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Any good walk around gags?

Discussion in 'Skit and Improv' started by Anonymous, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. Donuts

    Donuts Active Member

    You can glue it on and then its a combination Washer and dryer if you like put a magnet on it and it will be used for a while,
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  2. The NORMAL One

    The NORMAL One Active Member

    When I doing a gig , I take my magic rope ( it heavy duty bright yellow rope purchase at hard ware store by the foot. Mine is about 10 ft. ) I can use it many different ways my favorite is spread it on ground then do low wire act pretending to be on hire wire. I get the kids to follow and do what I do on the rope. Then we try to get the most kids we can on the rope with me it turns in to great photo op for the parents.. This brings out Laughs and smiles when I do it.
  3. Special K'z

    Special K'z Well-Known Member

    I'm glad this repopped up on my screen. I read back and I never did do the hobo stew idea but the 5K run complete with a black Unitard and a pumping iron foam prop Peachy Keen irons on the end of a dowel rod has been one of my most popular parade gags. It is so much fun to get the kids working out with me and I can way ham it up to end with a clean jerk over head like a screaming Olympiad. A couple of new ones I've done lately are the eye phone gag but put 4 G's on it, D fish in C's - Rubber clown fish sandwiched in between two red felt c's. Works well at a restaurant or nursing home. Sorry you guys have deficiencies. Both of those are my ideas but one from a friend is to get the bubble bear by Pustefix. You can find them on Amazon. Pretend to pull a hair for a child's head and then take the hat off the bear and pretend to sink the hair down into the solution and pull up the wand while you squeeze on the bear bring the wand up. Makes it very magical for the kids how you get the wand to rise and then blow the bubbles. Thanks to William Beatty for a classic way to make bubbles funny. End by pretending to hand them back their piece of hair. Just did this the other day at a library gig. Kids so get into the action and reach back for their hair strand.
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  4. maverick

    maverick Member

    This is my story and use of the classic of producing a coin from between two cards. I use the plastic gold coins rather than real. They are pretty to children, and can be given as a souvenir, It is just recently that I carry it everywhere, after writing this outline to myself ...timing my action to words. With it I made it into a packet trick thats printable [ Wrap/with 2 double sided leprechaun-pot of gold cards] on a single sheet of 110 card stock. This I can share with those interested.

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  5. maverick

    maverick Member

    Print the publication back to back on 110 cardstock using a laser jet printer ( the ink won't run ] Cut out the top and make a trifold to hold the cards you will cut out from the bottom. I carry extra coins carried in a small coin envelope also fit into the wrap. I hope you have fun with this, I have.

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