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Majiloon Double Motor Electric Pump For Sale

Discussion in 'Props and Gags' started by Wacky the Clown, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Wacky the Clown

    Wacky the Clown New Member


    Majiloon Double Motor Balloon Pump is two years old and made it through two balloon seasons but I am done with fairs and need to unload this.

    Comes with Pump it self plus Three Batteries and Values at $517.00 before shipping. Looks good and runs smooth every time with low maintenance. Lube motors before show with silicone lubricant and your on your way.

    Due to online fraud with paypal I accept USPS Money Orders or Local Pick up only. I'll cover shipping charges to you. Not accepting any offers for any less. Price Froze and item is cross promoted.

    Located In Elnora Indiana

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