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Make-up HELP??????????????

Discussion in 'The Clown Forum' started by Mindy, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. minamime

    minamime New Member

    i havent read all of this...BUT (haha)
    instead of using a moisturiser underneath the makeup, i would recommend using a makeup primer. they are usually silicone based and are moisturising, but formulated to help makeup stay on (as well as minimizing pores, etc). It also acts as a barrier between your skin and the makeup, so it does less damage.
    something you could do to help the red lip stay, would be to use a liner all over (although its probably really drying) or else use a lipstain underneath the creme colors. the stain might be a tad hard to get off, so i dont know if i would recommend it for the guys.

    as for the hairspray...i know that ben nye makes a sealer, that is meant specifically to hold the makeup together. since it has been made for faces and not hair, it might be a good investment.
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  2. oogie

    oogie New Member

    A make up primer. Never heard of this or seen it. Where do you get it or is it the same as the no sweat spray? The sealer works good but doesn't seem to help my problem at all. I was burned real bad when I was a volunteer fireman many yrs ago and my skin does funny things from time to time. Some times I have no problem with the white around my mouth and other times it wants to look like it is fading. I have tried all the suggestions here but haven't found one that has helped any as of yet. I was thinking of maybe a pre-make up so what you are suggesting might work but not sure where you would get it. Thanks
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  3. minamime

    minamime New Member

    a primer might also help with the scarring.
    i am not sure what the differences are between Canada and the US when it comes to drug stores...most drug stores will have some kind of makeup primer...
    here are some links to a few:

    Rimmel : Face : Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer


    smashbox PHOTO FINISH FOUNDATION PRIMER | smashbox cosmetics

    primers are a fairly new phenomenon in the makeup world, but most higher-end brands, and now a lot of regular drug store brands, are carrying them. i used the gosh one and liked it, and the smashbox ones have amazing reviews...i havent tried them myself though (too expensive for me!)

    there are also primers for just your eyes, just your lips, or even just your eyelashes...for a full face makeup i would really only use a full face primer...maybe a different formula on the eyelids, just to keep them from getting oily. eyelids get oilier than the rest of the face :p
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  4. Yin Yang

    Yin Yang Active Member

    I think that the clown forum is the only place where men, and women, alike can get together to share make up tips. ;) I myself, being an amateur beginner, have not yet used make up. But I was wondering why you couldn't just use face powder after applying the rest of the make up? I'd think that as long as you at least have a good foundation, it shouldn't matter if you powder your face afterwards, instead of before. But like I said, I know little to nothing about cosmetics. :)
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  5. Salvo The Clown

    Salvo The Clown Active Member

    Its difficult to pass comment on a face which is so far away that someone cannot clearly see it. May I therefore suggest you try changing your photo to just a good head and shoulder one as we would all be in a better position to help!
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  6. Salvo The Clown

    Salvo The Clown Active Member

    Although I like your comment about Face powder, most of us would probably find it a little expensive when good old baby powder works just as well :)

    However, when I once appeared on TV and let the make-up department make me up all they dusted was the foundation as they said there would be enough powder left to absorb the other colours although I should point out that I only use little additional make-up as I'm a firm believer in K.I.S.S., i.e. keep it simple stupid, no offence is intended :)

    Hope this will be of some assistance.
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  7. brianc2k

    brianc2k New Member

    I am an auguste. I noticed the same problem. I set with baby power too. But after I am finished I moisten my fingers and lightly wipe my red once again. It seems to brighten up again for me.
  8. Jojojonelle22

    Jojojonelle22 New Member

    U guys all rock with help!!! I'm in the beginning stages myself and have so many questions! This site is awesome!!!
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  9. Pitufo

    Pitufo New Member

    i'm a romantic and very much attracted to the classic pierott style appearance - i have combination oily/dry skin and am a boy and am TOTALLY CLUELESS! omg, can someone recommend some low-cost but decent white-face makeup for me to play with while i experiment with my character?
    sorry, but 11 pages is a bit much to skim through at the moment, can someone nutshell it for me?
  10. Fitzwilly

