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National Clown & Character Registry

Discussion in 'The Clown Forum' started by Willace-the-Clown, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. SME

    SME New Member

    That's the word I was looking for --- Registry. A while back I asked a question about "licensing" - apparently i should have said "registry".

    Is anyone here "Registered"?
  2. Tommy boy is the man or you could say the clown he is the presedent over the clown alley we go to which is an hour from our house. He has some really nice stuff and best of all if we need any thing really fast we just drive an hour up to his shope. his stuff 4 clowns shope is like packed full of stuff. LOL

    :) Jenzo the clown
  3. SME

    SME New Member

    Is the Registry nationally or Professionally "recognized" (as in, like a copyright on your clown character) or is it more of a neat ID card?
  4. Legal copywrite information is available at http://www.copyright.gov/ Works of art are copywritable so guess a clown's face is
  5. V

    V Well-Known Member

    Q. Many people believe that being listed in the registry prevents anyone else from using the clown name and/or clown face. Is this true, and if so, how does this work?
    A. The clown registry will not keep someone from using your clown name and look. It will only help you establish your right to use them. A copyright or trade make may be the only way to establish that. The registry is a greatly way to get a quality id card and know there is a maintained record of your name and look in case your ever need to prove that you were using your look and name as of a set date. Last count there were over 300 Button or Buttons the clown. Out of all of these clown with similar names, as far as I know, they have different clown looks and face designs.

    from an interview with Tom E Boy
  6. Smiley The Clown

    Smiley The Clown Active Member

    Yeah, I'm thinking a copyright/trademark may be the way to go with this. I've been looking for a registry as well. Anyone watching this thread, please post any info you may discover =) Love and hugs!

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