options.
    Sara K.
  5. Plywood

    Plywood New Member

    I recently made an ice cream cone out of the expanding foam insulation for a parade. I called Pickles for advice before starting, but wish I had gone through this thread before starting. I missed out on some great ideas. I'll just piggyback my experience on this post, because mine was not entirely successful either.

    I wanted a very large cone, so I used a traffic cone and cut off the bottom part. Then I covered the bottom/top hole (depending on how you're looking at it) with duct tape. That was a mistake. Next I painted the cone with a tan-ish spray paint that can be used on plastics. Once that was (mostly) dry, the cone was propped up in a box so that it wouldn't tip over.

    This is the bad part. I failed to read previous posts, so I missed the part about filling in some of the volume of the cone with something besides foam. Oops. So here we go, filling up the entire cone with foam. I knew it would expand beyond the top of the cone, but didn't realize just how much it would expand. It overflowed the cone, down into the box. I thought that was the end of it, but the day of the parade I noticed it was now pushing out past the duct tape on the bottom. The stuff inside was not cured yet. (I still don't know if it is.) So I brought some duct tape with to the parade and covered the bottom to keep the gunk from getting on me. My husband set it down on the bench next to me while I was doing balloons, and by the time I was done, there was a pile of foam that had leaked out onto the grass. Oh well, at least people knew it was an ice cream cone. It just looked like it was melting.

    Lessons learned:
    1. Do not try to fill a large space with expanding foam. Idiot!
    2. Apply the foam slowly, waiting to see how much it will expand. It takes awhile.
    3. Leave a couple of open spaces in the prop where the foam can expand.
    4. When using spray paint, cover with a coat of clear varnish-type stuff. (Some got on my hands, even though I thought it was dry.)
    4. Give yourself plenty of time to complete your project! I only gave myself 1 1/2 days.

    In the final photo you can see what it looked like, though I did knock off some of that extra ice cream at the bottom that kind of formed a ring around the cone.

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  6. Barnie Bonkers

    Barnie Bonkers Well-Known Member

    Remember.... Pi(e) R round.... Cakes R square ! (even if they are made outta foam!)
  7. Donuts

    Donuts Active Member

    I read all the post in this thread and a few others that side tracked i cant wait to try an ice cream come and i wanna try that shake thing, seen the idea in a book but didn't like the packing peanuts they suggested as filler, I like the spray foam idea better now to just get the pieces.
  8. Special K'z

    Special K'z Well-Known Member

    Wear gloves!
  9. Donuts

    Donuts Active Member

    Why the glove??????? LOL We dont wanna another clown glued some where??????? why should pickles have all the fun. lol
  10. Special K'z

    Special K'z Well-Known Member

    And wear long pants. Using an emery board to get expandable foam off your thigh is not recommended. (Don't ask).
  11. Donuts

    Donuts Active Member

    LMAO wow hadent thought of that that would be bad. I live in shorts so my knees would be highly vulnerable, thanks for that tip.

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