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Hey everyone, my name is Dumbles. What's yours?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Dumbles, May 11, 2016.

  1. Dumbles

    Dumbles New Member

    Hey everyone..greetings from North texas.
    I'm new to clowning. Been interested for well over 10 years but never had the chance. I was a full time musician traveling and my interest in clowning had to take a back burner. I've since retired from music and my wife and I have decided to jump head first into clowning.
    We have already spoken to our local alley and will be attending the next meeting.
    Since I've been thinking about it for so long, I already have my name and character chosen. Not quite a character, but more of myself, just animated and exagerated.
    Anyways, we look forward to meeting and talking with yall..
    Any tips are welcome...
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  2. Barry Daft (Mr. B. Daft)

    Barry Daft (Mr. B. Daft) Old Bucket Spitter

    Hiya Dumbles, welcome. I'm sorry but for your own safety, I can't tell you my name. It's a very big, hush-hush, strictly need to know only, classified, top secret. It's kept under wraps, off the record, on the QT, in a very secret location and it's pointless asking anyone else, because they don't know it either. I can tell you it rhymes with Harry Laughed and sounds a bit like Sally Draught but please, what ever you do, don't tell anyone I told you.

    It is great to hear you are coming to the art of clowning, already in the possession of a performable skill. Please tell us more about your music.
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  3. Curly Frye

    Curly Frye Member

    Hi Dumbles. My name is Curly Frye and I'm in Minnesota. I've been clowning astound for six years now and I love it! I am also a musician, an ordained minister, an artist and not the best ventriloquist in town (I hope!) I look forward to every opportunity to do what I do. Oh...and I especially love designing costumes! Woo hoo!
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  4. The NORMAL One

    The NORMAL One Active Member

    Welcome Dumbles,
    It never to late to start clowning. You are doing it a good way joining your local Alley. I would tell you be a sponge take in every they can teach you and ask questions. I found that members of alley will help and teach you if you want to learn. Also it takes time to learn it does not happen in one meeting. I am always learning new things from different clowns I meet to me that some of the fun being a clown.
    As you go forth remember laughs and smiles for your audience and for you and clowning will be verry goooooood!
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  5. The NORMAL One

    The NORMAL One Active Member

    A great place to start ia at your local Clown Alley. Be a big sponge learn every thing you can from others . It takes time to get a comfotible clown be open minded and adapt. You should already have leg up with your music back ground . CLowns that can clown around and play music at same time is always good. good luck to you and remember to have a goal of laughs and smiles then you will have fun

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