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A Clown Role Play (everyone is welcome)

Discussion in 'Storytelling and Puppets' started by Rio, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Rio

    Rio New Member

    I would like to start a new Clown RP if you don't mind and i recruit a few people to play characters including:


    She's a little girl and my character's best friend she hide a magical secret: Her family are clowns and when the whole family are involved in a birthday party, she's always the first one to have fun.
    She loves balloons and she's super silly when she has some.
    Her favorite color is Pink and Blue.


    He's my character. A little boy who secretly fell in love with Destiny. He blush when he see her all the time.
    He doesn't know about Destiny's secret which he'll know at his birthday because he would ask her if she want to attend his birthday party.

    Of course everyone is free to play his own clown character but i need someone to play Destiny =)

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