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A judge and two lawyers

Discussion in 'Joke Forum' started by Klinki the Clown, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. Klinki the Clown

    Klinki the Clown New Member

    A lawyer asks an old lady at court: “Do you know me?”

    The old lady replied: “Of course I know you Mr. Smith, you have been a bad student at school, you always lied, you cheated on your wife, you never paid your bills and never helped anybody if he didn’t pay you.”

    The lawyer looks very nervous and then points to the lawyer of the opposite side and he asks the old lady again if she also knows him.

    The old lady again replied: “Yes of course I know Mr. Wilson, he paid other students at school to do his homework, he is very lazy, cheated on his wife with three other women – by the way: one of them was your wife, he is very arrogant and likes the truth just if it helps him to earn even more money.”

    The other lawyer was shocked as the judge called them both up front to his desk and told them: “If one of you two idiots decide to ask her if she also knows me I will put you in jail for the next ten years”.

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