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Christian Clown Skits

Discussion in 'Church and Ministry Clowning' started by Anonymous, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. Nsnd

    Nsnd New Member

    Found a Skit! (Tweaked it)

    Hey guys i found a skit and tweaked it and i figured why not type it out here :eek::eek: for someone else to use well here it is. :applause::applause:

    Props needed: Bird Cage, Blanket to put over Bird Cage, and a Toy Dog/Real Dog to put inside bird cage.

    Hey everybody look at what I brought to school today. I bought a bird cage with my pet bird named Tweetie, but before I introduce him to you I have to ask you all a question. What makes a person a Christian? (Let a couple of kids give answers)

    You know some people think that if you just go to church, then you're a Christian. But that's not always true is it? Hey I almost forgot, do you want to see my pet bird now? Ok let me remove this cover off this cage. (At this the kids will point and laugh and will point out very quickly "That's not a bird!")

    Sure It's a bird.----Is this not a bird cage?
    People put birds in bird cages right?
    Then this must be a bird.

    OK everybody your right. This dog is not a bird, even if he is inside of the bird cage. It takes more then being in a bird cage to be a bird.

    Hey you can be born in a garage, but that does not make you a car.

    Or you can sleep in a barn, but that doesn't make you a big ol cow, does it?

    But most of all, you can be raised in church. Or you can come to church every week of your life, and that still does not automatically make you a Christian.

    So what is a Christian then?

    A Christian is a person who wants to be Christ Like. Believing that Jesus is God.
    That God Himself came to Earth in the form of man and lived a completely sinless life.

    Jesus is the perfect example of the way we should live.

    --------------------The End----------------------------

    There you go I just figured since i had this i would share it thanks for reading this if you got to read it hope you guys have a great day

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  2. Kallie

    Kallie New Member

    Hi clowns, there is so much e-mail addresses back and forth in this thread, why not each one put in just one skit, than there is a lot to choose from, and you can even see if u must put something else, if your skit is already down. If you don't know, try get some Sunday / churchclass / kids bible text books, and rewrite the lessons to be done in a clownish way. I'll give you two skits solong, some of you may know and some might not.
    1. Volunteer choose a card from a big jumbo pack and when he replace his card you hold out a normal size pack. Let him shuffle. Try to find the card or let the kids help you ( for them it is more funny because it is so obvious ) . As easy as it is to find the card between all the other, as easy it is for God to find you, so remember you can never hide from God.
    2. Take a lamp and show the cord. The globe is your heart, the cord is your line with God. Your power comes from God. If the globe is taken out, it's dead. If you cover the lamp with a big hat, it is all the worlds troubles that try to darken your heart. But as long as you pray and read Gods word, your power will endure and your globe will stay burning.
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  3. Pedalstheclown

    Pedalstheclown New Member


    Skits are good from the clown ministry page. Remember as clowns we do not necessarily need "clown" generated skits (meaning specific to clowns or written for clowns)

    TRY puppet skits...they can be adapted for YOU!

    I will look for more help on this subject...
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2008
  4. giggles6

    giggles6 New Member


    I'm not sure if I ask you or not about the skits but, we could sure use them. Thank you for your generosity. May God Bless You!!

    email: crazylegs6@nc.rr.com:oops:
  5. homerdaclown

    homerdaclown Active Member

    I have two skits that i wrote called another day in the park dealing with what drugs and alcohal can do to your mind and the other skit is called the three hebrew boys it,s a funny spin on the bible story using a puppet and clown to tell it. I,ll try to post them tomorrow.
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  6. QTPie

    QTPie New Member

  7. Rolo

    Rolo New Member

    can anyone help me looking for a skit for mothers day I already plan on making each mother a napkin rose what else could I do ?
  8. Jodie

    Jodie New Member

    Make and change the difference hats a mother has to ware. Such as a nurse, a cook, a chauffeur, a teacher and so on.
  9. smirky

    smirky New Member

  10. Jodie

    Jodie New Member

    Thanks so much for your skit sharing Nsnd and Kallie
    I will be able to use them right away. As we are doing a fundraiser clown show at our church for church camp. The show will be this next Wed. night and I was looking for some fill-ins.
    Maybe this week-end when I have more time I can let you know a couple of skits we will be doing.
  11. saphireSue

    saphireSue True Blue

    If you're needing filler skits, look under the "filler skits in the general section, not all skits at a ministry event need to tell a message, some are just for fun, You're welcome to my Treasure Box skit as well it on here, just hit search. I also have one in the article section, but it's dealing with grief. As some one mentioned puppet skits can often be adapted, and check out www.clown-ministry.com they have ministry related skits as well.
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  12. Iffy08

    Iffy08 New Member

    Yeah Buddy! I'd love for you to send me some skits too!!! Thanks so much. hairgrl82@yahoo.com
  13. Sallie Annie

    Sallie Annie New Member

    I would also like some clown skits. I need non-speaking skits. You can e-mail them to cpbama@frontiernet.net
  14. smirky

    smirky New Member

  15. Rolo

    Rolo New Member

    Hey if you dont mind I sure could use some good skits I do clowning alone in church ,but hoping someday too have a group rolo@tds.net thanks
  16. Belle the Clown

    Belle the Clown New Member

    I need some Christian clown skits. Please email me any and all:


    Thank-you SO much for this. I just LUV this clown forum, don't you? :)

    I remain...
    Belle the Clown:oops:
  17. Walmoe1

    Walmoe1 Now clowning under God's Big Top

    UPDATE 11/13/10 These publications still exist.
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  18. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    Where's Barry Daft to punch things up when you need him?
  19. Belle the Clown

    Belle the Clown New Member

    Thanks Walmoe1. I will check these out! :)
  20. Rolo

    Rolo New Member

    I really need some skits solo if you have them , Rolo the Clown

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