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Latex allergy statistics.

Discussion in 'Balloon Sculpture' started by Scruffy, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. Scruffy

    Scruffy Boss Clown/Administrator

    A big thank You to the one and only, Mark "Bad to the Balloon" Byrne for permission to reprint his thoughts. This was shared on the magic Cafe.

    "Latex Allergy Statistics
    The current statistics for people sensitized to natural rubber latex are broken down by risk groups and are as follows:

    8-17% of health care workers

    Up to 68% of children with spina bifida (related to frequent surgeries - anyone who has multiple surgeries is at risk)

    Less than 1% of the general population in the U.S. (about 3 million people)

    US population 308,064,954

    Rubber and products made of rubber contain a high amount of protein. People with latex allergies get an allergic reaction caused by this protein in rubber products. Latex allergy symptoms can be mild or severe and will cause many problems for people with this allergy as many products contain rubber nowadays.

    Items made with soft stretchy rubber such as used in latex rubber gloves cause the most problems. Soft rubber causes more allergic reactions than hard rubber used for example in car tyres. Quite often soft rubber items such as gloves and balloons are coated with a thin layer of corn starch to make them easier to use. Tiny particles of rubber stick to this starch and fly off through the air when a wrapper containing the rubber product is opened. In places where rubber gloves are put on frequently such as hospitals, the air can be filled with tiny rubber dust particles.

    Products That Contain Latex
    Many products that are much used around the home and at work contain rubber. For people sensitive to allergies it I important to know what products contain the soft rubber that usually causes this problem. A few examples of these items are:

    Rubber toys for dogs and children.
    Pacifiers and baby bottle nipples.
    Rubber bands. Condoms.
    Medical supplies such as catheters"

    This is the latex free mantra.

    So because 1% of the population has a problem the other 99% should suffer or be inconvenienced?

    Listen if you have ANY KIND of allergy you know what to avoid and do. Whether it is peanut, cologne or milk.

    What ever happened to it's your problem not mine. This PC correct society sickens me sometimes. I think this mentality developed around the same time as people suddenly got the right of way crossing the street anytime they like. When I was a kid you got smacked in the head if you didn't look both way before crossing the street ... now kids walk across the street looking down with an Ipod and a phone. And your supposed to come to a screeching stop because they are entitled to cross where and whenever they like. What a jerk you are if you honk your horn....

    How much energy is wasted daily by cars stopping for these idiots?

    Back to latex .... Latex Nazis want all latex banned no matter what. They don't care if it is fun, useful or essential to others. they also won't listen to reason in any way shape or form. They don't care it is a natural product from a recurring resource.

    Example: Did you know Qualatex balloons go through a leaching process to rid the exterior of the balloon of the protein at the root cause of allergies? No because the Latex Nazis bury that info.

    If they can't ban balloons for allergies they make up fake stats on choking of balloons.

    Think about how many balloon are out there on a daily basis. Have you ever heard of a recall or law suit against a balloon manufacturer? No???

    Now think of how many toys and happy meal products that have been recalled by stores and restaurants. Several times per year .... which gets the moniker of number one choking hazard for kids BALLOONS!!

    Number one choking hazard for kids is Hot Dogs.

    Number one killer of children vehicle crashes 2542 children anyone ever stop you from putting your kids in the car? Anyone ever stop you from giving a kid a balloon because DUNN DUNN DUNN.... it is dangerous!!

    "More than 2,800 people die each year from choking; many of them are children. According to one study, nearly two-thirds of the children who choked to death during a 20-year period were 3 years old or younger. The majority of choking deaths are caused by toys and household items. One study found that nearly 70 percent of choking deaths among children age 3 and under were caused by toys and other products made for children. According to CDC, balloons account for 7 to 10 deaths a year. And the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has received reports of five deaths from bean bag chairs, resulting from children choking on the small foam pellets inside. The most common cause of nonfatal choking incidents is food. In one study, nearly 70 percent of choking cases presented in the emergency department were caused by foods such as hotdogs, nuts, and vegetable and fruit pieces."

    The above is a mishmash statistics, break it down.
    2,800 deaths 2/3 were children under 3 years old. that is 1,800 give or take. 70% of the 3 and under crowd died of toys (1,260 children)

    Out of 1,260 deaths what do they identify as a high risk? Balloons and bean bags!!! together they account for less than 1% of that. WHAT THE HECK IS THE TOYS that cause 99% of deaths!!!!!!!!

