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Need your prayers

Discussion in 'Church and Ministry Clowning' started by Jamz, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Jamz

    Jamz Moderator

    My wife is in the hospital in very serious condition and things are not looking good at all so I need all the help I can get
    Thanks Jamz
  2. SCOOP

    SCOOP Ace Reporter

    i am already praying for your wife and so is anne
  3. Plywood

    Plywood New Member

    So sorry Jamz, will pray for her and you.
  4. Scruffy

    Scruffy Boss Clown/Administrator

    Praying buddy. please stay in touch.
  5. Sir Toony Van Dukes

    Sir Toony Van Dukes Well-Known Member

    I am sorry to hear this. I hope she gets better soon. Keep us posted.
  6. Finney

    Finney New Member

    Asking for positive energy and healing to surround your wife. Also for peace and strength for both of you.
  7. saphireSue

    saphireSue True Blue

    Praying for you both, hope she's well soon
  8. JimBo

    JimBo New Member

    Stay strong. GOD has a wonderful plan for your life.
  9. Special K'z

    Special K'z Well-Known Member

    Sending prayers for your wife and your family. When you can please send updates. We are all thinking of you.
    Sara K.
  10. Pickles

    Pickles Czarina / Administrator

    Thinking of you and your wife, Jamz.
  11. Fitzwilly

    Fitzwilly COAI Secretary

    I'm praying for both of you as well.
  12. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    I'll remember her (and you, of course) at Mass, and light a candle.
  13. Ladybug

    Ladybug Active Member

    You and your wife are in my thoughts and prayers.
  14. Jodie

    Jodie New Member

    Sorry for the sad news Jamz
    My God bless you both with what is best for you both.
  15. Harpoetta

    Harpoetta New Member

    I'm very sorry to hear this. You will both be in my prayers.
  16. The Princess of Bozonia

    The Princess of Bozonia Administrator Staff Member

    Jamz, you and your beloved will be in my thoughts.
  17. Jamz

    Jamz Moderator

    I wish to thank eveyrone for your prayers
    She is starting to show signs of awareness and is breathing more on her own instead of the machine but they will keep her on life support for a few more days
    Thank you for your support
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  18. Pinky the Clown

    Pinky the Clown New Member

    Father, I ask in the name of Jesus that you would bring healing to Jamz wife. I believe that you have the power to heal, save and deliver because you have healed, saved and delivered me. I ask that you would come and bring her peace and rest. Do a miracle. I ask that you would give Jamz strength during this time. Grant the doctors wisdom and the nurses compassion. Jesus, you are the perfect physician. The doctors may not know what's wrong or what to do but I ask Jesus, perfect physician, to guide the doctors and give them wisdom. Increase our faith and help us to believe and not doubt but to trust that you are in control. Bring healing soon. Amen
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  19. saphireSue

    saphireSue True Blue

    We will continue to keep you and your wife in our prayers, and pray for a speedy recovery.
  20. Special K'z

    Special K'z Well-Known Member

    Thanks for letting us know. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
    Sara K.

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