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American Clown Academy?

Discussion in 'The Clown Forum' started by Pickles, May 9, 2016.

  1. Pickles

    Pickles Czarina / Administrator

    Hey, Clowns!

    I am curious if any of you have attended the American Clown Academy Conference held in August in Ohio. If so, can you tell me about it?
  2. Sir Toony Van Dukes

    Sir Toony Van Dukes Well-Known Member

    I haven't gone, but everyone I have heard from who went seems to have enjoyed it. My feeling is that it is somewhat like Moose Camp.
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  3. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    I've actually heard that it differs in some unique ways from Moosecamp.

    But, like Toony, I've also only ever heard glowing reviews from any who have attended.

    I think, like Moosecamp, there is someone who you can contact to explore if and how it may be the right thing for you.
  4. The NORMAL One

    The NORMAL One Active Member

    Is there out somewhere the dates for all clowns camps, conventions etc. for 2017.
  5. Bro

    Bro New Member

    I'd like to second both Pickles's and the NORMAL One's posts.

    I've been giving serious consideration to attending the American Clown Academy this year and the back-and-forth with the organisers over the e-mail has been really positive. The price is more than decent and I like the idea of getting to work one-on-one with experienced clowns but it would be good to hear from people who've attended in the past as well.

    Re: clown camps/conventions etc. for 2017 I've been keeping a running list of ones I'd like to attend whilst Stateside, I'll be here till September. Here's what I've got so far - in chronological order - plus my own personal notes. Not recommending/denegrating any of these, all opinions are my own for the purposes of hopefully sparking conversation...

    Northeast Clown Institute (Plymouth, Massachusetts) - 20-22 January - http://www.clowninstitute.org/ - Looks to be more for beginner/amateur/part-timers, flights to Boston are a bit dear from where I'm staying in the States. Would like to attend just to see what it's about but the cost is somewhat prohibitive and it's not really clear what I'd get out of it with my skillset.

    Campamento de Estudios Avanzados (Mexico DF, Mexico) - mid-March or thereabouts (dates not revealed yet) - https://www.facebook.com/campamentodepayasos/?fref=ts - Run by Timmy Bond so bound to be amazing with loads of good contacts, although the language barrier may be an issue for some. Don't think I can make this one due to not wanting to spend too much money too early in the year and springtime normally being quite busy workwise.

    Fast forward a few months and this is where people go clown camp mad, apparently:

    Mooseburger Camp (Minneapolis, Minnesota) - 25-30 July - mooseburger.com/moosecamp/ - Quite well-known and has a good reputation but the cost seems a bit dear to me and there's basically others I'd rather attend for various reasons.

    Congreso Internacional de Payasos Latinos (Los Angeles, California) - 31 July - 6 August or thereabouts (I've been told first week of August basically) - Congreso Internacional de Payasos Latinos on Facebook - This year's event looked amazing with Bobo (is one of my top two favourite clowns) so hopefully next year will be interesting. Language barrier(?) as above, even though it's in the States so they should all speak English as well. Ultimately it doesn't matter who's teaching though, any chance to party with the Latin clowns is a lesson in and of itself and the cost should be reasonable... Definitely want to go to this one.

    American Clown Academy (Columbus, Ohio) - 21-25 August (?) - https://www.facebook.com/americanclownacademy/?fref=ts - Small classes, relatively cheap, communication has been brilliant so far. Seem to be a bit new and keen to prove themselves with small intake/one-on-one help the key selling point. 90% certain I'm going once I've got the coin.

    There's also the old-school Clown Camp (TM) (R) (C) in Wisconsin although I don't know if last year was a one-off or they're going to bring it back. Then COAI and WCA as well, although I think WCA is in Thailand this year. I'm certain there's others (more local ones) as well and if you know of any do include them below!
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  6. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    I wasn't at all aware of the Latino clown events. They do look interesting, indeed.

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