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evil clown street performance?

Discussion in 'Variety and Street Performance' started by Coathanger The Clown, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Pickles

    Pickles Czarina / Administrator

    Oh, Jodie, there are days.... Muhahahaha.
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  2. Barry Daft (Mr. B. Daft)

    Barry Daft (Mr. B. Daft) Old Bucket Spitter

    There was nothing stinky about your comment Pickles, I just thought I might have a go at being an evil clown too.
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  3. Fitzwilly

    Fitzwilly COAI Secretary

    Welcome to the Forum Coat. From the discussion so far I am really surprised that Barry Daft hasn't posted. He and another gentleman that sometimes visits called Alpha Clown should be great resources for you. They are both talented and skilled entertainers with a decided bent for going their own way. While I have not seen Barry in action I have seen Alpha and you can toss any idea of ice cream cones and pink fluffy cotton candy out the window.
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  4. to those interested in evil clowning, i highly suggest finding a top rated Haunted attraction in your area in october. Look at the top rated haunted house lists, and see if there is one in your area. Then next year around august/september see if they are hireing, and if they have clowns that year.... thats a safe place to do evil clowning, where thats what people want...
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  5. although def not discouraging other times of being an evil clown.. but if you wanna really truely discover how evil your clown is... a haunted house is the place to do it!
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  6. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    Do you do zombie characters at all, coat?
  7. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    There are plenty of people who WISH you would.

    (Or, at least, a NAUGHTY clown.)
  8. Little Chuckles

    Little Chuckles New Member

    I wish you luck in your indevers. I really have a distaste for evil clowns, I must admit. I think evil clowns and Hollywood has given us all a bad name. Movies with evil clowns are why a few people are afraid of me when I'm the nicest guy in the world! I specialize in children's parties. Nothing makes me more sad than finding people who are afraid of me when all I wanted to do was make people smile. 4-5ths isn't bad, but still.. the rest are afraid of us. I think we should diminish evil clowns and pursue a more positive perspective on Clowns. Hollywood has ruined it for all of us. It's up to us to make the people LOVE us again! NO OFFENSE INTENDED. You are an artist. I do not disrespect your art, evil clown or not. This is America. Pursue your happiness and if there is an evil clown clawing to get out, let her out!
  9. CoCo and JoJo

    CoCo and JoJo New Member

    CoCo and JoJo

    I become blunt straight to point evil clowns are now clowns PERIOD but a true disgrace to the art of clowning is for laughter not for scaring bringing smiles

    So CoCo and JoJo that are not clowns or even want a be clowns but a disgrace unacceptable

  10. V

    V Well-Known Member

    Pot ..... Kettle

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  11. Sideshow Shecky

    Sideshow Shecky New Member

    Dear Coathanger,

    Sorry I came in this conversation late but I'm new here.

    Anyone who says that Evil/Horror based/ Haunt clowns have no place in public are close minded. I also disagree that you should always have to have another clown with you or should even worry if you "scar" someone. Though I work with a couple of people I'm often out on my own, mostly I get "Hey can I get your picture?" "what's the occasion?" or every so often a random "FREAK!" from a moving car. I started off in haunted houses and have been clowning in public for over 7 years. Sure the "normal" person may be turned off by your act. If they don't like it it's their problem not yours. But the average person isn't the audience you should be looking for as fans. You want extraordinary and unusual fans because I'm sure you, like myself, are an extraordinary and unusual clown. There are many people out there afraid of clowns, not just the evil ones but all of them. A regular clown gets dressed up and goes and does their thing without even thinking about those people so why should you?

    When I first started there were a lot of people who looked down or made fun of me, I just brushed them off. I have a fairly decent fan base a portion of them LOVE me and my clown troupe, who are all just as twisted as me. I've often got a lot of people inspired by me to become clowns, like me not like the regular clown, most don't stick with but some do. Do what you do don't change yourself, your style or who you are for ANYONE. You will find an audience of your own. I started hitting what in my town is called artwalk, hitting the streets and doing my thing. I am now hosting live events at many clubs around town. Don't give up, be persistent. Don't worry about the people who won't get your act worry more about the people who will love it.
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  12. KageTomari

    KageTomari prolific poster....

    mmm no offence mm i know horror clowns are to look scary but the picture on your profile looks mm well cute not scary at all mm i like it
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  13. Tearbull1

    Tearbull1 New Member


    looks like todays a good day for me in clown town.
    Im new here and am not even a clown. or am I?

    What is a clown???? the music has been driving me crazy for years lol so am just beginning to look at my life of clowning without being a clown.

    How do I get to clown college?? already graduating school of hard knocks.

    Coat hanger your thread was exactly what I needed to explore my obsession lol.
  14. V

    V Well-Known Member

    What he said...

