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internet class

Discussion in 'Party Clowning' started by Shruggs, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. twiglet

    twiglet Banned

    I don't have anything to add, I just thought people would want to read that over again.
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  2. Alex

    Alex ...much nicer in person!!!

    And you think you're qualified to TEACH others? What the f*ck?!
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  3. Glupi

    Glupi Banned

    No, silly Alex... the 15-year-olds in his troupe of "master clowns" do all the teaching!

    Now, go practice your knitted balloon origami, you un-funny prat-faller!

    I have to disagree, Zeeppo. You may have done some clown routines in a circus, but you don't CLOWN by default because you wear a costume on a show, and no one learns clowning in three months of birthday parties, that's for damned sure.

    I have hilarious bits that can't even be IN my party shows because of hacks who lower the common denominator and drag the name "clown" down into arts-and-craps land.

    I'm lucky I read books that were written about people who clowned before Party Fair opened, or I might be a helium-fueled zombie, too.
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  4. Harpoetta

    Harpoetta New Member

    Zeeppo, I have to ask, are you a Shriner? I know a lot of Shrine Clowns with that very same attitude. (Not all of them are like that, but enough of them are for it to have become a stereotype.)
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  5. Alex

    Alex ...much nicer in person!!!

    I was thinking... how long does it take to knit a 200-foot scarf? That's 20-freaking-stories of tedious needle work! Frankly, that sounds torturous. Perhaps, this is how you weed out the "real" clowns from the class...you know, survival of the fittest. How many skeins of yarn does this scarf take to make? The local yarn supplier must be making bank in Pittsburgh. Fill us in, Zeeppo, you must be pretty good at knitting if you crank out these massive scarves. How much does 200 feet of knitted yarn weigh? I am not a proficient knitter, but I have a feeling it's not a very practical prop to use. What do you use this scarf for? Since all of your "apprentices" use a 200-foot scarf, you must know TONS of bits in which to incorporate this outlandish prop. The more I think about it, the less I believe this scarf is, indeed, 200 feet long. Twenty feet of scarf is long... but TWO HUNDRED FEET?!
    I really want to see a picture... or better yet a video... of your "master clowns" being funny carrying a 400-pound scarf.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2011
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  6. Glupi

    Glupi Banned

    Actually, Harpoetta, if you look at the picture he posted under "show us your costume", you can see a huge Salvation Army insignia on his "tunic".

    That, of course, is FWTW.
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  7. Zippy Zoo

    Zippy Zoo New Member

    Psst! Don't give them any ideas!:p
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  8. Zeeppo

    Zeeppo New Member

    I am not a shriner. And All i was suggesting is that i learned most of what i know in the circus. I was also suggesting the party clowning has not changed much over te years. And I don't get what anyone could have against books.

    If you are going to attack people for fun it is going to discourage new people from posting. Just because you disagree with someone does not mean you have to mean to them.

    You see I managed to express myself without any profanity mock or otherwise.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2011
  9. Flicker

    Flicker New Member

    Now the pie is starting to fly.( I am hiding under my desk)
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  10. Simply Knute

    Simply Knute Well-Known Member

    There's a difference between "being a bully" and defending an artform that someone is slandering..
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  11. Zeeppo

    Zeeppo New Member

    So what was the slander to clowning? That i learend most stuff in the Circus or that i read books.

    And if I am not mistake this was about internet classes. Attack my ideas does not help this thread much.
  12. hoopsie

    hoopsie Active Member

    I can't believe how crude and mean people can be on here. At least speak with some civility and respect. The rest of us are put off with this lack of politeness.
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  13. Rainbow D. Clown

    Rainbow D. Clown New Member

    Ok...I'm going to use this thread (at least it's contents at about 1/4 of the way in when it applied to what I'm getting ready to ask) as a way to poll some of our forum here...

    I have spoke with some of you, but, I'd like to get a better opinion on the concept I'm getting ready to present.

    About 1/4 the way in this thread the value of on the job training was mentioned. I think most of us would agree with that. I believe a lot of people have a hard time getting out there to have an opportunity to learn from though. It's kinda like the whole "I can't afford to pay for college without a job, but I can't get a good job without an education" thing. How would some of you react to the availability of a "workshop" that would not only provide classroom training for skills, but also on the job experience with mentors available for creative criticism?

    This is a project I'm considering for 2012 and would greatly appreciate some input. The above discription is very vague, but I assure you, there is a lot of passion and thought being put into this.
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  14. YourBalloonMan

    YourBalloonMan New Member

    I believe learning from someone directly is the best way to learn. I offer classes to people not living in my area as I know many others do the same. I don't mind training people, but not my direct competition.

    I actually have a gentleman learning with me in a week or so where he will be shadowing me from event to event and working beside me as he learns the ropes of how to entertain and keep people happy while he's performing.

    I also add a section or two about marketing as well which people seem to like a lot. It's the shoestring budget marketing ideas, tips, and tricks that people seem to really be paying for. The learning entertainment thing seems to just be an extra.

    It is late... But is that what you are asking about?
  15. Love

    Love New Member

    Shruggs let us know about the online class please. I would love to know if it is worth the money. I am single and I really would like to learn however I can't afford to waste money either. If there's alot of information I would be willing to take it as well. Thanks
  16. Rainbow D. Clown

    Rainbow D. Clown New Member

    That's exactly what I'm talking about. I'd like to hold a large workshop in which there would be multiple classroom skills training, then have a mentor take a small group and shadow them in an on the job site gig, depending on the type of gig the trainee is wanting to grow in. It could be birthday parties, a festival, a parade, a restaurant, nursing home, school, daycare, hospital, or corporate function. I live in an area which it wouldn't be hard for me to arrange most of those appearances. The workshop would just have to revolve around a strict calendar if we will be reaching some of the events.

    Again, it isn't fine tuned, but, I'm looking to crunch the numbers to having several instructors, and then market the appearances locally.

    I do this often with new and developing entertainers in the area. Instead of considering them competition, I just market for them, and we all get a win-win out of it. Some people just work on their performance/artistic skills, but not their business skills. I'd like to help out with both, but put them in a working environment so they not only understand the importance of the skills, but the business relationships too. Part of this workshop would include one on one business concepts too.
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  17. hoopsie

    hoopsie Active Member

    Sounds great Rainbow! Where do I sign up? :)
  18. Rainbow D. Clown

    Rainbow D. Clown New Member

    Well, as I said, it's still in the developing stages, although I'm considering hosting a small snippit of a workshop this summer, depending on if there are any demands (it will also help me troubleshoot a larger workshop). In what areas would you see yourself in the need of studying, Hoopsie?
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  19. hoopsie

    hoopsie Active Member

    Hi Rainbow! I'm always looking for ways to improve. I've been clowning for over 10 years, but I'm always aware of the fact that learning is a never ending process. I like hearing how other clowns approach similar things. I'm always looking to refine my characters, increase my abilities with balloons, juggling, etc....It sounds like you've got a great idea in holding a conference or convention. I'm always up for those kinds of things! :)
  20. PixiePammy

    PixiePammy New Member

    Just a brief update, the course is now only $7.99...I'm going to be participating in it and can update on it when I'm finished.
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