    In the CDC report I own, yes I commissioned my government to give me a report. I found this. All balloon related injuries and incidents are about balloon related items. HUH??? what is that? string from balloons, mylar balloons, bladders in toys like frog tongues, and super elastic bubble plastic. Also not one manufacturer of balloons is named in any suits with balloons. BTW the rate of balloon choking deaths is an unconfirmed 7 -10 per decade.

    How can it be???? Because statics lie. They are commissioned or made up to support someone's agenda. anytime you see stats with a margin or more than 5% one way or the other it is most probably a lie.

    I am sure that is the Latex Nazis banging on my door right now......

    http://www.health.state.ny.us/environmental/indoors/food_safety/latex/latex.htm :

    "Who is at risk?

    Those at risk include people whose job or medical status puts them in frequent direct contact with latex. Health care workers and dental workers are those most often exposed to latex, principally by using latex gloves that are powdered to make them easier to put on. The powder binds with the latex proteins and becomes airborne. It can then be inhaled and cause an allergic response. People at increased risk include:

    multiple allergy sufferers;
    children with spina bifida or multiple surgeries at an early age;
    health care workers: doctors, nurses, surgical staff, dentists, dental hygienists, emergency medical services personnel, lab technicians;
    people who undergo frequent medical procedures such as catheterization;
    anyone working in the latex rubber industry (tire factories, rubber manufacturing and glove manufacturing);
    child care providers;
    food service workers;
    housekeeping staff in and outside health care facilities;
    law enforcement professionals;
    funeral home employees;
    people with a history of worsening allergic reaction to foods known to cross react (see below) with natural rubber latex."

    You notice all those people have one thing in common.... rubber gloves!!

    The process for making rubber gloves is different than balloons. The material is thinner and there is no blanching process. Also the glove is worn on the mold side next to the skin.

    Has anyone in the rubber glove business thought of blanching their product and inverting the glove???

    Wouldn't it be amazing if this was the solution?

    Personally I don't think many other people are as exposed to latex in their career as much as me.

    • I had a rare skin disorder as a child, that mimicked hemophilia. In and out of hospitals for first 4 years of my life. Constant bandage changes (elastic), health care workers I am sure wore latex glove back then (while smoking a cigarette).

    • I was a food services worker from 14 - 25yo. Rubber gloves were the norm.

    • I was in the Air Force as a security police force. weekly we would don our chemical warfare suits all latex.

    • I was a factory print worker, again rubber gloves.

    • I have been balloon artist for over 25 years.

    • I climb into a balloon at least 4 times per week.

    That is over 40 years of exposure!!! you would think something would happen.

    If the stats hold out of the 1,000 balloon friends I have I think at least 150 would be out of work by now.I have never heard of any of them stopping because of allergies.

    If 1% of population has a latex allergy the percentage of those people at risk of injury is significantly less than that.

    Latex anaphylactic shock is extremely rare .... like winning the lottery numbers!


    "Due in part to the variety of definitions, between 1% and 15% of the population of the United States can be considered "at risk" for having an anaphylactic reaction if they are exposed to one or more allergens, especially penicillin and insect stings. Most of these people successfully avoid their allergens and will never experience anaphylaxis. Of those people who actually experience anaphylaxis, up to 1% may die as a result.[3] Anaphylaxis results in approximately 1,500 deaths per year in the U.S.[4] (one out of every 1,600 of the 2.4 million deaths from all causes each year in the U.S.;[5]). The most common presentation includes sudden cardiovascular collapse (88% of reported cases of severe anaphylaxis). In England, mortality rates for anaphylaxis have been reported as up to 0.05 per 100,000 population, or around 10-20 a year.[6]"

    These number are just for anaphylactic shock .... NOT latex related. Mainly combine allergens and insect bites.

    My daughter has gone into anaphylactic shock from a spider bite. Do I hide her in her room? No she knows what is safe and not. And we keep an epi-pen handy. Do I want to ban spiders .... your kidding right?

    Do I want to put children and families in danger? Your kidding again, right?

    No what I want is people to stop spewing crap statistic and false info. Think before speaking.

