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My Favourite Clown gadgets / gag.

Discussion in 'Magic' started by Kallie, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. mr. kellygnc

    mr. kellygnc New Member

    i do a bad breath test with a stiff rope i have someone breath on it and it falls and adds a fun twist (very funny)
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  2. Punkin

    Punkin Well-Known Member

    Kallie.......I saw that phone, too. Could it be LaRock's??? I can't remember where I saw it, but that's the first name that comes to mind.
  3. Nevada

    Nevada New Member

    I love to tell the story and comedy while I contact juggle and one club juggleing the story is the power with movment rather just staying in one spot interactive comedy
  4. Kallie

    Kallie New Member

    Hi Punkin, for next month its going to be crazy, and don't know if I will be able to get on internet, but try also look in www.themagicwarehouse.com It looked like an item that is back from the past, and only few left. Just thought I will make my own. I also got a carry around tape recorder with a nappy, stick on eyes and mouth . . . my 'baby computer'...inside a tape is playing a baby that cry with some sucking noises when I feed it a little bottle or my thumb, rubbing noises when I rub its 'tummy' and a burb! Then it all start over again while I'm walking around.
  5. Punkin

    Punkin Well-Known Member

    Hey Kallie.........that's genius!! Very creative. I gotta tell you, most of my ideas come to me when I'm trying to fall asleep at night. I keep a little note pad next to the bed so I can write this stuff down. Hubby even got me a little light so I don't wake him up. Ya just can't stop progress! LOL!

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  6. Artsy

    Artsy New Member

    I wrote an article about this topic that is now being used in a writing course at a university and I also presented a lecture on HOW DREAMS AND VISIONS INFLUENCE CREATIVITY. The talk was held at an international arts and humanties conference in Hawaii. If you are interested in this topic, find the books, THE CREATING BRAIN--The Neuroscience of Genius by Nancy Andreasen; and LIVING YOUR DREAMS by Gayle Delaney. There's some good stuff written in these books about the moment of subconsious sleep and wakefulness when we are at our peak of creative thinking. Be aware of this "moment" when you awaken in the morning too. You will be delightfully amazed at what you discover.

    Here is an excerpt from my article:

    In her book, The Creating Brain—The Neuroscience of Genius, Nancy C. Andreasen, M.D., PhD, explains how Freudian “free association” taps into the brain to organize concepts during a phase she labels as REST: Random Episodic Silent Thought. While a person sleeps, his dreams are free to explore new connections that would ordinarily be censored by conscious thought. This mental “gag restraint” lifts and relaxes its guard to enable a sleeping person to accept fantasy situations as acceptable rationale.

    It's my favorite time of day--being in that "split-second moment" of lucid creativity.
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  7. glitterbugg

    glitterbugg New Member

    big scissors and big comb for a hair cut,giant flyswatter
  8. Pickles

    Pickles Czarina / Administrator

    Awhile back I was giving "free haircuts" at a picnic. I carried a pair of the big plastic scissors, but unbeknownst to the crowd, I also had several cheap hairpieces that I'd picked up at the dollar store. So after pretending to cut somebody's hair, I'd whip out the hairpiece and show them the hair that I'd "cut." This was particularly funny when bald men volunteered for a hair cut. My original plan was to try to match the color of the hairpiece with the color of the person's hair, but it was almost funnier to cut a blonde kid's hair and then show them the black hair that I had cut from their head.
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  9. Nevada

    Nevada New Member

    if your talking parade walk around I would have to say dishwasher where I have made a diswasher and inside of it got a dog puppet licking the plates and glasses. arm inside working puppet and a fake arm that look like holding dish washer on the outside of unit
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  10. Kallie

    Kallie New Member

    Little Suitcases

    Message on suitcase with funny props inside :
    Eg.1 My Bookworm
    Take some little books out and show in very slow calmly way, or use your own printed books like : How to win at poker ; Inside : Cheat. How to lose wight ; Inside : Dont eat. Top Secret Military Intellegence ; Inside : Blank etc. At end suddenly pull out a enormous rubber snake with a big scream!
    Eg.2 First Dog in Space
    Hot Dog inside flying ( on string/wire etc.) with case insight painted black with stars etc.
    Eg.3 Morning Paper
    Toilet roll on holder inside. Line kids up beforehand, before opening, who wants one page for free. After opening tear off one 'page' per person in line.
    [There's more...]
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  11. Kallie

    Kallie New Member

    1$ Tickets for free !

