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Painting Juggling Clubs

Discussion in 'Props and Gags' started by Wowza, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. Wowza

    Wowza New Member

    Can you paint juggling clubs? And, if so, where would I find info and/or templates that might be used?

    I have a set of cheap juggling clubs that I bought to try out. I like juggling them, but don't really use them that much. They are plain primary colors in red, blue and yellow. I can only do a cascade pattern at this point, and would like to learn more. But I'd also like to make them a little flashier.

    Anybody have any experience here? I'm betting that gluing mylar onto the club would be easiest, but I'm wondering about ease with regard to the shape of the club. I'm thinking that some spray paint might be easier.

  2. V

    V Well-Known Member

    It's difficult to get tthe paint to stay on the clubs - chipping with each drop and all.

    Colored tape may be an option - and is what I use when I make my own clubs (see Green Club Project).

    I just don't do all that much juggling - it's something I want to work on - but difficult to find the time.
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  3. Fitzwilly

    Fitzwilly COAI Secretary

    You might try the newer plastic paints. I think Krylon or Rustoleum started the bll rolling and now you can find paints that are designed to bond with plastics. Also Dube and many other companies that manufacture clubs sell tape kits that are basically preshaped, pre cut tape, some are even holographic styles.
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  4. Hopper

    Hopper New Member

    My old set of "fancy" clubs just had silver tape on them. Only difference between then and the econo set was that the nice one had white ends and silver tape up and down it to make it look flashy.

    And If I recall correctly, the fancy ones were about 50 bucks more.
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  5. Gummy the Clown

    Gummy the Clown New Member

    When I started juggling clubs I started with the Eclipse set and by the 2nd month the wrap that was on it was coming off I tried to spray paint them but they would chip very easily, So then I just used colored tape until I bought the PX3's and no more problem.
  6. Scruffy

    Scruffy Boss Clown/Administrator

    In order to get paint to stick to the plastic you need to "Break the gloss". It is similar to re painting a car. I would use a semi coarse steel wool (like 00 or 000)and run it over the entire surface. Then use a flat white primer (Krylon Fusion flat white) and completely paint the club. Use a minimum of two good coats. from there, paint it whatever colors you need.
    Also, you need to buy a tack cloth. Use the tack cloth to wipe the steel wool residue off of the club. Also between coats you need to tack off any dust that may have settled on to the club. Dust is the greatest enemy of a good finish. Also, the final coat will only look as good as the first coat. So, take you time and do it right!
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  7. OkiDoki

    OkiDoki New Member

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  8. This isn't really an answer to the question but I thought it might help. These are some juggling clubs Scotty Walsh designed. I believe they are painted and he's added some flourishes. May help give you some ideas!

    [Juggling Clubs]

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