    Standard Balloon/Clown/Hack response: Small child at table: "I can't give your child a balloon, they are a choking hazard you know!!!" Yuck yuck!!

    Mine: Small child at table: "Hi didn't want to skip your table, would you like a balloon for your child or do you think they are too young" Let the parent make the choice

    Parent: "No my kid will choke on that, you know that is the number ONE choking hazard!"
    Standard Balloon/Clown/Hack response: "Oh your right!"

    Mine: "That is not true, number one choking hazard is food. But I will agree they are not a good source of fiber"

    Idiot: "Balloons are killing the environment, animals eat them and die!!!"
    Standard Balloon/Clown/Hack response: "Oh your right!"

    Mine: "Really what proof do you have of this? Though balloons have been found inside marine animals, they have also found license plates, whole bottles of beer, medieval armor and wallet. None of those were the cause of death either."

    Stand up for Balloon Rights, Now!!!

    Thanks, Mark.
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  2. Squiggles

    Squiggles New Member

    Most of the people who claim they are allergic to latex are really allergic to the powder inside the gloves. I worked in healthcare for 20 yrs and thats what it always was..people were allergic to the powder..and not so much allergic but I think that putting them on and off so much and your hands sweating under them mixed with the powder is actually what made them break out. I had that problem too..my hands were always dry and cracked and I was a cook and did alot of dishes in the past 2 yrs and my hands did not break out or crack or anything..and I wore the rubber latex gloves the yellow thick ones, so I no that it wasnt the latex in them.
  3. Simply Knute

    Simply Knute Well-Known Member

    I believe that all allergies are imaginary... there are no such thing.. its all in their head. that is all.
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  4. azzy

    azzy Yes, We Have No Bananas

    I need to point out why I dislike this article. It's not because of the sentiment; it's because of the hyperbole.

    The author of this diatribe is going off because somebody is trying to ban latex products, including latex balloons. You know what, in the real world, I have seen none of this. Nada. There are balloons everywhere. Twisters, kids events, balloons are great, they're not going anywhere. There will be a small group of people who will militantly back ANY cause, that doesn't mean it's going to happen.

    If 1% of the population is affected by a latex allergy, it is important for the 99% of the population to be aware of that and offer an alternative. An alternative in the case of giving out balloons would be an apology and sympathy. There are also kinder alternatives, perhaps giving out stickers to those who can't have balloons? Etc, etc. I don't think it's suffering, or an inconvenience to provide an alternative, especially when that alternative is compassion.

    This is a rant by an old man shaking his fist at the sky talking about how things were better "back in my day". I like to do this too, but what purpose does it have in the article other than to anger and incite?

    Here's where my "PC" comes in. "Latex Nazis" is horribly offensive. Don't call somebody a Nazi unless they're a Nazi! Wanting to ban latex is not the same as killing millions of innocent people. Godwin's law at it's finest right here.

    I think its fine to inform parents that balloons aren't that dangerous, but the tone of this section of the article is still outrage. Calm reason is more persuasive than ranting. Also, when you provide a ton of clear statistics as to why your argument is valid, it's not a smart move to say that statistics lie (when the other side uses them).

    Again, Latex Nazis. [expletive]

    The link referenced is very neutral and common sense. It tells you what to do if you have an allergy, and what can cause a development. This site is just giving you information, but you take it as an attack.

    My mother loves seafood. Been eating it her whole life, then two years ago she had some shrimp and her throat started closing up. Took some Benadryl, but next time it was worse. Guess what? Now she doesn't eat seafood. I still do, even though it could be hereditary. I never had seasonal allergies growing up, now I do. Things change. You may not be affected, but somebody might be. Humans are unique, and nobody fully understands how we work.