    Fitzwilly COAI Secretary

    Ben Nye and Mehron are the two big names you are most likely to find. Just make sure it is grease paint and not water based.
  11. Pitufo

    Pitufo New Member

    grease paint over water-based paint - ok, now aside from the obvious makeup running due to seltzer bottle spray, post pie-in-the-face wiping or tears (even clowns get the blues) any other reason why you recommend grease over water-based?

    also - how does one clean grease paint off?
  12. Special K'z

    Special K'z Well-Known Member

    You won't get the same look with waterbase. It won't cover as well it won't last at all irregardless of seltzer or not. It usually looks bad if you want to portray a professional image. Not worth buying the stuff unless you are just going to do a kids face for Halloween. I take it off with cold cream and baby wipes, Then use no tears shampoo to get the rest off.
    Sara K.
  13. brianivory

    brianivory New Member

    Summary of this Make Up Thread

    This is a very helpful thread (more than a hundred replies) with advice on make-up application, especially regarding "how to" powder one's make up. Below is my summary of this thread:


    • BABY POWDER - baby powder (works fine, is often is cheaper, thicker and often has an added fragrance).

    • SETTING POWDER – This is a form of talc powder many times finer than baby powder, translucent, and more expensive than baby powder. Comes in “Super White” (applied to the white make up) and “Natural” (to be applied to the colors in the make up). Some brands (e.g., Mehron) have an added antiperspirant. Also, setting powder was designed for the purpose of doing make up (where baby powder was not).

    WHAT TO APPLY POWDER WITH: use a make up brush, velour puff or a sock (a baby sock was suggested). Some powder twice and/or powder after each color is applied. Some alternate between sock and puff in the same make up session.

    • POWDER IN A SOCK –To avoid make up moving around on face, shake the sock over your face before ever touching your face. You can also hit the sock a couple times to bring the powder to the outside of the sock. You can also have it in a container, shake the container and the powder will be on the outside. Turn the sock every time you get to a new, un-powdered part of face. Once powder is on, you can go back and use the sock to press the powder into the make up. Negatives with this approach are that powder gets everywhere, make up sometimes ends up on the sock and gets inadvertently moved to other parts of the face. Lots of powder gets everywhere.
    • POWDER ON A VELOUR PUFF – if using setting powder, have a separate puff for the “white” powder and for the “natural” powder. Need lots of powder in the early puffs to the face.

    • OTHER WAYS TO APPLY POWDER – Some use a “big fluffy brush” to apply powder while others use a “yarn pom pom” (which also serves as a brush to remove the make up). Some alternate the use of a sock and a puff during the powdering process.

    REMOVING EXCESS POWDER: folks use a make up brush or a shaving cream applicator...

    • MAKE UP BRUSH – brush away the excess powder using a big make up brush.

    • SHAVING CREAM APPLICATOR – remove excess using shaving cream brush.

    MAKING COLORS “POP” IF POWDER DULLS THEM: after powder is applied, colors (especially red and black) can become dulled or muted … some recommend doing nothing and allowing time as well as a clown’s natural moisture to absorb the extra powder and allow the colors will “brighten” back up.

    • WET CLOTH / BABY WIPE – pat it on the face to remove the excess powder.
    • SPRAY / SPRITZ – using a water bottle, spray face to bring colors out. Some “pat” the face afterward to remove moisture and allow make up to dry.
    • WATER ON FINGERS – put a drop or two in the finger and tap the colors to remove the excess powder to bring colors out.
    • DRY RED ROUGE some recommend applying red rouge, blush or compressed powder to go over the red on the lips. Can be applied with finger, eye shadow brush or a Q-tip.


    • HOW MUCH TO POWDER - how much you powder also depends on the weather, how long you intend to be in make up, whether indoors or outdoors, humidity, use of water or pies in a routine, etc. These variables can put stress on make up applied earlier in the day.

