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Make-up HELP??????????????

Discussion in 'The Clown Forum' started by Mindy, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. twinklestheclown

    twinklestheclown New Member

    I have found that Bubba Stikes has a wonderful little book 'Lite Auguste Make up, you can go to his site and order a small deluxe kit for like 23.00 and instructions. It has 2 setting powders and everything you need. I myself use a combo of Meron for the eyes and rest is Ben Nye. I hope this helps.
  2. Mindy

    Mindy New Member

    Thanks! I've bought powder & make-up from Bubba's site. I now use the powder, brush it off and then set it with a wet paper towel. seems to be working much better.
  3. Fitzwilly

    Fitzwilly COAI Secretary

    Glad to see that you are still around the Forum Mindy. How about starting a new thread and giving us "Mindy's Clowning Update" so we know what you have been up too for the past year or so.
  4. StuartPid

    StuartPid Administrator/Pickles' Lady in Waiting

    PHEW what a long thread :) I was unable to locate the photo of Mindy's face, can someone point me to it?
  5. Zippy Zoo

    Zippy Zoo New Member

    Hey Where's that thread? I could use an explosion that saves time putting on my face!
  6. SonFlower

    SonFlower New Member

    I agree... always powder. I use a baby sock filled with powder, patted on the face- works even with color on... then brush the excess off.

    I would recommend, instead of used lipstick- find a deep red lip liner pencil- and use this to outline and fill in. I use this for my lips and they do not come off.

    I also use a powder by mehron's I believe that has anti-perspirant in it. Seems to help a little bit better than just baby powder.

    Do any of you use the anti-perspirant lotion or gel or whatever it is under your make-up does it work? I live in East Texas and we have several events planned for this summer, that will be outside. I usually just blot any sweat with a paper towel, doesn't seem to mess up my make up.

    thanks in advance.
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  7. Zippy Zoo

    Zippy Zoo New Member

    Now that's a use for my red lipliner I never thought of! I haven't even been using it because it is too visible under my real out of clown lipstick.

  8. jj_hil

    jj_hil New Member

    just a few notes, please realize I didn't read every post on every page (getting kinda sleepy...)

    I'm a full whiteface with some blue & red (primary shades) in appropriate spots - I've gotten the most success from the following:

    -- put white on, then remove with q-tip from the places where the art goes, before powdering - this means your colors go over raw* skin, no diluting

    -- er, not *raw* precisely, but fresh skin with a layer of moisturizer - you'll rip your face up much less if you moisturize under the makeup and after cleanup

    -- must powder - must, must, must - melting clowns are very hard to look at

    -- after all colors and powder, a little (as in 1-2 drops) water on the finger tip over the designs does the trick... after a couple three rounds of powder, that dot of water doesn't do any harm

    -- I put powder on with a yarn pom-pom, tend to like it better than the sock, and it serves as a brush for the excess

    -- the best advice ever was to start with moving your face around - smiling, frowning, etc, and see what spots move - put decorations there...

    -- I was also cautioned to put red lipstick on lower lip only, to avoid the 'gaping maw' appearance...top lip is white

    -- I use blue mascara because blue is the color lining my eyes... for rainbow, maybe blue, green, purple, whatever color is nearest the bottom of the lid, unless you're using rainbow fake eyelashes (which could cut down on the workload when dressing). Post-halloween is a great time to find non-standard colors in mascara

    -- Splash!, my li'l clown I trained, has a very fine (as in teeny tiny powdery grains) glitter pack from a craft store, which she applies to her decorations over fresh colored greasepaint - this may be a useful idea for making colors pop and still having the coating over the grease so makeup stays put

    -- I'm thinking for a rainbow clown, I'd be tempted to put the bows on the 'poochie' part of a cheek, or perhaps a wide-banded bow over one eye that starts at the nose/eyebrow edge and lands on the cheek in front of the ear - then again, I didn't dig in & look at your pic to see how your design has morphed to date...

    Best wishes all - I'm liking the idea of having a perma-topic of "what shall I do with my face?"...
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  9. SCOOP

    SCOOP Ace Reporter

    ok this thread was too long for me to read everything i still use good ole baby powered in a sock as apposed the the expensive mehron setting powder so i don't have to worry how much i use i don't pat my face with the sock right way i look up and shake the sock ofver my face then pat so that seems to keep the color from transferring and i powder after each color and instead of spritzing with water and dabbing it off i use ben nye final seal i spray a little coat wait for it to dry and repeat twice it seems to brng the color back out and really hold it in place in my opinion if anyone already posted this sorry but afte 6 pages i jsut jumped to the end
  10. Simply Knute

    Simply Knute Well-Known Member

    I noticed a few things that need attention brought to them in JJ's post.. so here we go.. if i sound harsh, don't take offense.. im just stating how it is..