    The rest of this, I believe is good advice. It's always good advice to put threats on a relative scale, although again it is still a bit of a rant. It is better to be calm and persuasive rather than combative.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 4, 2009
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  5. azzy

    azzy Yes, We Have No Bananas

    I'd like to point out that my comments above aren't directed at Scruffy, just the original author - even though I know he is not here to read them.
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  6. azzy

    azzy Yes, We Have No Bananas

    Sorry about the [expletive]'s, that just made me [expletive] angry.
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  7. millicent

    millicent New Member

    we could get our suppliers to supply balloons made from the guayule plant. These are allergy free and all we have to do is create the demand.
    The guayule company is called Yulex. You might want to mention this to your suppliers.
    Ultimately it will either be Q or S who will supply them. Lets speed up the process by harrassing our stockists :)
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  8. Professor Pi

    Professor Pi New Member

    This is some great information. I knew a hairdresser with a latex alergy and the ballon sculptures made for her did not affect her. In the same note if one person has allergies and is affected does not mean everyone will be affected.
  9. V

    V Well-Known Member

    Wow. It's hard to take an article like this serious when the author seems to be ranting rather than articulating a valid point. <Insert my name of the week> points out several good points that are wrong with the article so I won't be redundant but I agree with most of his criticisms.

    I'm sure the original author will get support within the balloon community simply because nobody who works with balloons will want to see them banned, even though that doesn't seem to be a real fear. The bulk of the article seems like it could make a terrific cameo someday on Fox News with the unreal tirade and attempt at scare tactics (towards balloon entertainers) but doesn't hold much merit elsewhere.

    The fact is that balloon do pose a choking hazard. Sure it may be rare, but so are a lot of other things that can be potentially harmful to people. According to his tirade, because something that "should" happen according to data somewhere hasn't happened to him yet, it must be false. That's crazy. According to data, it's likely that I should have been hit by a drunk driver or selected for jury duty but neither has happened so therefor, those things must not exist.

    It's also a fact that Mylar balloons are bad for the environment. Probably not on the level of devastation some would want you to think, but also not as trivial as others (such as this author) would have you believe either.

    His ramblings about how turning latex gloves inside out may be the answer everyone is looking for makes no sense. It appears to be part of a pitch to make you believe that hospitals fear of latex isn't warranted when in fact it is. The % of allergy sufferers may be small, but it's all about liability and is why most hospitals have gone latex free. I don't see this level of caution ever making it to balloon entertainment, but we (Americans) live in a litigation happy country, so completely dismissing the worry is insane and should at least be in the back of your mind somewhere. Most people with an allergy will let you know so I can't see it coming up often, but it's also not unimaginable for a lawsuit to come about someday that costs a neglectful balloon artist everything he owns.

    Grammar and writing rules are relaxed on the internet (as they should be), but never expect anyone to take you serious if:

    Your vocabulary (or mind) is so small that you must use the word "Nazi" to show disfavor for someone. There are thousands of other words you could use that are less offensive and you can buy a vocabulary builder for a few dollars at your local Walmart.

    You. Your. You're. Learn it, Love it.

    You offer up (2) citations. One of which is actually fairly neutral and doesn't support your argument while the second is wikipedia...
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  10. goofeydogg

    goofeydogg New Member

    This is for Jolly Well and Azzy

    Nazi or Fascist those who Practice Nazism (German) or Fascism (Italian)

    Fascism : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition
    2 : a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control

    "Latex Nazi" is used correctly. A "Latex Nazi" is a person who exalts those with Latex allergies above the individual right to use Latex by using the government (law) severe economic (law suits) and Social regimentation ( Making up facts not telling the whole truth) and forcible suppression of opposition (making you a bad person if you do not agree with them)

    Sorry, if this offends you. A person who would Ban the use of a word because it offends would be defined by the dictionary as a "Offensive word Nazi (German) or Fascist (Italian)".

    I am a "Public use of Foul Words Nazi (German) or Fascist (Italian)!? I think I may have to rethink my opinion on using Foul words in public!?

    As far as you seeing no evidence of Latex Balloons being banned? Have you seen balloons in a hospital or medical facility recently!!!??? And many schools and government offices/spaces have started to ban or limit latex balloons (I am required to have a 5 million dollar insurance policy to twist balloons for the government). This has affected a large part of a Balloon Artist/ Clowns Income (livelihood).

    This article was written for his peers(Family) not the Public! And are we not allowed to "Rant" every once in a while to our Family and be showed compassion and understanding!?

    The sad thing is that everything you Complain about in this article (without compassion). You do the exact same thing in your response! I believe that makes you a Hypocrite?

    I would like to state sadly I am probably the the worst Hypocrite here, But I am working on it!

