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Ideas on political commentary and clowns

Discussion in 'Political Jokes' started by Mathias Lovemotor, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Mathias Lovemotor

    Mathias Lovemotor New Member

    I'd like to hear other clowns ideas on this topic, as I've already read some posts addressing similar topics.

    My intentions for stage and street performance focus on leading people to think about our current social and environmental challenges (very aligned with groups like Sustainable Living Roadshow).
    Clowning, as I've mostly seen it on this forum, is laugh and happy-centric. I adore and uplift this focus on positivity.

    Recently, I've attempted my first clown characters (Barbie Doll and Joe Bleedaman - a corporate gas man). I designed them to fit in a burlesque troupe that I'm involved with. Their humor came from his obvious twistings of identifiable quotes. Some examples being, in response to Barbie saying she doesn't feel beautiful after exploiting vital resources, Joe says "What do you mean Barbie? Everybody knows beauty is on the outside!" Or a big punchline and picture moment was Barbie, Joe, and an audience member taking a publicity photo together as Joe bleats out the company slogan. "Texacon, we're fracking your future in the gas hole!" (I hope I can share that at this forum)

    So, while it worked in a burlesque show where the next act was a strip tease immediately taking the audience in another emotional direction, I'd like to say things that affect people to think about these topics without having to go over the top like that. I'd REALLY prefer to make a kid friendly show, but all my professional experience has always been a little on the risqué side.

    Who out there is looking at this kind of message and what challenges have you run across and how have you handled them? I very much appreciate anyones input here, I think this is an awesome forum! Thanks in advance.
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  2. Simply Knute

    Simply Knute Well-Known Member

    that direction would most likely be up well for the guys at least...
  3. Mathias Lovemotor

    Mathias Lovemotor New Member

    Funny tongue in cheek observation. I forget to mention the venue was targeting the local LGTBQA community with a robust turnout. So the direction likely goes many ways. Any guidance to offer? Huh, huh?
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  4. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    I like to clown on an intelligent level which gets people to think as well as laugh. Birthday party type environments don't always enable that sort of thing, of course. (Though even there a little wink, nudge is legit - even in nuanced ways - such as using a breakaway wand.) I have a bit with my hat tricks where I toss in a Nixon reference. Sometimes people get it and laugh, other times they are just like, "Wha...huh?" I can certainly see environments of clown performance (especially in the theater or to a certain extent on the street) where it can engage more serious critical realities. The history of clown certainly did that. Dan Rice even helped to popularize Uncle Sam.
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  5. Plywood

    Plywood New Member

    I personally think that to make subtle jabs/share insight about political goings-on, it works best to use short one-liners, or something else that's very quick and to the point. People expect quick little barbs from a clown, not long commentaries or political skits. That being said, if it were funny enough, I'd be willing to watch an entire skit that was political satire. I'd think it would have to involve more than puns and recycling politicians' quotes, though. Mimicking the actions/looks of well-known apes, I mean politicians, would definitely help this kind of show. I enjoy a good impression.

    Not sure if that was at all helpful.

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