    • GREASE VS. WATER BASED PAINTS – grease paint gives a more professional look and will last longer over the course of the day. Clowns should pay the extra money for professional make up and avoid make-up that leaves them with a “wet” or “shiny” look.

    • PREPARING THE FACE FOR MAKE UP – some use a “primer” to condition the face before putting make up on. For example, Smashbox offers Photo Finish Foundation Primer to put on face before beginning the make up session. These can be expensive, but can also be found in a local drug store.

    • SEALING IN THE MAKE UP – done at the very end, products like Mehron Barrier Spray, Fixer and Sealer is used to keep the make up together and from spreading during the day. Ben Nye also sells a sealer. Some report that they seal the face, wait, and then seal a second time. Some just seal the colors on the face (and not the white make up). This step can also bring out the colors in the make up.

    • GENERAL MAKE-UP DESIGN SUGGESTIONS: work with the natural lines already in one’s face; create a natural, softer look that does not scare children; design one’s make-up to enhance what is already there and not a “mask” that covers the face (too big designs can be frightening). Avoid shapes like stars, hearts, etc. Your make up should serve the character of your clown.

    Again, this was my attempt to summarize this thread for my own purposes. While I would encourage readers to review the entire thread, this summary might be a good place to start (or, perhaps, a good place to end up).

    Brian, "Bubby", Mott Campus Clowns
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  14. Slushy

    Slushy New Member

    go back to baby powder it seems like the answer was in the question...
  15. EricaGreenblatt

    EricaGreenblatt New Member

    thank you all the guys for putting their suggestion forth as it has been very helpful in getting the right kind of effect out of the right kind of make up all along
  16. Red bald

    Red bald New Member

    I heard manure is organic. ;)
  17. The NORMAL One

    The NORMAL One Active Member

    Dottie how can you not powder,powder, powder especially when it 90 degrees out side.

    Also does anyone know is there a non scented baby powder ?
    Is there amount time makeup is good for before you throw it out and buy new ?
  18. LarryTheClown

    LarryTheClown Well-Known Member

    So I'm trying whiteface this year full time. It goes on nice for the most part, but I do have a pickle of a time trying to get the makeup to look distributed equally:


    Any suggestions? Do I need to apply two layers of makeup? I'm afraid that might feel heavy on the whole face.

    Edit; some details --- I am using Mehron Clown White with Mary Kay foundation underneath, and I do powder my face after.
  19. sillydaddyatl

    sillydaddyatl Member

    Why the foundation underneath? Maybe try it without that?

    Looking at the photos on your website, Larry, it doesn't look like you're far off. Maybe you could use a little more white, but I don't think it would take much.

    I use Mehron Clown White, and I'd think one layer should be enough for most people. If you look up the Ringling How to Be a Clown video, what I do is similar to the way Frosty puts on his whiteface. I just warm it up a little in my palm first, and then start with a little dollop on my fingers and spread it as far as I can until the opacity of the white starts to thin out. Then I go back to my palm to get more. I'm not shy about slapping it on, but I'm not excessive, either. I just use enough so I can't see my skin. Once it's powdered, I can't tell I'm wearing it.

    Alternatively, you could probably take a makeup sponge, pat it into your container, and then pat it on your face until you get even coverage. Seems to be the way a lot of theatre and Cirque folks approach things. Might take a bit longer, though. You might also try a different brand. I've had good experiences with Mehron, but I know not everyone is a fan.
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  20. Sir Toony Van Dukes

    Sir Toony Van Dukes Well-Known Member

    LarryTheClown, It does look like you didn't use enough white, but as sillydaddyatl asked, why the foundation under the white? I have never applied makeup over any foundation, so I can't say how that would impact the end results. I find a full white face to be just about the easiest makeup to apply as there are no edges to worry about (like you have with auguste). Apply and then pat to make it smooth and even. I do suggest working in a room with good light. At conventions, I have left my hotel room and felt the makeup looked a little pale. You want enough for an opaque coverage without excess buildup.
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