    I did not intend to be offense only to educate (give my opinion based on my knowledge and life experience). So I profoundly Apologize to any person or group I may have offended!

    Again you Gals And Guys Are the best!!
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  11. V

    V Well-Known Member

    Wow, really? This was your reply? I'll try to be terse but it's late and I may ramble on a bit. If so, I apologize in advance but asinine comments sometimes cause me to be lengthy in response.

    I guess I'll begin by your statement that "Latex Nazi" is used correctly.

    Really? I thought that the term Nazi was very specific to the Nazi regime of Germany. You can use Google to define:fascism all you want to try and credit your post, but it simply doesn't work. You also cannot use fascism interchangeably with nazism as they are not the same thing ( you can be a fascist and not be a Nazi, but you essentially need to be a fascist to count yourself a Nazi).

    A Nazi isn't (paraphrased from your quoted post) just a "bad and controlling person." A Nazi is someone who was part of the Nazi regime that was responsible for the extermination of millions of people to includes ~6 million Jews as well as another 5 million or so ranging from Serbs, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Anti-Nazi Germans, Jehovah's Witnesses, Russians, the physically and mentally handicapped, vagrants, and Czechs (in addition to the freedom fighters of numerous nations who opposed the Axis powers).

    Let us not forget about the Nazi doctors who had their grisly experiments (Internal Irrigation, Experiments on Twins, etc).

    Nazi is an emotionally loaded word, because of the fact that there are people alive today who were directly affected by the Nazi regime. Just because you (and the author of the article evidently) are "for it" doesn't make it just. In my experiences, people who try and justify the use of this behavior are either very young or very uneducated.

    I won't go back into detailing why the word shouldn't be used as I still feel Azzy did a fine job of it when this thread was alive several months ago.

    It's 2:15 right now, I think I've said all I needed to on Nazism but it's late and I'm not proof-reading so I may need to come back to it later. Moving on...

    This is because latex allergies exist! I don't know how people fail to see the connection. If you are in a setting where there are many children that you cannot possibly know their medical history, then you cannot put them in harms way. If a school that houses hundreds of children does not permit a balloon artist, they are in not denying anyone any basic rights. They are protecting children as well as themselves from litigation. They are not prohibiting the balloon artist from creating balloons, they are prohibiting the balloon artist from creating balloons at their institution which is completely within their rights to do so.

    Same goes for hospitals. If they want to be 100% latex free, why is that the business of the balloon artist? It isn't. This is all a complaint from people with a limited world view that are upset that they may be losing profit (potentially) at the expense of others. I had a supervisor on a job once that told me where I could find sympathy (the answer: between the "S words" for dung and the syphilis.) and I feel that adage may be fitting in this instance.

    Performers complain all the time that clowning/ballooning/etc isn't taken serious as an art. In many other professions that have genuine accountability, Peer review is a standard critique. His article was critiqued and I, like many, found it weak and full of falsehoods. If we want to look at is as a simple rant then by all means do so, but when we allow these articles to make their ways into public forums and don't take them seriously, then we have no right to complain when people don't take our trade seriously either.

    I missed the memo about pointing out obvious falsehoods and exaggerations made someone a hypocrite. If I recall correctly, my response to the article was nearly 100% about the so-called facts of his article and I didn't touch upon his (still incorrect usage contrary to what you "think") of Nazi except to point out that he needed to be more tactful and broaden his vocabulary. I stand by everything I said and say in my first response because his article is still weak. Fact. If you try to take my earlier post and apply it to issues I didn't address, then you can define it as you will. I would however, like to suggest you use Google and define:hypocrite (you did such a great job of it for fascist and all) and try to reapply your usage of it in your post.
    Please educate yourself before attempting to educate others. That method works wonderfully and I highly recommend it.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2011
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  12. goofeydogg

    goofeydogg New Member

    Wow! To attack me and make fun of me, because I don't agree with you!! Nice!!

    There is a ban on balloons and it has affected many in the balloon industry!! Almost Half of the balloon deliveries were to hospitals!! and many lost their jobs and business because of the ban!!

    I do care about those who have allergies to latex. But other allergies are noted in their charts and records, why not latex? Flowers are not banned but noted on charts and records. And more people have allergies to flowers than latex!! I disagree with bans that have no Merritt!! (unless things have changed since I last visited the hospital a year ago?)

