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4th of July gags

Discussion in 'Props and Gags' started by CheckerZ, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. CheckerZ

    CheckerZ New Member

    Does anyone have any good 4th of July gags that is quick and easy and can possibly be small and can fit in your pocket.
  2. Sir Toony Van Dukes

    Sir Toony Van Dukes Well-Known Member

    If you are doing something one on one, you can do the brain teaser with coins. Have a hand full of coins and tell them that Jimmy's mom had three kids, the youngest was a girl named Penny (show a penny), the middle was a boy named Nick (show a nickle). Grab the quarter and ask what is the name of her oldest child.
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  3. The NORMAL One

    The NORMAL One Active Member

    4th of July parade I carry a sign that says Merry Christmas and happy 4th of July. I get lot of laughs and nice comments.

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