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From the other side of the bed

Discussion in 'Hospital Clowning' started by tim, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

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  2. Asher

    Asher New Member

    Amazing article, thanks for posting this.
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  3. Donuts

    Donuts Active Member

    Tim Thank you! I say That as I sit here with tears running down my face, not tears of pain or hurt but of fond memories as I too had cherrished memories like the author. For four years I walked that same road. I volunteered at a nursing home while my Gram-mother who I affectionatly called the Gramminator. Four years I would sit in that hospital 6 to seven hours once a week. Taking her to events that she didn't know or acknowledge at the time and endure the harsh words as she told me to leave she didn't know me as she didn't know who I was. I would run some of the activities that brought so much joy to others and occasionally her but never knowing that it was her grandson doing this. I would bring all my skills to the residents as a clown. Spring animals, Magic, a caring friend to all. This would go on until We would lay her down for the evening. And then My Grandmother would finally emerge from the other person that I didn't know and would verbally abuse me. She would tell me of the clown that visited there today or the guy who brought these really cool animals. Never making the connection that person was me. The time she was in bed was the only time that she was the loving woman I knew I would watch for 4 hours as the stranger took over her body and then cherrished the 2 to three hours as we would talk about her day her memories and life. Other times I would just sit and watch her sleep after she would say that she had a very busy day with all that went on that day. When She passed I Was crushed! Now 4 years later I still feel the pain of the loss but hold on to times that I spent with her, the real her, that sat in the bed before sleep, that time I truly had my Grandmother and not the Graminator.
    It may Not seem that you are helping at the time but the tiny escape for the ones in pain are hidden deep inside. know that you brought a ping of joy to another even if its not visable at the time. I give credit to anyone who can do that every day, I did it 4 years and the friends that I made and lost will be permenantly with me. If you get the chance maybe this week during clown week see if you can do something for a hospital, Nursing home, or Elderly person, Brighten a day during clown week. You'll come away with as much joy as you will be giving.
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  4. Punkin

    Punkin Well-Known Member

    Working nursing homes can be heart wrenching. I've been working them for years now. My mom was in one for rehab for 6 weeks and seeing some of those poor people tore my heart out. But.........on the other hand..........a lot of them just want someone to talk to.......if you can give of yourself and do that........they are so happy!!!! Making balloons for them......giving them a nose.......telling them a joke, if they are able to understand.......a friendly smile.........so many things that can make them happy. God Bless all of us who do this work from the heart.
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