    You shouldnt use a moisturizer under your makeup, it will make it adhere less to your face, and more likely to come off or smudge.. most professional makeups are made to be put on clean dry skin. so lotions can break them down.

    While half of this is true, you should only put red on the bottom lip, you shouldnt use lipstick. it isn't the right kind of makeup.. its not made to be powdered. use a good professional grease paint like ben nye, mehron, proface, or kryolan. they are made to be powdered and come in either cup form that you apply with a brush or pensil form.

    You shouldn't use rainbow anything except maybe fabric for yoru costume.. it really cheapens your look. rainbow wigs are for walmart clowns. rainbow eyelashes are just creepy looking.

    DO NOT use glitter from a craft store for your face.. there is a reason it is from a craft store. IT'S FOR CRAFTS! and it's very dangerous to use on your face. use a cosmetic glitter. craft glitters are maid from glass or metal. and they can cut your skin, and if they get in your eye its bad news.. cosmetic glitters are either a polyurethane or acrylic that is harmless..

    you really shouldnt put designs on your face, leave those for yoru costume.. the makeup isnt a mask to hide your face. it's there to accentuate your features.. so really, anything that isnt necessary is a waste, and distracting. hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers and blue moons, pots of gold, and rainbows, and the red balloons, are all unnecessary. so stick with eyebrows, mouth, nose if you want.. maybe some cheek rouge, maybe a dot here or there if it accentuates your movements. (i.e. chin, or cheeks.)

    ok i'm sorry if i ticked anyone off.. but i had to say something about that stuff.. i have everyone's best interest at heart, and want you all to be as professional as possible
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  11. SCOOP

    SCOOP Ace Reporter

    i have to say i agree with everything knute said but on one thing i would like to try there is a lipstick out there called everlast that if you put on after all your other make up and let dry might work but they don't make a black so i wont end up trying it anyway for myself but if you can find it in a good red it might work and i only know this as i have been looking for a lipstick sealant as my bottom lip jsut doesn't retain the black color no matter how much i have powdered it did the best the other day with 3 layers of final seal and something called sealed witha kiss taht goes on your lips like a roll on antiperspirant
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  12. johnfite

    johnfite New Member

    The first time I used powder I got some in my eyes. I walked around for the next three days in pain, bumping into things. Each time I would run into something I would think to myself "I really am a clown!" I think if you want your face to be redder, then you should pass out red sunglasses.
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  13. Willy Nilly

    Willy Nilly New Member

    Hear-hear Fitzwilly, the softer the better. Nothin worse than a scary clown.
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  14. TheClownGuide

    TheClownGuide New Member

    Powder and damp towel or paper towels seem to suffice for me . . .
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  15. Tara Kelly

    Tara Kelly Wiggin' Out!!!!!

    I agree with everything that Knute said! And small paint brushes also work great for making nice clean lines. And we use a plain old tube sock filled with baby powder to powder our make-up and lightly brush the excess off.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2010
  16. Cherry Mooseburger

    Cherry Mooseburger The one and only....

    um when it comes to the misting with a water bottle, I have found that your face melts kinda by the end of the day when you do that... I usually dab the red parts with a baby wipe to make my reds brighter. Also, you might be over powdering a little if its not bright enough
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  17. Crazy Cute Clown

    Crazy Cute Clown New Member

    Powder, damp clothe to take off the excess powder and then I touch Mehron Barrier Spray, Fixer and Sealer with the tip of my fingers to my colors (not the white). Eyebrows, nose (if you paint it) lips, any auguste. My colors are ALWAYS bright and the paint doesn't run or smudge all day long. Another clown turned me on to this stuff about 10 years ago and I don't leave the house without it.
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  18. Boobu

    Boobu New Member

    Has anyone tried hairspray (pump, not arasol) as a finishing spay after the powder. I once dated an actor who shared that one with me. Of course he was talking about setting regular makeup (it realy does well at keeping eyeshadow from gathering in the creases throughtout the day), But I tried it sunday with my clown and it seemed to work great. My impromtu costume was very hot and I am pretty high energy (and its Arizona) so I had sweat running down my face. I was terrified that my makeup must be sliding completly off my face but every time I checked it was just fine.
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  19. StuartPid

    StuartPid Administrator/Pickles' Lady in Waiting

    I have heard of using hairspray but never tried it myself. I have a friend who is a comedy female impersonator and he does that every time he puts on his makeup. I cant imagine it can be very good for your skin but then again neither can all the other stuff we cake on there all the time. I would just make sure you are really washing your face afterwards so it doesnt build up in your pores.
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  20. Alex

    Alex ...much nicer in person!!!

    Hairspray actually is used for the same thing barrier spray is for (an antiperspirant). It is not at all good for your skin and I would advise against it. Just set your makeup and your sweat and body oil will naturally brighten the colors in your makeup.
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