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An exploding cream pie

Discussion in 'Skit and Improv' started by ibimus, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. ToonUp

    ToonUp Member

    The pie gag does work best as an end of show bit, because it's a big laugh and will leave foam obscuring you face and costume until you wipe it off. If you've set your makeup, and use barrier spray over it, shaving cream alone shouldn't wreck it, just be careful when you're wiping off the shaving cream.

    As for noses, string noses shouldn't have a problem, and glue on noses should stay put, but sometimes the water in the shaving cream will soak into the sponge in a proknows and loosen it a bit.

    I did a pie gag on myself for a skit at the WCA convention, and my makeup and nose held up, but I had to wring out my nose in my room when I de-clowned myself.
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  2. Donuts

    Donuts Active Member

    Never done one so I was really curious. While checking them out on youtube they never showed the after effects it was traing to get pied the build up and then the hit some made up others not just the hit and wipe then done the same in skits where the clown was getting pied in action gag done video done. Thanks for that tid bit of info.
  3. Loopy

    Loopy Well-Known Member

    Thats a good question and not sure but maybe an immediate quik pat down with a dry clean towel without rubbing the towel might work, hopefully before you take the pie in the face make sure to use plenty of powder to galvanize the makeup onto your face.
  4. ToonUp

    ToonUp Member

    If you've sealed your makeup enough to withstand the pie, water shouldn't hurt it either, so you may as well take a bucketful to the face, or get a good seltzer spraying.
  5. Salvo The Clown

    Salvo The Clown Active Member

    In my personal opinion if a face takes longer than 10 minutes to apply then it is probably too complicated and needs to be simplified. Hope this helps? :)
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  6. Pookie

    Pookie Well-Known Member

    Just a little late with this response...

    I figured out a way to get a pie to "explode". Attach an air filled balloon to the bottom of a pie tin, and cover the balloon with soap suds. When you want the pie to explode, use a concealed pin to pop the bottom of the balloon!!
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  7. Tobes the Blue Nose

    Tobes the Blue Nose New Member

    I'm considering having my face tattooed on, as that would aleviate the issue of the smudging post pie in the grid type scenario.
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