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Clown Communion

Discussion in 'Church and Ministry Clowning' started by Pinky Shortcakes, May 18, 2008.

  1. Simply Knute

    Simply Knute Well-Known Member

    the clown communion service is a very deep, serious skit.. its not a funny skit at all.. is your church also one that would look down on someone if he entered with ripped jeans, piercings and tattoos? because the bible says do not mark your body.. (which is usually taken out of context so old fogeys can have something to gripe about tattoos..) or the 11th commandment of "thou shalt not wear jeans to church?" now im not saying you shouldn't look your best for God.. but honestly, i think He would rather you worship comfortably and honestly, than trying to impress eachother whith who has the nicest suit or the shiniest shoes.. I'm a fan of the rock church i attended in college where everyone inlcuding the pastor had jeans and tshirts.. tattoos and piercings were encouraged, and it was more about the relationship than the religion.. and now back to the communion.. i have had people come up to me afterward and be like you know, i never really thought about the story of christ when i was taking communion until now.. they always read the same scripture and its always so scripted.. ive seen a heck of alot more tears during clown communion than i have in a regular communion service.. so I think that trying to limit the means of which to minister is in fact stiff collared, closed minded, spoil sportyness..
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  2. Lettybelle

    Lettybelle New Member

    Pinky, please send me the info on the Clown Communion.

    And if anyone has a short Christmas skit for 2 clowns - please send that too. We are going to the local nursing home on Wed.

  3. Pinky Shortcakes

    Pinky Shortcakes New Member

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  4. Lettybelle

    Lettybelle New Member

    Thank you so much for the information. Can't wait to have clown communion.

  5. Dusty B

    Dusty B Hobo Clown At Large

    With apologies for going off topic, I'm replying to my earlier thread as things have again changed for me with regards to the above. I have finally found where I belong in regards to a "denomination." I think it's ironic especially when thinking about my even earlier posts about the "Gentile" church separating "Communion" from Passover. The irony being that I'm now a part of a Messianic congregation. So now I celebrate the Communion as a part of Passover. (Oh, and my earlier statements about not following Paul no longer apply since I realize that the errors were in the translation, not the message.)

    Now back to your regularly scheduled program. :)
  6. loveneverends14

    loveneverends14 New Member

    Clown Cummunion

    Can you send me the script for clown communion please. I cannot pm you yet since I have just joined this group looking for the script.
  7. Pinky Shortcakes

    Pinky Shortcakes New Member

  8. Chip The Happy Hobo

    Chip The Happy Hobo New Member

    I would like the Script to the Clown Communion thank you Chip the Happy Hobo
    hobochip@inbox.com Thanks again Da Cloris
  9. Jodie

    Jodie New Member

    Chip call me I have it on a stick drive and you can borrow it. I done it for the Eaton Frist Church of God.
    Hugs Jodie
  10. i was too looking for it and now have got it right here so thanks for the share to all of us
  11. Gladman

    Gladman Well-Known Member

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