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fishers of men

Discussion in 'Church and Ministry Clowning' started by homerdaclown, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. homerdaclown

    homerdaclown Active Member

    i need ideas for the subject of fishers of men for my wed. night program to do with magic tricks , skits and the such thanks in advance
  2. homerdaclown

    homerdaclown Active Member

    i thought the first one didn,t take that,s why i redid it sorry
  3. Are you working alone? or with another clown? or with other volunteers?
  4. homerdaclown

    homerdaclown Active Member

    i,m working alone but will have volenteers come up for tricks and such
  5. Will get back to you in a day or so with some ideas.
  6. Sorry, this is a tough one, and I am usually pretty good at coming up with ideas. The one thing I came up with (and I hope it is not too late for you to use) is to play up the hobo angle. Make a show of catching an old boot, a bike tire, an empty tin can with the lid pulled up. You could rig magnets on your props (whether really on old boot, or a plastic boot from the dog toy section at the local pet store) and put them in a rubber trash can or some other easy to find container. Even putting them on the floor so the kids can see them as you try to catch them might work, but would probably better if the kids couldn't see what was coming next.

    Use the junk to illustrate to the kids how temporal these things are, much like many of the temporal things in life. These things are only good for the here and now, and have no eternal value or consequence. Then challenge the kids to tell you what might have value in eternity. For those of us who believe the answer is the only thing that makes the transition from material to the eternal and spiritual, the souls of men. Tell them that the here-and-now is short compared to the big picture of the here-after, and that from God's point of view He sees the whole picture and what is most important.

    Another concept you might work with this, and I am not sure how you'd pull this off is to talk about the relationship between the fish and the bait. Maybe use the old magnetic fishing pole idea, but put magnets with polarities set where some fish are turned away from the bait. You could toss felt or plastic fish out on the floor to be easily seen by the kids. You as the fisherman can only offer the bait (representing the truth of the Gospel). You can only dress the bait up so much before it really doesn't look like bait anymore, and starts looking like something else, and may even confuse or intimidate the fish (put something silly over the magnet on your fishing pole that disrupts the magnetic pull to even the fish it would normally pick up). This can be used to teach the kids that the message must remain true, though the presentation can vary. It is up to the fish whether he will bite or not. It is, of course, a flawed analogy, but it is an analogy that can be used to teach children we are messengers, and it is not our job to grab the fish and shove the hooks down their throats.

    I hope something here helps. Most of this is probably only good for the 9 and above age group, but if done right you can get some laughs from the younger ones at least get some basic concepts across.
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  7. saphireSue

    saphireSue True Blue

    this concept was shared in a class for us to use.
    make your own change bag from two paper bags by glueing half of one around the other so you can only see one bag, fill the compartment with small cut outs of fish and bread, if you use thin color sheets you can load a good many, fish. [ooops got stories crossed ...oh well you still might use this some time] once it's already loaded you can tell the story of the loaves and fishes, placing a fish and loaves in the bag then later dumping out mutiple fish and loaves..
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  8. saphireSue

    saphireSue True Blue

    just wanted to add when we do a program for a group, one of our filler skits is a clown that goes throught the audience casting a line and fishing. He does this several times during the program and the last time, some one ask him what he's doing and he replies, [well it says to go out and be fishers of men and I'm try to catch me some for hte Lord"]
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  9. What a fun idea, Sue! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Ty-Me

    Ty-Me New Member

    He also say's "Well the good book say's: If you catch them, I will clean them"
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  11. homerdaclown

    homerdaclown Active Member

    thanks for all the ideas and i did,nt use them this time but maybe later.

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