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Collaborative Balloon Build - VA, NC, WV Artists

Discussion in 'Balloon Sculpture' started by V, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. V

    V Well-Known Member

    Just checking interest on balloon artists in Virginia, North Carolina, or West Virginia on a collaborative balloon build for next summer. Moat likely a 3 day build leading into a comic convention. Balloon display would revolve around a comic/scifi/fantasy theme to coincide with the convention but it's primary purpose would be that of a charity fundraiser - meaning that this isn't really a paid gig.

    Balloons & supplies provided by the host - just looking for more skill and manpower. Realistically, we might all ready have enough artists to get this done - this is year 1, we're not trying to be 'Balloon Manor' this early in the game..., but it's a rare opportunity to be able to work with other balloon artists on a relatively large and elaborate project that you don't do every day/week/month/year so I thought I'd extend the offer out to other balloon artists so that they could add their own art to a large exhibit and a good cause.

    Anyway... this is just a quick check to see if anyone here is interested. It's a year off (because it has to be to plan it properly) but I'd probably need soft commitments by around the new year at the latest so that we can finalize...
  2. Sir Toony Van Dukes

    Sir Toony Van Dukes Well-Known Member

    My friend Marsha who is local to Northern Virginia helped with Balloon Manor several times. My guess is that she would be in for something big. She and her family made this firetruck for the 4th of July parade.


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  3. V

    V Well-Known Member

    Great, I'll reach out to her soon.

    Also, for those potentially interested, your balloon skills don't have to be Don Caldwell-esque. There's room on these things for twisters of almost any level. Some of the weaving techniques can be easily taught on site and there are portions of these sculptures that use very basic techniques. Nowhere close to 100% of these things require high level techniques (although there are portions that do) so we can likely find something to work on for most balloon artists..
  4. LarryTheClown

    LarryTheClown Well-Known Member

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  5. Punkin

    Punkin Well-Known Member

    Larry Moss' Balloon Manors are the best. Went to a workshop in Rochester a couple of years ago with him, Buster Balloon, and David Brenion. Great time!
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  6. V

    V Well-Known Member

    I have a soft commitment from another clown/magician/twister up your way (Fairfax-ish?) all ready - I think so anyway.. Not really familiar with NOVA.

    Still taking balloon artists...!
  7. Cool Fool

    Cool Fool Clown

    V, I am in Eastern NC and I am interested in learning more about this.

    Cool Fool
  8. V

    V Well-Known Member


    We're looking at making either:

    A fantasy setting with some sort of dungeon and/or castle exterior. The space isn't gigantic so we'd likely only do a wall with some decoration - statues, knights, princesses, maybe a portcullis, etc. We may grab a corner and do 2 exterior walls if we go with a castle/cavern. For our beastie - we're looking at some sort of dragon that has some pole puppet features - at least the neck and head; if we can gimmick the wings, all the much better - this for a fight scene with some participants.

    Option 2, and the one I'm favoring at the moment is a Pirate ship and kraken. Again, the Kraken would have some pole puppet features which would be easy since it would likely only be tentacles. The ship wouldn't be a giant but still large (20' +/-) and we'll toss in some life sized pirates, skeletons, and some sea life and an ocean or island backdrop. I wouldn't mind using some rounds and decor techniques where they're applicable and don't need a ton of detail, etc. Maybe weave some balloon mermaid dresses if we have time. The ship and kraken should come together relatively quick (hopefully), so I'm not sure about the mermaid thing - maybe it's something I'll try to make in advance at home if timing allows it to be done at all..

    Timing is my main concern. This is a one day event 10a-10p-ish and we'd only have access to the hall the day prior, albeit for 10-12 hours or so.. The hotel is right around the corner but so some small detail work could be finished there but realistic, it's going to be a lot of work for an unpaid gig. This is one of those jobs you do just to do - to collaborate and create something you can't do alone. It doesn't hurt that we're trying to involve a charity somehow (thinking maybe do an auction for the right to fight the beast? We have some people willing to film and edit it for the winner in a cheesy adventure movie maybe...)

    Anyway, this is all initial thoughts. It may grow or shrink over time depending on participants. Right now, it's me and 2 other twisters which isn't a lot for the amount of work. I'll likely add a few more over the coming months, but want to be able to finalize a design by around 1/1/16 and try to build some aspects of it to see it live..

    The town is in Virginia, about an hour and a half drive from Winston Salem as a reference for driving time...

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