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My new Clown Car

Discussion in 'The Business of Clowning' started by Viv, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    Well, it depends upon the records.
  2. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    And I liked it!
  3. TheRealTwinkleToes

    TheRealTwinkleToes New Member

    it was only signed beetles albums nothing special.
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  4. Face Painting Kat

    Face Painting Kat New Member

    Oh my heck, what a cute little car! So much potential!!! showing up in a real "clown car" makes you SO professional too! Sheesh.... maybe I need to spice up my mini van!
  5. Viv

    Viv New Member

    I found it by chance while looking on Craigslist. It was close and interested me enough to drive the 173 miles one way to look at it. After some negotiation, got it for a price that I thought was reasonable.
  6. TheRealTwinkleToes

    TheRealTwinkleToes New Member

    as a truck guy I would really like to know more about the conversion. and what kind of weight its rated for
  7. Finney

    Finney New Member

    Any updates on how the car is coming along, Viv? Get it in gear and post some photos! We'd wheely like to see your progress! ;)
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  8. Ronny Ronito

    Ronny Ronito New Member

    Is the conversion almost ready to be unveiled? I'd love to see how this project is moving along.
  9. Viv

    Viv New Member

    Here are the latest progress pics. I have removed all of the old vinyl and painted on graphics. I also removed the side molding and hood emblem. The hubcaps have been painted and their emblems removed. I instantly fell in love with this vehicle because it looks like the new Ford Transit Vans which I really like. This van does not have the $20,000.00 price tag, and still gets 32 mpg. I am working on the tuning to get even better gas mileage. Next comes the painting of the rear bumper, and mirrors and the mounting of the clown head.

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  10. Olaf89

    Olaf89 New Member

    This looks awesome, did you ever manage to get the project finished? I would love to see the final "clownmobile"

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