    Thinking outside of the box is a good thing. With all of the cookie-cutter entertainers in the world; something different would be great.

    Free-form 'evil' clowning isn't it...

    I enjoy a professional haunted house. We have a couple in Virginia that have great reviews ( An old Civil War era mansion - featured on Ghost Hunters, Haunted History, as well as other traditional venues, and an old sanatorium). Both are generally well presented and you know going in that you're likely to be terrified at one point or another.

    That being said... This type of act on the street won't last. That's a safe bet. It might last for a few months - maybe longer if you're a decent performer. You won't make a living at it and that's fine - a bank account shouldn't be the only measure of success for art. Economics aside; you'll eventually be shut down. People will complain, someone will sue you, maybe somebody physically kicks your ass - something. Dollars to donuts, that's a bet I'll take any day of the week.

    Some off colored acts have had some measure of success. Perry Rlickman busked for a long time and he was a complete a--hole. Usually drunk and/or drugged up while performing, mixed in with a healthy dose of sexual harassment and abuse; he eventually lost busking permits in many towns he performed at for years. He was arrested repeatedly and was always having to go through so much crap just to be able to pass a hat somewhere. To his credit, Peri pulled 20 years working the streets. In the end he pulled 5 years in prison, then another 9 months and allegedly "got clean." They found him dead of a heroin overdose a little while later - so much for clean. He had one hell of a funeral though...

    Anyhow; getting away from the history and biography... Certainly all unusual acts aren't going to end in prison or drug overdoses. They aren't going to end in 20 years of success either. If you think you can go out on the street as an evil clown and make yourself happy for a few nights then more power to you; just don't expect rave reviews or a warm reception from most legitimate entertainers.
  15. Barnie Bonkers

    Barnie Bonkers Well-Known Member

    OK I couldn’t think of a better place to post this….

    I was listening to BMIR (Burning Man Information Radio) (Drat….couldn’t get tickets this year)
    Anyway......Apparently there is a clown camp this year (Ok a twisted Clown camp if you know anything about Burning Man…) and on one of their radio spots said (approximately)…..

    “Yeah we’re Clowns, and we don’t like you either.”
    Now that some people's undies are all bunched up, I still think it is a funny reply to the whole “I don’t like Clowns” thing… Sure a “cute party clown” isn’t going to say something like that…. But I still haven’t found the rule that says ALL Clowns have to be cute.
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  16. I had a friend on here that was a haunt Clown & did some things out side haunted houses. He had pictures of himself being hugged by a very small child. Kids can usually tell better than an adult it’s all in fun it’s the adults that usually ruin that for them. Plus the twisting coat hangers thing sounds cool. If real Coat hangers prove to be too difficult to twist try Soldering wire you can twist them into coat hangers at home they will look like the real thing then easily twist them for the public into anything you want. Keep entertaining even evil spooky entertainment can put a smile on peoples face & as clowns that’s our job.
  17. Stiltpro

    Stiltpro New Member

    HIGH! COAT HANGER! Sorry to be late to the conversation, but I was wondering if you were ever able to get a permit for the Pearl Street Mall?

    PS Me, if I ever slow down long enough to, I always dreamed of being a nine foot tall panhandler.
  18. Evil Clowning is an art, people like to be scared, and they like to laugh. As an evil clown, I always get both. People know that, and Im one of the most twisted evil clowns of all. Ill disgust you.
  19. Chuckles_Douchet

    Chuckles_Douchet New Member

    As a clown, I have noticed there will always be someone who is "afraid" of clowns. Typically I feel that the grown women (wearing copious amounts of make up) are the ones who need to be called out on it. The adult men with dates (wearing copious amounts of make up) need to also be called out on their supposed fear of clowns.

    What can not be avoided is installing a fear of clowns in small children when you are portraying a clown that can be perceived as evil.. There is a science behind a child's fear of clowns. I personally do not like to perpetuate fear of clowns in anyone. There are also special needs adults and children that are so afraid, they will lash out. it is difficult to deal with when being mobile, it can be dangerous if you have a whole set up to contend with.

    At Halloween time, I choose not to be in face. I avoid being a clown on Halloween. Because you are supposed to go as something you aren't.

    The coat hanger thing is a great idea. You will need to plan for people getting too close and possibly being poked someplace squishy, like an eye ball or toe or belly button. You really can never know how things will go when working with the public.

    My advice; know your audience, be aware of your surroundings, and realize as a clown you represent a whole life style. Clowns just don't put on goofy/scary make up, they answer a calling.
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  20. Chuckles_Douchet

    Chuckles_Douchet New Member

    you might want to stick to 21 and over venues. And avoid putting off future clown lovers such as children. Adults are much more receptive to the scary clown idea.

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