    Get a roll with 1$ tickets, or whatever, and line everybody up who want a ticket for free. Call out 1$ tickets for free, first come first serve etc. If somebody ask what it's for, just explain you will explain just now as soon as all the tickets is given out. When it is finish, tell them they can't do anything with the tickets, it is just for free.
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  12. Alfie

    Alfie New Member

    Jamz I love those d lites as well...
  13. Bumbles

    Bumbles New Member

    I just picked up a d lite and am looking for a couple of routines to do with them, anyone have an idea?
  14. Pickles

    Pickles Czarina / Administrator

    D'lites are so much fun -- especially if you have a pair of them. You can "stick" one in your ear and pull it out of the other. Pretend to put it in your mouth and then discover it in your pocket. Play catch with it, making it go from one hand to another. Lose it and then pull it out of a kid's ear. The possibilities are endless. You don't even need to have patter. If you want, you could do a little routine to music. The kids LOVE this.

    The only problem I've ever had with D'lites is that for awhile, they were selling them on TV. So, sadly, some kids actually own them and understand how they work. :(
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  15. saphireSue

    saphireSue True Blue

    you can also use the d'lites to pick up imaginary balls from the air to put in a bag. If the resturant I'm working is very slow with no custmers, or only a couple eating and I'm not sure if there interested in me coming to their table, etc. I'll pull a bag out and clean off tables picking up a light here, there and putting it away, atleast til I get a little attention then I might play with them like pickles mentioned., this is a good opening if I'm unsure of the response when it's older people, or what could be a business group. But for kids, some times I put one in one ear, pull the light out of the other, sniff it up one side of the nose, sneeze it out the other, then.,,,,,,,,,put it in my mouth ... good gross effect, kids really get the giggles.
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  16. Kallie

    Kallie New Member

    More gadgets

    Got some list of gadgets in my article :


    *Don't forget a box with holes and squeeker underneath. Show it empty, baby flea, or roccy raccoon, or spring snake, or ventriloquist mouse etc. with hand through bottom.
    *Cover a remote control car with a box. DON'T TOUCH ! , DANGEROUS ! , LIVE BUG IN TRANSIT ! , POISONIOUS BUG ! . Make it chase people or keep on getting in their way from distance.
    *Carry a fishnet with rubber fish and a whistle in it's mouth. Show people a real tuna fish ( Tune-a-fish )
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  17. Beezer

    Beezer Banned

    I have a little soap dish that's shaped like a bathtub, complete with H&C taps. I wear it on a loop from my belt. People notice it and I say, "mom told me to take a bath... I take it everywhere."

    I always try to remember to carry a kazoo or slide whistle with me wherever I go, even when I am not in clown. You'd be surprised how many laughs you get when you talk to people with the kazoo in your mouth, or play the slide whistle right as someone drops something. That is easy to do when I am waiting for my wife to come out of a store.
  18. Mimi Bug

    Mimi Bug New Member

    I love the break away fan for hot flashes, any
    "cootie sniffing hand puppet" where there is a fake glove glued on top and your hand wiggles the legs of the puppet.
    A feather duster can be a microphone, can clean cooties off, can be a face painting brush....
    My long sock coin purse that unrolls...anything that gets a laugh
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  19. Klumsy

    Klumsy New Member

    While Iam facepaint at a party my fart machine goes off I have the remote in my pocket the machine is hidden in a box in my magic supplies. Its sure to get a laugh and a surprise from all like "Who was that?"
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  20. Fifi D. Clown

    Fifi D. Clown Well-Known Member

    Where did you find a sock coin purse? I have a running gag with "stinky" socks in my magic show and could work that in nicely.

    I use the phoneless cord and eye-pod a lot. I ask people if they know anything about eye-pods because mine is broken. My phoneless cord hasn't worked since the day I got it! Then I remember I have Duck Tape - which fixes everything! This leads to a little bit of physical business where the phoneless cord, eye-pod, and duck tape get all wound around my fingers in my expert repair job. Then I usually walk away, muttering that I next time I'll try Hamster Tape, while trying to shake off the contraption that is stuck on my hand.

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