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Invisible thread

Discussion in 'Magic' started by twinky winky, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. V

    V Well-Known Member

    (I've been away a while, sorry for the delay in responding...)

    Like Barry, I also prefer an ITR over IT/Loops (although I often wear loops when I know I'm doing ITR work just in case the ITR fails). I also dislike anchoring to a stationary object for the reasons Barry stated - because of that, I'm currently using a Tarantula for my IT work and I like it a lot.

    If you're not opposed to knock-offs, you can get an Chinese version of the tarantula at an very low price (1/5 of the original) - there are some quality issues with the cheapo version, but it would let you play around with one to see if it's something you like. The tarantula is only $50 or so these days and it's fragile enough as is; so I imagine the knock-offs have a very short shelf life....
  2. theCaptain

    theCaptain New Member


    There are two main types of thread. Invisable Thread (IT) and Invisable Elastic Thread (IET).

    IT is used in reels, and can be used alone in hook-ups.

    IET is used in loops and in special hook-ups.

    There are many types of IT & IET. For IT, Kevlar and Vectra are the strongest. For IET it depends.

    The first commonly used IT was a Wooly Nylon (or Wolly Bully). You can get this in a Sewing shop for around $5 for a large spool that will last a life-time. Others used thread from dancers tights for IET. Both of these you have to "Strip" or pull out a single thread from a 10-50 strands.

    Now you can buy many types of threads, many of them are pre-stripped, or you can save money and buy it where you strip it yourself.

    Steve Fearson is considered "the" IE magic guy, as well as Yigal Mesika. Google them.

    The latest hook-up is loops using IET. These are IET tied in a loop. Some loops are small and worn on the wrist, others can be very large . . . Lots can be done with loops, and they are quite the most popular uses of IET today.

    Reels are a nice way to store your IT with easy access. They can also be used to lift small objects. There are several types of reels, I use the Spider Pen Pro for ease of use.

    I would start without a reel so you can learn thread-handling w/o having to learn how to use a reel at the same time. Many people find a real unnecessary.

    After learning how to work thread, generally with a stronger (but more visible) thread you can work into fine (but more fragile) thread. Then is a good time to decide if you want to spend the money and time on a reel.

    I would also learn loop before a reel. It is important you learn how to tie loops for yourself or you could end up spending a lot for pre-tied ones that may not be a "perfect fit" for you.
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  3. Jeff the Magic Man

    Jeff the Magic Man Active Member

    Look at your local craft store for "Tacky wax". It's a candle wax adhesive similar to magicians wax. It comes in a small container and is somewhat malleable. I put some on my glasses behind my ear and that works great.
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