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Here is the Run Down of the forthcoming Clown Gathering

Discussion in 'Variety and Street Performance' started by Salvo The Clown, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Salvo The Clown

    Salvo The Clown Active Member

    Here is the run down of the forthcoming Clown Gathering in Lowestof UK

    CGUK 2016
    22nd February - 26th February
    Clowning for Clowns
    Monday -at the Hatfield Hotel
    10.00 Arrivals and lunch at the Hatfield Hotel (Regency suite)
    12.30 Welcome and introductions.
    This will give us the chance to meet each other, explain about what we do,
    where we work, how it all started and what we've got planned for the next
    12 months...
    13.00 Ian Thom - Gingernutt.
    "Stuff from your pockets" - A guided tour around what's in Gingernutts
    - and what he does with it! Ideal for walkabout entertainers (50 items!)
    14.00 Ian Williams - Smartii Pants
    "Make your own Clown Nose" - I'm sure very few of us have has the chance to make a bespoke clown nose. Follow Ian's ideas and learn from a "Clown Nose Master".
    15.00 Julie Varholdt - Lovely Buttons
    "Just what the Doctor ordered" - a look at hospital clowning from America.
    16.00 Salvo
    "Simple Balloon Models" and "Genuine Busking" or rather its problems..
    Tuesday -at the Seagull Theatre
    0900 Jon Davison
    "The logic of putting together a number".
    10.00 Arthur Pedlar a Vercoe
    A 45 minute talk and PowerPoint presentation from the great "Vercoe".
    11.00 Bobbo Roberts - Bobbo
    "Buckets of Fun". Tales from the circus, then learn a routine or two from a circus genius. (LECTURE/WORKSHOP)
    13.00 Ian Williams - Smartii Pants
    "Prop making workshop". Includes lots of time for Q&As.
    14.00 Cosmo and the Fool Hardy Circus
    "So you think you're funny?" A combination of lecture and workshop giving you all the vitals, hints and a few business secrets...
    15.00 Julie Varholdt - Lovely Buttons
    "What's really behind the wall". An interactive workshop getting you involved with the amazing "Wall" routine, performed around the world.
    16.00 Val Howkins
    "My Circus Family - pre 1939".
    19.00 Table sales and vendors at The Hatfield Hotel (Ambassadore Suite)
    Anyone attending and wishing to sell or exchange items or props, then bring them along. This is the perfect opportunity to chat and give each other ideas of what to do with different things. (Maybe you've got a giant coat-hangers you've never used to found a use for? Full up the car and bring things in, we've all got boxes of stuff we don't use!)
    09.00 Simon Thompson - Clown Noir.
    "Shared Experience".
    10.00 Sean and Tommy Rollason - Rollo and Tommy.
    "The Changing times of Clowning".
    11.00 Amanda O'leary
    "Getting the most out of your magic". A youthful look at your props and
    getting the best from them.
    13.00 Jonathan T Jester
    "Safeguarding, Risk Assessments and Responsibilities". This will give a
    resource on how to manage your customers and your events so that you are not only duly diligent and legally compliant but that you are also going beyond the tick boxes.
    14.00 Susi Oddball
    Juggling (WORKSHOP)
    15.00 Jon Davison
    "Working with your audience". Bringing them closer so they become involved and entranced in the experience. (WORKSHOP)
    16.00 Kari Dunton - Flo
    Facepainting. (WORKSHOP)
    09.00 Amanda O'leary
    "Character Discovery". Voice, body language and facial expressions.
    10.00 Arthur Pedlar - Vercoe
    The chance to view the programme made by ITV, which was broadcast all
    over Europe.
    11.00 Simon Thompson - Clown Noir
    "Find the play in everything".
    13.00 Ian Thom - Gingernutt
    "Magic with a puppet" Your puppet and its handling. Bring it along and let's make some magic together.
    14.00 Lyn Ora Piper and Susi Oddball
    "Meisner Techniques"
    15.00 Julie Varholdt - Lovely Buttons
    "To skit or not to skit"
    16.00 Caroline Ainslie - Bubblez
    Bubbles (WORKSHOP)
    10.00 Motley meetings and discussion in the future of clowning in the Library at the
    Hatfield Hotel.
    12.00 Close
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