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JungleJoe's Puppets

Discussion in 'Clown Classifieds' started by junglejoe, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. junglejoe

    junglejoe New Member

    Hi everyone! I would like to introduce you to Milkshake, my Cow latex puppet. I made this puppet for my kids entertainment shows. Milkshake has a latex head and hooves, latex horns can also be included at no extra charge. It also has udders, you can optionally squirt milk from them. There is a zipper at the bottom which is great for cleaning the puppet and extending its use.
    Here are few photos:

    For more details please go to the main website: www.allpropuppets.com
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  2. junglejoe

    junglejoe New Member

    Crocodile Latex Puppet

    Hi guys! This is jungle joe from all pro puppets. Just wanted to show you my Latex crocodile puppet, I named him Lyle!

    [​IMG] Latex Crocodile Puppet
    [​IMG] Latex puppet crocodile

    Lyle, the latex crocodile puppet has a latex head, hands and feet. It has a very light body that is extremely detailed. The zipper at the bottom is a great feature for cleaning the puppet and extending its use.

    Lyle comes with a custom carry bag at no extra charge.

    This expressive character is a joy to work and can easily wag or swipe his tale for added realism.
    For more details please go to www.allpropuppets.blogspot.com

    To watch video of this latex crocodile puppet and information about price please go to www.allpropuppes.com
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  3. Snoetje

    Snoetje Well-Known Member

    Looks very professional! Nice!
  4. junglejoe

    junglejoe New Member


    Hi everyone, meet Abner, the old man puppet from Allpro puppets. Abner, the old man puppet is enjoying his golden years. This character looks great, no matter how you dress him. With a latex head, hands and ridiculously large latex feet. This puppet is made to be customized. You can use your imagination to dress him as you wish. The feet are made to come off so that you can put shoes on him. He can be dressed in suit and tie or shorts and sandals
  5. Harry the Ridiculous

    Harry the Ridiculous Professor of the Ridiculous

    does he have price????
    never mind, found it

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