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Any good walk around gags?

Discussion in 'Skit and Improv' started by Anonymous, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. Toodle C. Doodle

    Toodle C. Doodle New Member

    For Christian clowning, I once walked around and asked people if they had ever read through the whole bible in one year(or month,week, etc.). After they answered, I pulled out my card printed with "through the whole bible in one year."
    Now they have officially read "through the whole bible in one year."
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  2. Pickles

    Pickles Czarina / Administrator

    At Bible School or other church events, I walk around asking people if they have a red Bible. I hold up my red pocket Bible. Then I say, "Your Bible doesn't do you any good if it's not read."
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  3. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    What about a prop "Bible" with a big hole through it. The "Holy" Bible.
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    BUTONS New Member

    i found the thread on props....these are funny
  5. Pickles

    Pickles Czarina / Administrator

    My clown friend Jingles made me a very cool Domino's pizza. He cut a very realistic foam crust and painted it brownish and put it in a Dominoes pizza box. Naturally, the main topping is a bunch of domino tiles. It looks almost good enough to eat.
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  6. Ty-Me

    Ty-Me New Member

    Pride and Joy

    Also the small cards work well...like when I tell people that I want them to see a picture of my kids...yep...here's my pride and joy....My pride and joy which is a picture of a bottle of joy dish soap and pride cleaning liquid...

    or here are my kids...(a picture of two baby goats...)

    I have these cards in my wallet after I show them Ithen give them the Paul Harvey...The rest of the story!!!!
    I get asked "are you a real clown?
    Yes I have two wonderful clown Parents
    Show the picture of clown partents.
    and Two lovely kids
    Picture of baby goats.
    and they are my pride and Joy
    next picture is coffee can and rolls of tolitpaper
    I start my day with coffee and rolls!
    What do clowns eat?
    Picture of quarter, hammer, and chesse
    quarter pounder with chesse!
    But there is a sad part of this story, it is my aunt from WV, she passed away and I didn't make it to the service so my folks sent me a picture of my dead ANT....
  7. Nettie Belle

    Nettie Belle New Member

    This is really a great thread. I wish I would have read it this past week, but I am going to print it and use it for future. Thank you all for your smarts.
  8. BlossomTheClown

    BlossomTheClown New Member

    I do the family story photos too because they are easy to carry. Here's some others to include ...

    a picture of my sister - photo of a nun
    a picture of my father - photo of a priest
    my uncle Sam - who else but a photo of "Uncle Sam"
    my flower garden - photo of assorted flour bags
    my baby picture - photo of a baby with a red nose on
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  9. Nettie Belle

    Nettie Belle New Member

    I have a family photo album too. There are several in my (Belle) family ...

    • Wedding Belle
      Door Belle
      Silver Belle
      Dumb Belle (She not too thmaht)
      Alexander Graham Belle (what a ding-a-ling he is)
      Tinker Belle
      Liberty Belle (we talk to her for free)
      Bar Belle (we can never find him ... he's never home) ... I know there are a lot more, but they're down in the "clown cave" right now and I'm upstairs. Anyway, you get the jist ... Of course, it doesn't work for everyone ... only if your last name is Belle.

    I just posted one in another thread that I'm going to use ... it was sent to me in an email and I thought it was cute ... the water on Mars! (glass of water over a Mars candy bar).
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  10. Ty-Me

    Ty-Me New Member

    Thats why my two kids names are Wasn't Me and Ain't ME... They blamed for everything some of you have even blamed them your self....When Mom or Dad said"WHO'S DOING THAT???? Wasn't Me or Ain't Me...
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  11. Nettie Belle

    Nettie Belle New Member

    That's funny.
  12. I agree !!!!! There are some really funny and clever ideas for parades and walk arounds... Thanks everybody:applause:
  13. PetalsTheClown

    PetalsTheClown New Member

    I did this with my "freshly picked noses" I had a foam clown nose on a flower stem but when I would hand it to someone I would ask "would you like a freshly picked nose" and when they took it, I left them with only a green pipe cleaner. They loved this. I'm always looking for flower things.
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    SPRINKLES New Member

    yes these are great-- i make and sell these!! i have gray hares (rabbit cut outs) the red "c" pink i , pink e brown e etc i loves these! i sell them for $3.00 for 2 dozen
  15. Sassafras

    Sassafras New Member

    LOL! I have never heard of that before, but it's awesome! That would make a terrific walk around for some of the small-town events we do around here.
  16. Bumbles

    Bumbles New Member

    I do one with a pool noodle made into a disposible razor and a big sign that says Shave the Whales. Also the one I did for our Clown Week show, Attach a small rug to your costume with a piece of fishing line. And small broom. As you walk the parade route sweep the street as you go put down the rug and sweep the dirt under the rug, pat it down with your foot and then walk away. When the fishing line gets tight the rug will follow you. Walk a little ways pick up the rug and start over at a different section of the parade. This can also be done once as a quick walkaround.
  17. Pickles

    Pickles Czarina / Administrator

    I mentioned my Dominoes pizza earlier in this thread. But since I've gotten so smart and now know how to post pictures, I thought I'd show you what it looks like.

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  18. Pickles

    Pickles Czarina / Administrator

    Thanks, Luki! (I think.)

    The entire crust is made of foam but painted to look like sauce and crust. My friend Jingles made it for me.
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  19. Pickles

    Pickles Czarina / Administrator

    That's what we did on Saturday for the Chippewa Falls Clear Water parade. It was interesting, because spectators either thought it was hilarious or they just stared blankly at us as though they didn't get it.

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  20. Pobo the Hobo

    Pobo the Hobo New Member

    I think I like it better with a group like that.

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