    I do not know any Clown/ Balloon Twister who gives a balloon to a child with out a parent's or adult in charge's permission!! No Adult!! No Balloon!! Yet you say I am forcing a balloon on a kid with allergies for profit with out concern or consent!! (I also have clown insurance)

    The author gave valid points. The balloon banners use stats that include all latex including tires to ban balloons!! Not all latex is made the same and should not be treated the same!! The balloon Banners also use stats of death from choking that include all toys to claim balloons are dangerous, is that fair? He only asks that balloons be Judged on balloon stats not tires and bean bag stats!!

    As for the definition of the word Nazi take it up with the dictionary if you don't like It. I was trying to give you a possible reason for the usage and that the way he used it would be correct!! Offensive but correct. I don't believe in banning a word just because some find it offensive. Where does it stop?? who gets to choose?? I said I don't like people to use foul language but I would never take away their right to do so!!

    When I said you were a hypocrite I was pointing out that you were saying the author was offensive and ranting but at the same time you were being offensive and ranting in your reply to the post. I also note that I was probably the biggest hypocrite! You said the author was crazy,using scare tactics, and is small minded all while making fun of his lack of education. Is that fair and Balanced?? (Fox News Pun intended)

    I under stand your passion about not using the word "Nazi" in a trivial way. Two of my uncles fought in the war and it was so bad to this day they will not talk about it!! I had a chance while in Europe to visit several museums and what they teach in school here in the U.S. does not even come close to covering the horrors!! But at the same time I am a civil rights advocate and freedom of speech is one of my passions!!

    My posts were not meant to offend or trouble you. So, I apologize if I did!!

    I was just pointing out how we all get on our high horse sometimes and usually get knocked off shortly after!! We all fall short of being perfect!! So lets not attack each other when we disagree. Let each other know we disagree and why with out attacking
    it can be done!!

    thanks you guys and gals are the best!!
  13. V

    V Well-Known Member

    The problem is that the original author does not make valid points. The root of the problem is that Mark Byrne is ranting to others in the industry, many of whom blindly buy into his rhetoric and pick up his banner without knowing the facts. Most of what he said is not accurate, misleading, or deceptive. I'd like to think the deception comes from a lack of understanding rather than the willful spreading of falsehoods so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt in that regards.

    His drawing of parallels is flawed. In his comparison of balloons and vehicles for example, he compares the balloon "ban" to not putting your child in a vehicle, when it really should be likened to a seat belt or car-seat, but in his tirade he attempts to rally support by an exaggeration because in reality, many people will blindly jump in his wagon without getting proper facts or education because they feel they will be effected by the issue.

    If he'd like to rewrite his article with articulation, intelligence, and accurate research and sources then I'd have no problem giving it an unbiased reading. If, on the other hand, he wants to present this drivel as his standard then I'll stand by my earlier claims.

    He also wants to weigh his own profession differently than he does others. While he plays the role of an entertainer being victimized and not being allowed to make his own decisions very well, he complains when other industries (hospitals or schools) try to assert their own will and set policies as they will it (hospitals not wanting latex on premises). The sum of his article still amounts to someone complaining unjustly and in an ignorant fashion.

    As far as comparing seasonal allergies to weeds, pollen, and flowers to a latex allergy... Nowhere close to being similar. I'm not a medical professional so I won't claim authority but to my understanding, Anaphylaxis generally occurs in allergies associated with food, proteins, venoms, or medication rather than a trip to the local florist of greenhouse.
  14. goofeydogg

    goofeydogg New Member

    Jolly Well

    It is obvious that I and the author do not have the level of education that you have. And we are not able to articulate our message as well as you have. And it is obvious that the ban of balloons is not a concern for you. But does that mean we should not try to give or opinions and try to prove our point of message. Will you ignore us and attack us because we are not as well educated as you! Because that is what you did! That is similar to what the author did in his article though not as educated and as articulate as you did in yours! There are other ways to handle latex allergies rather than banning I share one in my post. There are many things in hospitals with a higher risk of allergic reaction that are not banned. For example: peanuts, strawberries, milk, just to name a few. Anaphylaxis can occur in response to any allergen. I have a Dear friend that is basically a Shut-In due to Anaphylaxis caused by any type of perfume which include flowers!

