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Mooseburger camp vs EJC!!! Ahh!!

Discussion in 'Juggling' started by Auggie, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Auggie

    Auggie New Member

    I was planning to go to the European Juggling Convention for 2016 to kick off my European hitchhiking/backpacking tour but the dates are 30jul - 7aug. Mooseburger ends on 31jul.

    Sooooo...what do I do?! Should I go to mooseburger until the 29th or 30th and then go to the EJC? Or miss the first couple days of the EJC and go to mooseburger full time?

    Another option is to go to mooseburger full time and not go to EJC this year :( but mooseburger is mandatory because I'm a first year clown :D

    To make this even further complicated, I have a huge bicycling trip around the US so if I go to the EJC, I will either have to bring the bike as a check in or find a safe place to store it and come back after the EJC.

    Most likely what I think I will do is visit a bunch of clown, juggling, circus, magic, etc groups and conventions this year throughout the US and then store my bike with family and fly to europe for a year, possibly finishing at the 2017 EJC.

    I'm posting because I'm hoping to get some insight on what to do or maybe some things I haven't thought about. Also, is anyone goin to the 2016 EJC?
  2. Sir Toony Van Dukes

    Sir Toony Van Dukes Well-Known Member

    Sorry, never heard of the EJC.

    The last Saturday at Moose Camp is the All Star Clown show which is a show for the community where all of the clowns get to perform in one or more skits and be in the Kazoo Band. Before the show, clowns sign autographs, paint faces, play games and interact with the kids. This is great for the new clown as they get a chance to interact with real people and watch the more experienced clowns to see how they do things. I would hardly plan a trip to Moose Camp without also planning to stay for the show. Not much happens on Sunday, so you could leave earlier than the others if absolutely needed.
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  3. V

    V Well-Known Member

    I hope you're not going to Europe just for the EJC... If you're vacationing there and want to spend a day or 2 at a juggling convention, that's different (although I'd argue there are better things to do that go to the convention). Both big US juggling conventions are out west this year (iirc) and realistically, are going to draw better talent and workshops than the EJC. I'd vacation Europe - and plan on WJF and IJA in the states..
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  4. Donuts

    Donuts Active Member

    Save the money Clown at Moose camp if that's what you wanna do, it saves you money on travel this year and attend conferences and conventions here in the states.You'll get more bang for your buck by staying somewhat local.
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  5. Pookie

    Pookie Well-Known Member

    The Clown Camp in La Crosse, WI, will be held in Jun16. So you may want to consider that as an alternative to Mooseburgers.
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  6. Auggie

    Auggie New Member

    Ok great! Wow so much information! :D

    So basically I was studying abroad in Ireland for a year and I spent another four months traveling. I mostly do couchsurfing, help exchange (helpx, workaway, or wwoofing) and plenty of hitchhiking or car sharing (blablacar) I also have many friends in west Europe that I can stay with. My original plan (before deciding to go to mooseburger) was to start my year trip at the EJC in the Netherlands. So visiting isn't really a big deal financially (Norwegian air is a dear friend ;) )

    So it's more about getting an idea of what alternatives are available and weighing whether a full week is worth it at mooseburger. From what it sounds like, I think it will be worth goinga full week.

    I thought about attending the IJA in Texas but there is a similar overlap (actually I think mooseburger and IJA are the same week).

    These are all really great ideas and I will need to look into them. Why oh why does every convention want to be the same week :p thanks again everyone! :)
  7. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    It depends upon what you want to focus upon.

    Don't cheat yourself. If you want clown education, then get that and commit to an entire program, whatever it is.

    If juggling or variety entertainment is what you care to focus upon, then prioritize that.

    Or maybe it is magic, balloons, kids entertainment, theater, improv....whatever. You may not be able to do it all. Just do what most suits you, and will help you grow.

    As others have noted, there are other clown instruction programs, regional juggling fests of worth, and any number of weekend workshops, classes, and conventions available around the country. Research them well.
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  8. Auggie

    Auggie New Member

    Every statement you made is actually what I didn't realize is what I'm questioning at the moment. I came into clowning from juggling and love it. But I've never face painted or tied balloons...or generally the business of a clown. So while I absolutely would love to hone in my juggling, I want to expand my repertoire...

    Juggling edge has a running list of international juggling conventions and dates. I was wondering if maybe there is a similar list for clown/circus events or conventions. I have looked at the clown resource thread, but it isn't geared toward listing events...so maybe I should start a thread for these? I mean since I'm researching them already anyway...
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  9. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    I had a little list of stuff a few years back, which is still pinned to the top of one of the forums. While it isn't up to date, it might offer some semblance of insight on annual events.

    Sir Toony also maintained a list at one point. Don't know if he still.does, or how comprehensive it is (may not list theatrical clown training, for instance) but it was also worthwhile and helpful.

    If you started a new running list, I and others might be willing to assist in filling it out.

    But, the bottom line is that you really won't get to learn everything at any of the events. Some are more, say, universal in offerings, but then you also trade off some specific intensity of focus for that.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2015
  10. Auggie

    Auggie New Member

    Ok sounds good. I will see if I can dig up both of Rhodes and maybe make and updated list, referencing those threads, among others of course. Maybe I could get away with making a general link to the main ones that are every year and any others that are not will just be it of date as anticipated :/ Ill bounce around a few other ideas as well so any other ideas will be more than welcome!

    My reason for moosecamp is primarily for the duration and depth. I was hoping to get some experience in various things until then and then get a general training for it at the camp. I was at a crossroads between the EJC and moosecamp for the exact reason as that...because I wasn't sure if moosecamp is a giant weeklong convention...like the EJC...but it seems a week at moosecamp would be worth the money. Of course if I go to several smaller conventions/camps/workshops, it might be more beneficial.
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  11. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    One thing I like about Moosecamp is that there are a variety of people attending, of various ages and interests. So you can focus a bit in one area, while also interacting with and learning from the whole, and others who may be focusing on something entirely different. This is also an opportunity and invitation to try and sample something new, outside your own specialty.

    That said, it is a somewhat intense experience, but still just a few days. So it serves as a start, but ultimately is just that, considering that you can only get so far in that timeframe.
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  12. Sir Toony Van Dukes

    Sir Toony Van Dukes Well-Known Member

    I still have a list of events at http://justforclowns.com/

    I haven't updated it in a few months, so it doesn't have a lot of the 2016 events, but many of the events are annual events, so going to the 2015, or even 2014, link would likely work for 2016 as well.

    I don't put that many European events on the calendar, and more clown, magic, face painting, and balloon events than juggling.
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