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Latex allergy statistics.

Discussion in 'Balloon Sculpture' started by Scruffy, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. EricaGreenblatt

    EricaGreenblatt New Member

    quite a long yet full of informative facts .. i am going through this and getting those .. appreciate sharing it !
  2. I have been allergic to latex since I was born, it isn't bad, but should I try Qualatex balloons so that I don't react as badly?
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  3. Loopy

    Loopy Well-Known Member

    Not allergic to chalk are you, most Balloon twisters put a lite coat of chalk on their hands to prevent popping the balloons and to reduce the noise maybe this could even act as a small barrier to protect you from the latex.
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  4. Thank you very much, I have been wearing mittens, but my costume is short sleeved, so the chalk might work, I will try it next time I volunteer. I am a gymnast, so I know I am not allergic to chalk, as I use it on the uneven bars.
  5. Fitzwilly

    Fitzwilly COAI Secretary

    Both Qualatex and Betallatex are 90 something percent latex. I know a couple of clowns that use the colorful nylon gloves when they twist, but if you are allergic to latex I have to recommend that you minimize your use of balloons and develop other skills to entertain your audiences.
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  6. Latex Balloons

    Thanks, I wear winter mittens, and that seems to work for now. I am not a regular clown, as I am juggling school and other things at the same time. I am only fourteen.
  7. Fitzwilly

    Fitzwilly COAI Secretary

    Oh, cool. Welcome to the Forum. Throwing things in the air is fun! (Its the coming down part that causes trouble.)
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  8. Haha. The objects seem to always hit me in the head!
  9. Donuts

    Donuts Active Member

    I can see the original authors point that because of a vocal few spread false rumors that is to be taken as fact. Like the hoopla that Jenny McCarthy has started with don't vaccinate because it causes Autism. Her claims were based on false information and has been proven false many times. But Still people believe the false hype and feed into it. The same thing occurs with clown fears I was hired to do a show and was told they had to cancel when I arrived at the event because of one employees fears is absurd. Why should everyone else be hurt for the sake of one. She could have moved to another another location as was I, moved because I was getting paid no matter if I performed or not.
    I work in a school and we have parents say there kid is allergic to this that and the other thing 99.9% of the time it was because the child doesn't like blah blah Dr.'s notes come back clear when asked to provide a Dr. note it says no allergies.

    Being ultra sensitive to every one is insane! People know what to avoid and do. I have allergies to food and enviromental triggers but I avoid eating them or coming in contact with them i don't stop my friends from enjoying these things!
  10. V

    V Well-Known Member

    Except the author of that rant is the one spreading false propaganda as fact and simply rallying like-minded persons and groups. I get why variety artists want to support this guy, but there is a lot wrong with his article by way of facts and reality.

    This is covered here at clown-forum a lot and almost every time it comes up, there are an amazing amount of clowns that show up with their Phd in psych saying how dumb a phobia of clowns is. Lengthy posts on the subject somewhere here so I won't ramble on but the Cliff's notes version is this: Despite what many clowns think, a phobia of clowns is probably a real thing. Dismissing it as a fad (sure there are some who do it to be cool, but not everyone) or some silly little thing is unprofessional and not very intelligent. It's also not very likely that clowns are going to "cure" people of their phobia despite many accounts claiming to try to do so (again, maybe the rarity that it happens) and taking it upon ourselves as entertainers is again, irresponsible.

    Litigation is mostly why, but there's also the fact that at a corporate event or such, the patrons belong there and are part of the fraternization that the event is scheduled for. Clowns, balloon guys, whatever are simply novelties and should be the ones who get moved. How would isolating someone with an allergy or phobia be more rational? Removing them from the larger activity as a whole so that the masses can stand in a balloon line or watch a quick show? That doesn't seem anything at all like a good solution. Fact - people can congregate and entertain themselves with games, conversation, food, whatever as a herd without culling a few sick ones to offer up campy entertainment. If we really think ourselves to be so sorely missed by the few who missed our shows - we're only fooling ourselves...
  11. Donuts

    Donuts Active Member

    I will say this - We agree to disagree there is no absolute - right or wrong in this situation.

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