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Clown Teeth

Discussion in 'Newbies to clowning' started by Peaches, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. Peaches

    Peaches New Member

    alright so being a whiteface I find that my teeth look extremely yellow compared to my bright white makeup... It freaks me out as it reminds me of this guy from House of 1000 corpses! [​IMG] Yuck!
    I have a tendency to smile with my teeth, and show my happiness with a toothy smile. I notice that many clowns do not show their teeth though. but when I try and hide my teeth with my lips, I look like an old lady. Please help me not to scare myself and others... there must be some advice u guys have, I cant be the only one who has issues with this...
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  2. Scruffy

    Scruffy Boss Clown/Administrator

    Try like a toothpaste for smokers. I drink a lot of coffee and pop; So, I too have fairly yellow teeth. So far it works.
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  3. Pickles

    Pickles Czarina / Administrator

    Many of the clowns in my clown club think that they should not smile toothy smiles because of the yellow teeth. I think they usually look a little grumpy in photos. Honestly, unless your teeth are as bad as the dude in your picture, nobody will notice. If it really bothers you, use the over-the-counter dental Whitestrips bleach that Crest makes. I use it, and it helps.
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  4. Alpha Clown

    Alpha Clown New Member

    Sid Haig is his stage name, he has got a nice house and set up in California and an accomplished drummer, and not to much drumming in past years he has been doing TV and movies for over 35 years. house of 1000 corpses and devils rejects, made him a household name he is like 70 years old, a nice guy and working actor, and they got another film on the shelf that makes use of his clown again, sort of one those guys that head never got big, and has no problem hanging out with people of same interests, and puts it all into what ever project he is working with

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  5. TIC TOC

    TIC TOC New Member

    Thats a picture of Captain Spalding he's also in The Devils Rejects.one of my favorite quotes by him "Im gonna have to be taking your car today.See I have some top secret clown business that supersedes any plans that you might have for this here vehicle."I LOVE THAT MOVIE everyone dies.
    As for the teeth i to drink lots of coffee and use to smoke I use a whiten tooth paste it helps some but i try not to show my teeth much. I had a old clown tell me when I brought it up that your teeth will always look dark because the white is sooo white. I also quit smoking because of the yellowing. I've been nicotine free for almost 3 months now I have noticed a huge difference since i quit.
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  6. Squire

    Squire New Member

    I have the same problem
  7. Squiggles

    Squiggles New Member

    My daughters teeth were really yellow and she started using listerine whitening and crest pro health and in a few weeks it was amazing...
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  8. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    I've learned how to smile without showing teeth. I never liked to show teeth in pictures, even when not clowning. Now, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.
  9. Pickles

    Pickles Czarina / Administrator

    Now I am obsessing about your teeth, Tim. PLEASE show us a photo of your teeth. I MUST see your pearly whites.
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  10. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    Oh, that you don't want to see. The dentist LOVES me (I give him lots of work.)
  11. Fitzwilly

    Fitzwilly COAI Secretary

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  12. Mulligan

    Mulligan New Member

    I also drink lots of coffee and tea. I had a far worse habit for discolored teeth, I used to chew tobacco. Even though I gave that up close to 20 years ago and use whitening tooth paste and have had my teeth cleaned, the discoloration, after time returns. When I do my whiteface character, I just try to not be too toothy, but as Pickles noted, have never really worried about it or had a kid mention it.
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  13. Sir Toony Van Dukes

    Sir Toony Van Dukes Well-Known Member

    I never even thought about it. The only time I really ever notice someone's teeth is when they are a very bright white. (OK, I do sometimes notice the person who is missing two or three teeth.) But, if people are focusing on your teeth and not your character....
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  14. Peaches

    Peaches New Member

    sir toony- you are one that I admire who can smile without his teeth showing and still look good, any tips?
  15. Love

    Love New Member

    Peaches I also spoke with my dentist about the same problem he said some people just don't have white teeth even with professional bleaching. Some are cream. This also may be the culprit. It depends on what your born with.
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  16. Pickles

    Pickles Czarina / Administrator

    Seriously though, not to sound like a walking Crest commercial, but tooth bleaching has really advanced in the past decade. Just a few years ago, you had to pay hundreds of dollars to get a plastic tray that you had to fill with bleach and wear over your teeth. Now the procedure is cheap and easy. You can buy those Whitestrips for like $30 (and there was a $10 off coupon in Sunday's newspaper). You have to use them for a week before you really notice a difference, but they really do work. I'd hate for clowns to feel so self-conscious about their teeth that they can't use their natural toothy smile.
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  17. Kaboodle The Great

    Kaboodle The Great New Member

    Good thing I think my goofy grin adds to my character
  18. Alpha Clown

    Alpha Clown New Member

    I am looking for a pic some where here of a clown I seen from south america , with U.K and dental work type teeth with a hair lip, what a sight
  19. Snoetje

    Snoetje Well-Known Member

    Have you thought about funny fake teeth?
  20. Peaches

    Peaches New Member

    i thought about funny fake teeth.. but I havent seen a white face clown with them, n it might not look right

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