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Mention a good compliment

Discussion in 'The Clown Café' started by Dynamo, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. Dynamo

    Dynamo Well-Known Member

    If you have not mentioned anything good about a person today, mention it now. Post a positive comment intended for the following person who will post after you, even though you do not know who it is going to be. The following person be sure to thank the previous person and leave a positive comment intended for the next person.

    To the following person:

    You look nice today.
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2009
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  2. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    Why, thank you! (And I felt like such a mess.)

    I just LOVE your wig!
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  3. Scruffy

    Scruffy Boss Clown/Administrator

    Thank you, But it's my own hair......

    I like your shoes!
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  4. JustLoco

    JustLoco Active Member

    Thank you, I got them from Goodwill.

    You have such a beautiful smile. :D
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  5. Perry Noia

    Perry Noia New Member

    Oh, you're such a darling for saying that!

    YOU always make me laugh....
  6. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    Well, that makes ONE person who finds me funny! So glad I could please; chuckles appreciated.

    Your belly button ring is fabulous!
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  7. Dynamo

    Dynamo Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I hear that every time I go to the beach.

    You have a true heart of gold.
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  8. JustLoco

    JustLoco Active Member

    Gee thanks, who would've guessed that a neck extension would make so much difference.

    Wow you look great, did you lose weight?
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  9. Dynamo

    Dynamo Well-Known Member

    I appreciate the compliment but really, the weight lost me.

    You look younger and younger every time I see you.
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  10. Lolly Plop

    Lolly Plop New Member

    Botox is such a blessing.

    Your eyes are an amazing shade of blue.
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  11. Perry Noia

    Perry Noia New Member

    They are aren't they? So nice of you to notice.

    You know, pink is such a nice colour on you!
  12. Simply Knute

    Simply Knute Well-Known Member

    I do what i can...

    You have very attractive elbows!
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  13. Dynamo

    Dynamo Well-Known Member

    I found them at the Salvation Army.

    That outfit comes to life on you.
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  14. BlossomTheClown

    BlossomTheClown New Member

    Thank you, I can never decide on what to wear ... should I wear the pink and purple outfit or the purple and pink outfit today. Decision, decisions.

    Great job at picking your nose.
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  15. pixcoco

    pixcoco New Member

    Why thank you. I had a hard time deciding on the big round one or the nose tip. But I knew it should be red.

    May I say how much I love your feather accents.
  16. Duckie

    Duckie New Member

    Why thank you I just LOVE yellow feathers!!!!

    You have really mastered the disappearing clown trick!!! Well done!!!!!
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  17. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    Um, where am I?

    Applause becomes you!
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  18. misspriss

    misspriss New Member

    You're at the Top of Your game Honey!
    But seriously stop, stop, I'll marry you for goodness sake!

    I applesauce you too! After all, you are the apple of my eye!
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  19. pixcoco

    pixcoco New Member

    Aww thanks...and here I didn't even think you remebered me.

    Seriously, I just LOVE that tu-tu.
  20. Dynamo

    Dynamo Well-Known Member

    To be honest it is my....well, forget it.

    Is your father a terrorist, but you are the bomb?

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