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Glitter Tattoos on Faces?

Discussion in 'Face Painting' started by Dizzy LaFizz, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. Dizzy LaFizz

    Dizzy LaFizz New Member

    Has anyone ever used any glitter tattoos on faces? I did our local fair last weekend and had a suprising number of people want them on the face. I remember reading somewhere NOT to do them on faces and so I declined, but I can''t find that information now of course. I have a mix of glitters from glimmer and amerikan body art and use acrylic glues. I don't reuse the stencils ever. Any experiences or advice would be appreciated!

    BTW, the fair was a great success for me and I hope now that at least half the town knows I'm here and available locally, that it will lead to some party bookings!
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  2. Tilly

    Tilly New Member

    I don't put them on the face simply because facial skin is SO much more sensitive than skin on say arms or legs. I shye away from putting the alcohol used to clean the skin on the face as that is just ASKING for an allergic reaction (not to mention it'd sting like the devil if you got it in the eyes). Also, it can be difficult to get the tattoos off if the customers don't know the proper way to remove them. This results in parents scrubbing their kids' faces raw causing dry, irritated skin. Also, the stiffness of the glue on the face is just plain uncomfortable. Finally, aesthetically, I personally just don't think they look as good on the face... but that's just my opinion .

    Hope this helps!
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  3. Dizzy LaFizz

    Dizzy LaFizz New Member

    That's how I felt about it too. Glitter in eyes, alcohol on face, glue on face skin - not good ideas. I tried one on myself and agree that it didn't look as good and wasn't super pleasant. Certainly not as nice as a real facepainting so I think I'm going to stick with my no faces rule. I did end up doing a couple of necks, which was certainly a challenge! Thanks!
  4. Pickles

    Pickles Czarina / Administrator

    I like to put them on my own face before football games, and I will also put them on my kids' faces, but I wouldn't risk it on anybody else's kid's face.
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  5. saphireSue

    saphireSue True Blue

    Just wait til you do a chest LOL

    btw I will not use them on the face, same reason others stated,
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  6. Dizzy LaFizz

    Dizzy LaFizz New Member

    I did a couple of upper chest areas, a side, and a lower back! I was surprised that so many ladies wanted them even with the potential glittering they were getting in their underthings!
  7. Mr Cinnamontwist

    Mr Cinnamontwist New Member

    As if facepaint, glitter, bling and glued-gems are any worse???

    If my guest asks for a glitter tattoo on their face, I do it. I even use the glue as paint with a round brush and then dab on the glitter.

    Teens and adults love it most of all, I've noticed.

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