    The Banning of anything without careful thought is a travesty, whether balloons, books, or marijuana. There are other ways to handle these issues. And fear of law suits is not a good enough reason in my opinion to ban anything! In our society we sue for any reason, so do we ban everything that some chooses to sue?!

    I apologize for offending others with my uneducated and inarticulate post, but thank those that try to understand my message even if I offend and I am not as well educated as they are...
  15. Squire

    Squire New Member

    Thats it im done eating too big of a chance i might choke ill just drill a hole into my stomach and bypass my mouth and throat
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  16. V

    V Well-Known Member

    First, I've taken no personal offense.

    Secondly, if the original author is or was so concerned with displaying his art rather than complaining, he would look towards viable alternatives to latex. in regards to sculpting in settings that prohibit the use of latex balloons. I don't think anyone has refused to give careful thought to the notion of banning latex from hospitals or schools. I feel the decision made is simply being ignored by people who don't agree with the verdict rendered.

    Mark Byrne comes across as someone who isn't getting things his way and is having a tantrum because of it. The hospital has a policy he isn't in favor of? He should use another hospital or make an intelligent argument to the powers that make decisions for the institution. I guarantee that he will not be taken seriously by anyone who doesn't twist a balloon for a living, and even then...

    Making counter-arguments isn't exactly attacking someone. If anything was taken as a personal attack it wasn't meant to be so. Aggressively exposing pretentious or false information can oft times appear to be an attack when nothing offensive is intended.
  17. YourBalloonMan

    YourBalloonMan New Member

    I have a hostpital in Tampa (about 15 minutes from where Mark Byrne lives) that has a ban on latex. However, I met with one of the owners of the hospital at a party one time and he gave me his card and specifically said that if I had an issue to give him a call. As a doctor and as an owner of the hospital he said it didn't have so much to do with the latex in the balloons as it did with the other forms it appears as.

    I was also in a school about a week ago where I was twisting balloons for classes and ran accross one of the girls with a latex allergy. (Allergies come in all kinds of forms and in varying degrees. She had an allergy similar to my face painter. She could not have liquid latex on her or she could die. However, a balloon in the hand may irritate or cause a rash, but won't kill her.) Just the same, the teacher and I decided not to give her a balloon. Instead, I made it a point to give her one of my other give aways. (She was very happy that I had something especially for her.)

    There are always going to be dificulties and changes in the world we are in. We must always find ourselves to be flexible and adaptive so that we can overcome the situations and improve ourselves.

    I am chosing to stay out of the arguments previously stated, but do want to put in my opinion that there is plenty of work to go around for me at the moment. I am in Tampa, home of a very big balloon company that specializes in very cheap entertainers. I also have a number of decent entertainers as well here. I am able to stay afloat by increasing my skills, constantly learning more about business, and always trying to adapt to new scenarios and overcome challenges that face me.

    Wishing you all the best,
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  18. Zeeppo

    Zeeppo New Member

    We have to remaine civil when we are debating facts. Even if we are talking about opinions we should not be attacking one another. If we are not is scares new people and they give up on the ste.

    As for this article there is some of the top stuff in it. Nazis encourage genocide. I don't think anyone who does not like balloons is encourage mass murder.

    It also suggested that most of the people that chock to death are childen under the age of three. I think most responsible clowns do not give balloon to that age group. Most clowns that i know have a bag of small todler toys. Not only do you keep them from chocking but to give them a toy is faster than making them a balloon.

    the bottom line is that thereare people who have an alergic reaction. Even if you think it is all in their minds they manifest in a physical rash. So we do have to be a bit careful.

    A couple of the hospitals that we work have banned latex. For that reason we have learned some origami. We also put it in our contracts that we use latex products. We live in a an age where people sue each other at the drop of a hat. So a couple precaution can keep everyone safe.
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  19. BalooBaphoon

    BalooBaphoon Active Member

    I would be very interested to read how your worded your use of latex in your contract, could you send me a copy of the contract that you use? I would truely be grateful.
  20. A. C.

    A. C. New Member

    Wow thanks for the stats - I am glad I don't get scared easy. Anything pn childern choking on ballons.

    I work at a child care center and we have banned latex there, so I can never do balloons there.

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