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Alley insurance

Discussion in 'The Business of Clowning' started by Dudlee, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. Dudlee

    Dudlee Member

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could help me with some information on Alley insurance? Our Clown alley just got the bill for this years insurance renewal and it went up $200. We are now expected to pay $650 for liability insurance. We are located in North Carolina. We have had no claims ever processed on this insurance.

    What insurance company does your Alley use? Please help quickly as the bill is due by August. Thanks, Dudlee
  2. saphireSue

    saphireSue True Blue

  3. Special K'z

    Special K'z Well-Known Member

    Is your ally affiliated with an organization? Like COAI?
    I thought they covered you if you were affiliated with them.
  4. Sir Toony Van Dukes

    Sir Toony Van Dukes Well-Known Member

    It was my understanding that COAI tries to maintain no legal connection to the alleys to protect them from lawsuits. At least that was what I was told about the Mid-Atlantic Clown Association which will also help charter a new alley.
  5. Dudlee

    Dudlee Member

    I contacted specialty insurance and unfortunately they don't cover civic groups or clubs. Just individuals. Went to a local insurance company and they are looking into it. Non of the associations cover alleys as I know of. Thanks for the suggestions though. Ask your boss clowns who your alleys use for insurance. Thanks in advance.
  6. Sir Toony Van Dukes

    Sir Toony Van Dukes Well-Known Member

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  7. Dudlee

    Dudlee Member

    To better explain what Alley insurance is for, is the same as club or civic group insurance. This insurance covers any and all events for the alley as a whole. This covers all volunteer memberss during these events. It is for incase a members may hurt themselves or someone in the audience gets hurt. All civic groups in the state of NC are required to have this insurance.

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