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Magic items for sale

Discussion in 'Clown Classifieds' started by jinglestheclown, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. jinglestheclown

    jinglestheclown Active Member

    I've been out of entertaining the kiddies for a while. I have a suitcase full of magic items that I think they want to entertain someone. I decided to give my clown friends first chance before I go to evilbay. Most are new or like new.

    I also have clownmart black shoes which I dirtied up with some paint for use with my tramp character. Love these shoes! And an extra large bowler...nice one...I bought XL so it would look goofy on me.

    Comedy Egg can $10.00
    Switch handle $10.00-->SOLD
    Vanishing bottle $10.00-->SOLD
    Double Dove pan $20.00
    Foam Birthday cake $8.00
    Polka dot shower $10.00
    Comedy Revolver $5.00
    Stiff rope and traffic light rope $10.00
    Well used version of Clown Magic book $8.00
    Break away wand $4.00
    Floating card...wax beads and "invisible" thread $10.00
    The vanishing bandana...banana trick $20.00
    Magic coloring book $10.00
    Clownmart black Hobo shoes weathered with paint $20.00(Sold pending payment)

    I'll figure out postage once I get your address info.

    It would only let me upload 5 pics...I'll add the other pics

    PayPal...for your protection and mine

    Thanks for looking. More items and pics to come


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    Last edited: Dec 13, 2015
  2. jinglestheclown

    jinglestheclown Active Member

    More pictures.

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  3. Donuts

    Donuts Active Member

    is the vanishing bottle the rubber/Vynal one that crushes or the split one that the bottom is hidden in a tube? If the rubber one Im interested! also with the Change bag what size is it?
  4. jinglestheclown

    jinglestheclown Active Member


    It is the rubber one, the change bag opening is 4.25...bag is 9 inches deep
  5. tutitheclown

    tutitheclown New Member

    Pic of shoes ?
  6. jinglestheclown

    jinglestheclown Active Member


    Here you go...you can see no tread loss, worn once...distressed.


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  7. Simply A. Clown

    Simply A. Clown New Member

    Hello, what size are the clown shoes, I wear a size 14 so they would have to be able to fit that at least, if they are at least that size and still available I will take them
  8. jinglestheclown

    jinglestheclown Active Member

    According to their catalog page...13 inches long...I'm not sure what that translates into in sizing.

  9. Simply A. Clown

    Simply A. Clown New Member


    and your selling them for 20 dollars is that correct? If it is I can take the risk of them not fitting perfectly
  10. jinglestheclown

    jinglestheclown Active Member

    20 plus postage...pm me your address and I get the postage estimate from the post office.


  11. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    Wait, we're talking about.....????
  12. Simply A. Clown

    Simply A. Clown New Member

    I am new to the forum so I have to wait for 3 days to pm you, I tried to send by email, but not sure if it got to you.
  13. Simply A. Clown

    Simply A. Clown New Member

    talking about

    Balloons we are talking about balloons
  14. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    Ate they flavored?

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